Feeding and fertility

One of the biggest concerns among  blue fortera couples of childbearing age, with a desire to be parents, is the possible inability to complete this project. The World Health Organization

(WHO) defines infertility as “a reproductive tract disease defined by the inability to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of unprotected intercourse.” In today’s post we tell you how eating habits influence this diagnosis and what products should be in your diet to increase the chances of being parents.

In Spain, the problem affects fertility rate located between 15% – 17% of the population, which means that are about 800,000 couples of having difficultyto conceive. The number of people affected is increasing and means that many of them go to techniques of assisted reproduction. As this is a current issue, infertility studies are multiplied in order to address the problem and learn more data.

We approach the published data to tell you that the problem of fertility, when it is due to abnormalities of the reproductive system , affects men and women almost in the same proportion:
– Female problems: endometriosis, condition of the fallopian tubes or difficulties in ovulation.
– Male problems: obstruction of ducts, sperm quality or testicular abnormalities.

But there are other factors that influence decreased odds in conceiving and relate to lifestyle and the behavioral habits . They are the following:
– Tobacco and alcohol consumption
– Sedentary lifestyle
– Overweight
– Anxiety
– Contamination
– Pharmacological treatment other than fertility problems
– Poor diet

This last one is the one that focuses our attention in the present day from the conclusions that clinic Ginefiv has extracted through the study “Knowledge and habits of fertility”. Let us know what they are!
We know the importance of good nutrition to avoid diseases and keep us healthy. Fertility is also affected by the ingredients and products we consume. According to Dr. Verdú, coordinator of gynecology at the Ginefiv clinic, “the ideal is for couples to aspire to good nutrition together. Eat a wide variety of foods from all food groups, low in fat and of high nutritional value, as this ensures that couples ingest the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal reproductive function ”

There are products, which contain antioxidants, which are perfect for enhancing and improving the ovarian response . Among them are, mainly, fruits and vegetables . Failure to consume these products leads to the diagnosis of aging ovaries that impair reproductive capacity.

The excess and the drastic changes of weight also influence , in a determinant way in the fertility. For this to happen, it is important to take into account the previous paragraph, and to maintain a diet low in fat, healthy and balanced, rich in antioxidants and with the necessary caloric intake.

How to get pregnant: the best tips!

The desire of many women is to be mothers, blue fortera and although in some cases can be easily gestation, in others costs a little more. If you want to know how to get pregnant, read on, we will bring you the best tips!

How to get pregnant

How to get pregnant

A transcendental decision is to be mothers, this step marks a key thread in the life of every woman. In fact, from the first moment of confirmation of pregnancy everything changes, future plans are surrounded by hopes and illusions. When this happens, one can see in the foreground the miracle of life and all the details of conception. However to get to this beautiful stage is necessary to take into account some tips on how to get pregnant.

The best tips to know how to get pregnant

Several factors must be taken into account to achieve conception. This covers care during the planning and gestation stages. For this reason, we will tell you a series of suggestions so that you can achieve your desired dream.

Plan with love

Undoubtedly, the main ingredient to achieve a conception must be love . With this powerful feeling, everything that is done will be profitable in the present and future stage. It is also advisable to take this advice:

Do not forget folic acid: It is advisable to consume this supplement daily for one month prior to the conception stage.

Discard bad habits: It is necessary, eliminate all those habits harmful to the body. Therefore, consider discarding the consumption of cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol. Similarly, if you are a little overweight, start eating healthy and exercise.

Check your health: To plan a healthy pregnancy, you should start with a general review of your health status. Ideally, it is a general assessment that indicates the current situation of your entire body.

Your ovulation period

An important factor in your search to know how to get pregnant is to know your ovulation period. Specialists recommend having sex during this stage. In this way, the chances of fertilization are higher. Some indications that your body is ovulating are the following:

The presence of clear-appearing cervical mucus is observed.

Body temperature increases.

Presence of gas or pain.

Breasts may be more tender. Also, there are products that can help you confirm if you are in the ovulation stage. These are accessible and are commonly found in pharmacies.

To work…

Once the ovulatory period is confirmed, it is advisable to have sex. In fact, if possible whenever you can. The ideal is to perform the act about two or three times a week. Likewise, it is advisable to strengthen the spermatozoa. This can be done through the consumption of foods rich in zinc, calcium, iron, vitamins D and C.

As for positions, specialists recommend choosing those where there is greater penetration. However, the couple must decide and opt for the one that they feel most comfortable. It is also necessary to take into account that sexual encounters should not be accompanied by routine and taxing feelings. For this would detract from the magical act of love and conception.

Patience and love …

They are the two best ingredients in your quest for how to get pregnant. In fact, it is advisable not to put so much pressure on this aspect, because sometimes with much love and patience can achieve the longing dream of procreating offspring. Ideally, it is to enjoy the stage of planning and searching, taking care of the health of the couple in detail. Likewise, with these simple tips and the hand of a valuable specialist, for sure, a little person will soon arrive to fill their days of joy. The important thing is to have a lot of positive energy and to leave behind the mental blocks.

Aphrodisiac foods for a better Valentine’s Day

Spend a night of madness and passion thanks to a good dinner.

Do you know that there are Testo Boost RX various foods that increase our sexual appetite? They give us energy, put us in tune and also provide various nutrients. We offer you a list of some aphrodisiac foods to have a great time during the day of Valentine . Bon Appetite!



Honey is a sweet seasoning that we can add to other dishes and desserts. This mineral helps to develop female sex hormones , so it is perfect to start or end a relationship in the best way.


Do not forget to offer a dessert with strawberries during Valentine’s night. The red fruits are totally stimulatingof the endocrine glands and will set us in tone when we need it.


Chocolate is a stimulant of serotonin, the hormone that induces happiness . It is antioxidant, it reinforces the hormones and it looks great. It is a common dessert that is usually given to the person you love. A good chocolate fountain or foundue is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Oysters and seafood

The fact of eating oysters and other seafood is already a somewhat attractive and erotic action. Certain molluscs, such as oysters or prawns , provide a great amount of nutrients, considerably increasing our libido . They are also good at having the famous fatty acidsOmega 3 , which make us feel much better and give us energy.


This spice is strongly stimulating. The best thing is that we can throw in first and second dishes, and in desserts , combined with chocolate, milk, cream, cream or custard.


The onion is good for circulation and for the body in general. And it is recommended in case of impotence by the man. It ensures great sexual strength.


Although salmon is not a food that attracts especially for being very aphrodisiac, there are studies that incorporate it to the lists as revitalizing. This is thanks to the omega-3 fatty acid, which helps make the heart healthier and also has zinc, whichincreases sexual desire for both men and women .


They say that the carrot produces the sex hormones and carries a high content in vitamin A to have the energy that we lack in many moments .

Functional foods: what they are and their real importance in food

Functional foods are called foods that body boost garcinia have a potentially positive effect on health that go well beyond the necessary nutrients and that it is not necessary to consume them for a healthy lifestyle if not as a complement to good health.

More and more people and studies claim that functional foods are able to promote optimal health and reduce the risk of disease.

Among the functional foods that we can mention are the majority of those who have phytochemicals . Also known as phytonutrients are active chemicals that we can find in plants naturally. These are present in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soy foods, and many herbs and spices (parsley, chives, garlic and ginger)

Image result for Functional foods: what they are and their real importance in food

Its antioxidant contentof food is another reason to name a food as functional. Antioxidants are made up of vitamins A, C, E and mineral selenium, these are able to fight off harmful particles in the blood, guilty of heart problems and other complications. Some foods with antioxidants are tea (catechins), wine or grape juice (resveratrol), berries (flavonoids like quercetin) and citrus foods (flavonoids / Limonoids).

Other functional foods are those that have been modified to provide a greater health benefit. As for example orange juice that has been fortified with calcium or vitamin D to improve bone health.

In case you want to try functional foods, you must choose wisely. And while functional foods can promote well-being, they are not able to compensate for poor eating habits.

The base being a balanced diet.

Functional foods that we can incorporate into the diet

Below is a list of the top 10 healthy functional foods.

Eggs enriched with Omega 3

In order to obtain eggs enriched with this fatty acid the fatty acid profile of the egg yolks is modified by changing the feed in the hens. The hens are fed with foods rich in omega-3 , which is usually supplied through flaxseed, fish oil or seaweed.

It is for this reason that the eggs that are subsequently laid by the hens are enriched due to an increase in the amounts of omega-3, while decreasing saturated fats. This gives the egg the ability to help lower triglycerides, cholesterol and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Depending on the brand, the amount of omega-3 that eggs possess can increase up to 350 mg compared to the 60 mg it normally possesses.


This product has among its functional components: β-glucan and phytochemicals called saponins . These natural chemicals are able to lower total cholesterol and LDL, in addition to helping to lower blood pressure. These are also in their derivatives such as oatmeal, low fat granola, whole wheat bread and other oatmeal products.

Fatty Fish

These fish are called functional foods because they have among their components the Omega 3, which includes DHA and EPA. These substances have among their properties the power to reduce triglycerides and the risk of coronary heart disease. Among the fish to mention in this group are: salmon, tuna, striped bass, halibut, sardines, trout, flounder.

Enriched Margarines Enriched

margarines provide us with components such as plant sterols and stanol esters. These substances have the ability to reduce total cholesterol and LDL, being useful for those who suffer from high cholesterol.


This is one of the best known functional foods because it contains phytochemicals such as isoflavones and genistein , and soy protein. All these components are able to lower total cholesterol and LDL. This group also includes its derivatives such as tofu, tempeh, miso and others.

Tomatoes and tomato products.

The tomato and its derivatives have among their functional components the phytochemical lycopene . According to several studies this substance is even able to reduce prostate cancer, but not only that since it prevents the onset of other cancers and heart disease.


These functional foods are characterized by having the so-called good bacteria, which usually belong to the group of lactobacilli . Its function is important to have a healthy gastrointestinal system, in addition to helping to improve immunity. Among the foods with probiotics we can highlight yogurts supplemented with probiotics (look for a variety of live and active cultures), fermented vegetables and fermented soy products (ie tempeh).


The majority of nuts contain functional components such as monounsaturated fatty acids(healthy fats), vitamin E (antioxidant). Among the functions of these components is reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. In this group of foods we can mention the nuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, chestnuts and Brazil nuts.

Grape Juice and Red Wine

These beverages, when derived from grapes, have a substance called resveratrol. This phytochemical has among its functions to promote a healthy heart. To have this benefit, the juice must be made with 100% grape or any variety of red wine.

Tips to keep in mind to eat healthy and lose weight

In your interior you know that you have several kilograms left, as practically everyone. In the background you would like to eat healthy rapid relief cbd oil and lose weight and you do not know how to lose weight , and you are horrified by the idea of diet, since you know that when you go on a diet you are in a bad mood, the forces disappear, you lose your state cheer up.

In addition to this, you may not forget the last time you lost weight and after leaving the diet was much worse, because you recovered everything lost and added a few extra pounds. This is what usually happens with the so-called quick diets or miracle diets .

There are no quick diets, no one can help you to lose weight fast . This process is different in each individual, although in all it must be done in a way that is natural and organized. You can not lose 5 kilos in a week without your body suffering consequences.

You will learn to identify the caloric pumps that harm you in your overweightand to replace them with equally rich and considerably healthier foods. And the reason for the increase in weight is very often the lack of knowledge about nutrition.

Fool the Appetite

We can take advantage of our body being programmed to eat every little time; that is, in order not to suffer prolonged fasts that would lead to hypoglycemia. When you want to lose weight, you must perceive your body. Do five meals a day and a sixth one an hour before bedtime (just a glass of yogurt or milk). So your body compensates and does not ask for food continuously.

It is essential that in mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks you take foods that contain hunger rather than favor it, and drink plenty of water. Consequently, the brackish sweets and snacks are prohibited, that is not healthy eating ! They are fast-absorbing carbohydrates that will instantly whet your appetite and push you back to eating unhealthy, high-calorie foods!

Even if you had never imagined it, bread is one of your best allies in the work of losing weight. But we are not talking about eating half a bag, but rather moderate quantities

, since it has a satiating effect that you are going to thank if you want to lose weight. To serve as an example, in the middle of the morning, make a mini sandwich with fifty grams of bread (better if it is integral) filled with a slice of turkey (without fat, so that it does not suffer from your cholesterol), ham, good tuna without oil. At lunchtime and dinner you should also take forty grams of bread to accompany. They are carbohydrates of slow assimilation that will satisfy you more than any other edible. You can also try making some healthy recipes with yogurt .
Change your habits, start eating healthy

The first thing is to start with a good breakfast, with a cup of coffee with milk and a toast of brown bread with a splash of oil (or a slice of turkey), all accompanied by a piece of fruit of the time. This is the ideal base for not being all day snacking and eventually end up eating more fattening foods.

As each body is different, you must listen to your body and adapt to your schedule . When you diet, it is better to eat at 1 and have dinner at eight than eat at three and take dinner at ten. If you realize, your body asks you to eat in that first strip; take heed and you will avoid many temptations.

On the other hand, weight loss and alcohol are not in tune, a curious fact that many people do not know is that alcohol inhibits the breakdown of fat and increases anxiety, which helps to establish fat in those unwanted areas and can lead you to eat more. So it is best to moderate ourselves in everything that is possible.

Choose a physical activity burn fat or exercises to lose weight

To lose weight you must fix 2 fundamental objectives: First you must take care of your nutrition and secondly you must do physical exercise in the usual way(at least for thirty minutes per session, since it is from that threshold when the reserve calories start to burn). Being the most effective for this purpose aerobics, which later to increase its effects, you can come to combine with other types of exercises, such as weight lifting and so on.

Homemade anti-bacterial mouthwash recipe

Learn how to make your own mouthwash
Keeping a proper oral hygiene kotolena cream will not only prevent bad breath but also prevent dental problems in the medium and long term.
Mouthwashes have some advantages over those that are marketed in stores:

Do not contain chemicals of dubious origin

You can regulate the amounts of the ingredients. It is you who decides what to add and what not in the home rinse
There are many homemade ways to prepare an antibacterial mouthwash. Here are some of the most effective ways:

Treatment # 1
Mouthwash with mint
To prepare this mouthwash you will need:

1 cup mint infusion (see preparation) *

1 teaspoon baking soda
* To make this infusion you will only need:

1 cup boiling water

6 or 7 fresh mint leaves
Preparation of the infusion

Place the fresh mint leaves inside the cup of water. Then cover the container and let stand for 12 hours.

After this time, remove the leaves.

Now we have ready our mug of infusion of mint to prepare the mouthwash.
The mint leaves are antibacterial . These fight bad breath and the formation of germs in the mouth. For its part, the bicarbonate enhances these properties as it also fights germs and bacterial plaque.

Preparation of Antibacterial Mouthwash
Prepare mint infusion (as explained above)
Once the mint infusion is ready, add the teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well.
Rinse for 7 or 10 minutes every day

If this preparation is to be used as an antibacterial and whitening mouthwash, you should only add 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Treatment # 2- Anti-bacterial mouthwash Anti-bacterial
mouthwash with sage leaves
You will need:

4 tablespoons sage leaves

25 drops tea tree oil (you get it in pharmacies or natural stores)

1 liter of water
Sage helps to eliminate bad breath and tea tree oil has an antibacterial power.


Place the water inside a container and bring to the fire. Add the sage and let it boil for 10 minutes

Then strain the infusion

Add tea tree essence Store

in a glass or glass container preferably

Preserve in a place away from sunlight
Use the rinse you prefer after meals doing gargle for 5 or 10 minutes each time.

A great source of bacteria

Why is it so important to wash your hands? body slim down garcinia Because the hands touch everything and are a great source of bacteria , germs, germs, parasites, fungi and thousands of other infectious argents. A common hand holds 150 different species of bacteria . Keeping hands clean prevents the spread of diseases such as the common cold, meningitis, bronchiolitis, influenza, hepatitis A and most types of infectious diarrhea.

How many times do you have to wash your hands?

As many times as necessary, without obsessing. It is important to wash your hands before eating and cooking (especially raw foods such as meat), after going to the bathroom (more if it is public), after coughing and sneezing, touching pets, shaking hands, of handling the trash, after visiting or caring for sick friends or relatives, after working or studying, even using public transport. Also when touching the phone, computer keyboard, stair rails, door knobs and money.

How should we do it? To disinfect the hands the water must be warm , neither cold nor hot. This is the only way to ensure a better disappearance of the bacteria. It is advisable to use soap of pulsation, instead of the classic pill.

Child with hands full of soap

Washing your hands is not just rubbing the palms together, you have to carry out five actions recommended by the WHO:

1. Rub the palms of the hands together interlacing the fingers.

2. Rub each palm against the back of the other hand also interlacing the fingers.

3. Rub the back of one hand against the palm of the opposite hand.

4. Surround the left thumb with the palm of the right hand, rub with a rotating movement and vice versa.

5. Rub the tip of the fingers of the right hand against the palm of the left hand, making a rotating movement and vice versa.

Infographic to wash their hands, according to WHO is also important to pay attention to the wrists, especially if we bracelets, because that is where bacteria can accumulate.

This whole process of washing, rinsing and drying should not last long, about 20 or 30 seconds. To dry well, the ideal would be to do it with a disposable napkin , but we would damage the environment, so it is best to dry with a cotton towel and renew it every two or three days.

The benefits of sleeping without clothes

International doctors explain that sleeping androdrox without clothes, slimming, helps to rest better, benefits the sexual life, prevents hypertension, improves self-esteem, reduces the risk of diabetes and even benefits the pocket, avoiding to buy, wash and dry pajamas and other sleeping garments.

A study published in the journal Diabetes concluded that people who slept without clothes in a cool, cool temperature room had stable blood glucose levels and increased insulin sensitivity.
The same study determined that sleeping naked at cool temperatures helps burn off excess calories because it forces the body to generate heat. This activates the brown fat involved in the variation of body weight, so you will lose weight more quickly than when sleeping in a warm room.

Elastic waist and ankles in pajama pants, or fists or creases in nightgowns cause poor circulation of blood in the body. In addition, when sleeping in pajamas or under heavy blankets prevents the release of growth hormone also responsible for nocturnal repair of bones, muscles and skin.

The National Sleep Foundation, in the United States, cites in a study that sleeping naked regulates cortisol levels that prevents increased blood pressure and cholesterol, appetite, sleep disruptions and improves libido.

Those who are not satisfied with their physique may also find benefit by sleeping without clothing. The best strategy for people with self-esteem problems because of dissatisfaction with their body is sleeping naked. This simple gesture helps improve confidence and self-esteem, by seeing the physical as it is every night.

According to the expert Austin Ugwumadu of St George’s Hospital in London, sleeping without pajamas is a good practice for women because it reduces problems of infection by vaginal yeasts that reproduce in warm and closed environments and advises to wear loose clothing or simply ” not carry anything at all. ” In men, sleeping naked favors fertility because the testicles are kept at a cooler and more adequate temperature.

In addition to maintaining a body temperature below 21 degrees centigrade, it would favor the release of the anti-aging hormones and melatonin, which at night helps the body to regulate the sleep cycle.
If you want to encourage sexual appetite and dawn with good humor and encouragement, Natasha Turner, expert North American naturopath, advises sleeping skin with skin without interference of clothing. This promotes the release of oxytocin, known as the love hormone, lowers blood pressure, improves bowel motility and relieves stress.
The Sleep Studies Institute in Los Angeles confirmed that sleeping in pajamas increases body temperature, which affects the sleep cycle, inhibits deep sleep, and promotes insomnia. In contrast, sleeping naked regulates body temperature, promotes placid and comforting sleep and strengthens memory.

5 things that, according to science, happen in our brain when we have been unfaithful

Personally, I have been cheated and, to put it briefly, sucks. But it turns out that having a partner that was unfaithful impacts more alpha hard reload than just our feelings. It has both short-term and long-term consequences on our brain chemistry, affecting everything from the initial pain we experience to the way we evaluate future partners. Understanding the neurological impact of infidelity on the brain may not help us recover, but it does make clear that it is something with serious consequences for people whose partners commit infidelities. And this is further proof that your pain and all those doubts should not be dismissed or minimized.Never let anyone say “everything in your head”; Since precisely, that is where the real consequences reside.

The interaction between emotional experiences and physical consequences is a growing area of ​​scientific interest. For centuries, we have seen happiness, loss and grief as something ethereal and separate from the body (and therefore for many less “real” or “legitimate”). But little by little we are building a different map of the emotions in the 21st century that integrates both. As a result, being romantically rejected stimulates the release of specific hormonal substances, which compromise certain pain receptors, impact on addictive neural pathways and future reasoning and all of this may be alone on the surface.

An important note: this does not apply to people who are not monogamous- because these reactions are not connected in any way with the act of being with someone besides your partner. In this article I speak of the emotional implications of infidelity in monogamous relationships. For the monogamous person, when his partner does what can be defined as “cheating” usually means feelings of rejection, betrayal and “doing less” the relationship . But for the polygamous person, the phenomenon of “compersion,” or learning to take pleasure in the experience of the couple with another person, creates an atmosphere in which other relationships are celebrated, instead of being a cause of jealousy. The suffering and dislike of our brain for infidelity comes from our value systems. If you change the value system, and the impact may be different.

Here are five ways in which our brains react to a couple’s infidelity. And no, the temptation to sell all your belongings while at work is not included, if you do, you will not be able to blame the chemistry of your body.

1. We experience physical pain

At this point there is a specific reaction to infidelity; Rather, any kind of anguish can induce pain. It turns out that disruptions, being thrown by whatsapp and betrayals of couple, are emotionally and physically painful, because they activate the parts of our brain that react to the physical discomfort.

The now-famous study that discovered this was conducted by the University of Michigan, and perhaps it was a little cruel and unusual: researchers looked at scanned images of volunteers’ brains while experiencing a mild physical burn, and then while looking at photographs of ex recent couples. The result? Same parts of the brain: the secondary somatosensory cortex and the dorsal posterior insula – were illuminated in both cases. These areas are connected with the processing of pain sensations, and it seems that they are also part of our discomfort in the face of “social exclusion” or “rejection” , either by friends or a couple. For monogamous people, infidelity is a rejection of our fundamental value as a couple, and so it hurts so much.

2. Gender influences reaction to infidelities

It turns out that our physical responses to infidelity in relationships are also influenced by gender, but we are still figuring out exactly why. A 130-person 2009 Toronto blame study was designed to test a hypothesis: researchers thought that men would feel more guilty of engaging in emotional deception, and women would feel more guilty about sexual infidelity . Unfortunately for them, the results were completely opposite: it was shown that men felt much more remorse and sadness over their sexual infidelity, while women were more disturbed by emotional deception, regardless of sexual contact.

But does that change when they cheat you, instead of being the one who cheats? A 2015 study decided to go with everything and test 64,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65, of all sexual orientations, and how they would feel if their partner cheated them, emotionally or sexually. The results were similar to the Toronto study: 46% heterosexual men were disgusted by emotional infidelity , while 65% of heterosexual women were; And 54% of heterosexual men were ravaged by sexual infidelity , compared to 35% of heterosexual women; And there is something interesting, none of the LGBT peoplehe experienced the same anguish of his kind.

Symptoms, causes and treatment of genital sores

Sores or genital ulcers can be seen as small flesh-colored or red bumps in the outer genital area or inside the vagina. Sometimes zmass testo boost they do not cause other symptoms beyond their own presence, but there are other cases where they can produce a series of symptoms like pain, itching, burning , vaginal bleeding , discharge and general malaise. Some sores can increase in size over time and develop a kind of scab.

In the presence of these symptoms, especially if it is suspected to have contracted a sexually transmitted disease , it is very important to go to the general practitioner or a gynecologist who can diagnose the problem.

Common Causes of Genital Sores

Genital herpes . Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection. It is transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected person, even if this person is asymptomatic. There is still no cure for this virus, once the virus has spread, it remains in the body for the rest of its life.

Genital warts . Genital warts are also a type of sexually transmitted infection, caused in this case by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is acquired by having sexual contact with an infected person.

Cysts of the Bartolino gland .

Occasionally a cyst in the gland can produce a significant blockage of the secretions in the area, causing large inflammation and eventually ulceration.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) . Sexually transmitted infections, also known as sexually transmitted diseases, are caused by a variety of microorganisms. These include genital herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis and AIDS. Having any of these infections increases the risk of developing sores in the genital region. In fact, that is the main symptom in some cases.
Home Remedy for Genital Sores

All types of vaginal sores should be evaluated by a doctor or gynecologist. However while you wait for your appointment, you can try the following home remedy to relieve the symptoms.

Sinks. Sitz baths help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with vaginal sores. It can be done easily, you just need to immerse yourself in a tub or plastic container with hot water up to the level of your hips. You can add baking soda or a mild saline solution to the water.

Preventing Genital Sores

Since unprotected sexual contact is one of the main routes of transmission of infections that cause genital or vaginal injuries, one of the most important preventive methods is condom use. Abstinence can be a very important tool, especially if one of the two partners is suffering from an infection.

Vaginal ulcers that occur as a result of an allergic reaction or due to other skin conditions are more difficult to prevent. It is recommended to avoid allergens known as strong fragrances, abrasive soaps, tampons, etc., as well as wearing cotton underwear and keeping the genital area dry.

Medical Treatments for Vaginal Sores

The exact type of medical treatment depends on each particular cause. To relieve symptoms of pain and discomfort in the affected area, topical creams and oral analgesics are usually used. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics in case of a bacterial infection, antiviral drugs in cases of a viral infection, corticosteroids and hydrocortisone to relieve itching, irritability and inflammation in the area.