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How to choose the most appropriate music to train

How to choose the most appropriate music to train

At the time of doing exercises, music plays vital force enduromax an important role. The musical notes cause an effect on our mood, so it is ideal that the music is to our liking.

For all sporting activities, music is used whether it be group activities or personal training, it is important to convert music into our ally to set rhythms and make training enjoyable.

Your Sports Routines blog has created several guidelines for you to follow when choosing music.

If you’re going to train in the weight room, music should be motivating. When we lift weight and just concentrate on counting the repetitions the exercise becomes monotonous, if we accompany it with a moving and rhythmic music it transmits good vibrations, besides putting us in a good mood and being able to perform more in the exercise. It is important that you do not choose a slow music this lowers the rhythm of our energies and makes us enter a state of relaxation.

If the exercise you perform is aerobic choose danceable, sticky and fast music, that you are in constant movement. For this activity you recommend dance music, electronics and even salsa. The music you listen to while performing aerobic exercises should be motivating and animated.

To do step and spinning the rhythm of the music must be very fast and moved, these activities are of resistance therefore we must carry a high impact rhythm with few breaks, today there is a mix of motivating and explosive music for these activities.

Back to calm with stretches. Although it is recommended for all these sports activities, lively music, at the time of doing the stretches the most advisable thing is to use relaxing and calm music, this in order to relax our mind and muscles. You can choose instrumental music, relaxation and meditation, the music of the bamboo flute is very good for this activity.
* The important thing is that you feel comfortable and motivated with the music you choose when you go to train.

Triathlon: revolution in the world of sports

Triathlon: revolution in the world of sports

If you still do not know what a tiathlon is, or mass cut pro why it is causing passion and euphoria in so many people, I invite you to soak up all the information I have prepared for you. I am sure that you will feel the same emotion that each competitor has when being in a test, or the adrenaline that feels when crossing a goal.

A little of you history…
It is a young sport, started in the USA in the 70’s, has had a rapid growth. In some countries it occupies the 5th place of importance in sports and is practiced in more than 100 countries. There are an estimated 2 million triathletes around the world who compete against themselves each weekend.

For all these athletes, triathlon is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle that is reflected in all aspects of everyday life. It includes many things such as training routines, food, rest, staying always informed, being in contact with your body and with nature. The basic principle is teamwork and companionship.

The triathlon becomes an Olympic sport and has its first appearance in the program of the Sydney 2000 games. It is the combination of three sports: swimming, cycling and running, are carried out consecutively in this order. The objective is to cross the finish line making the complete journey in the shortest possible time.
The first event held in this format was the Mission Bay triathlon in September 1974, organized by Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone in San Diego, California. It consisted of swimming 548 meters, 8 kilometers of cycling and finish running 9 kilometers. What started as an alternative event for some athletes who liked to run or bike, became what we know today as modern triathlon.

A naval officer named John Collins was one of the main promoters of the sport, organizing an event in Hawaii called IRONMAN in 1978, which consisted of swimming 3.8km in The Waikiki Rough Water Swim, making a bicycle tour of 180km in The Around Ohahu Bike Ride and finish the race running 42.195km in the Honolulu Marathon. Only 12 men managed to complete the test and for the following year 12 men and a woman crossed the finish line.

For the decade of the 80’s was already a very practiced sport and began to create the federation of triathlon in the USA and in different parts of Europe begin to organize events of this style.

From Amateur to Olympic Sport
The International Olympic Committee is responsible for giving the sports federations of each sport the responsibility to enforce certain guidelines, to ensure that the practice has a good development throughout the world, that established standards for participation in the Olympic Games are met.

With these regulations is how different events are created throughout the world, always need someone to check that things are done well and thanks to good organization is that this type of competition has had an important success and has called attention to a greater number of athletes.

And it keeps growing …
There is a large number of triathletes around the world, in which children, young people, adults and seniors participate. It is one of the few sports that has so many categories and everything in order to involve each element of the family and have a greater coexistence. In Australia, the triathletes consider them heroes, and it is certain that the sport will continue to grow even more.

Home treatments for nasal congestion

Home treatments for nasal congestion

The mucus or mucus of the nose is formed bioflex pro mostly by water, proteins and minerals

. Its function is simple but very important: to prevent dirt and harmful substances that are in the air from entering our body.

As we have seen, mucus plays a vital role in preserving our health, however there are several causes, such as allergies, sinusitis and viral diseases such as cold or flu, which can cause an exaggerated increase in the amount of mucus in the body. our nose, which ends up making breathing difficult. In today’s article we will know several remedies that will help us decongest the airways quickly and naturally. Do not lose detail:

How to unclog the nose naturally
Eucalyptus leaves

The eucalyptus is perhaps the best known of the great decongestants that nature offers us. An excellent protector of our respiratory health that helps us not only to decongest the nose, but also to improve the symptoms of asthma effectively.

A good way to uncover the nose is to make sprays with eucalyptus How? Boil water and a handful of eucalyptus, remove from heat, place a towel between your head and the container and inhale its vapors for a few minutes. Before going to bed, place some eucalyptus leaves under the pillow cover and you will see how it helps you breathe and sleep much better.

Onion poultice

Heat several fat onion slices in the microwave for a few seconds. Spread some honey on them and cover them with clear paper (the one we use in the kitchen to wrap food). Lie down and place the poultice on your chest. A very effective remedy to treat asthma and open the airways. It will surprise you!

Mint infusion

The mint has great antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that are ideal both to uncover the nose and to preserve the health of our airways.

Prepare an infusion of mint (it is made like any other) and drink 2 to 3 cups a day. Reserve 8 drops of the infusion to enter 4 for each of your pits and reinforce its decongestant action.

Pine sprays

Pine needles have great antiseptic and balsamic powers, making them ideal for treating a large number of health problems. For the topic we are dealing with today, decongest the nose, you only have to boil a handful of pine needles in water and vaporize for a few minutes.

Stage breast cancer

Stage breast cancer
Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms cbd gummy bears in the cells of the breast. It is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed in the United States, after skin cancer. If you suspect you have breast cancer, the doctor will do additional tests to determine if you have metastases or not. Before they administer a treatment, they should determine the stage of breast cancer.

There are usually 4 stages of breast cancer, but stage 2 cancer is what I will explain in this article.

Symptoms of stage 2 breast cancer. Stage 2 breast cancer is characterized by a 2 to 5 cm tumor in a lymph node near the breast or in the breast itself. The TNM staging system for cancer is used to mark stage 2, where T refers to tumor, N refers to node status and M refers to cancer metastasis. Sometimes, finding the tumor is not possible, however, a congregation of cells can form a lymph node near the breast. Stage 2 has the following five scenarios:
Stage 2A: T0, N1, M0: The breast tissue does not contain a tumor, but the cancer cells are present in the lymph nodes closest to your breast.

Stage 2A: T1, N1, M0: The tumor has attacked nearby tissues at a distance of 0.1 cm and has spread to at least one lymph node or the tumor has a size of 2 cm or less and has spread to a lymph node at least.

Stage 2A: T2, N0, M0: The tumor is larger than 2 cm and less than 5 cm in size and does not affect any lymph nodes.

Stage 2B: T2, N1, M0: The tumor is more than 2 cm in diameter, but is less than 5 cm in size and is affecting nearby lymph nodes.

Stage 2B: T3, N0, M0: The tumor is larger than 5 cm, but does not affect any of the lymph nodes and has not reached the skin or the chest wall.

Stage 2 breast cancer survival rate. According to statistical data from more than 10 years ago, stage 2A breast cancer patients who underwent complete treatment had a survival rate of 81% at 5 years of the finding. The survival rate of patients with stage 2B tumors was 74%.

In recent years, with the advancement of medicine, improvements in treatment methods have been substantial and newly diagnosed patients can hope to survive in the long term. Currently, the overall survival rate of patients with stage 2 breast cancer is 93%.

Follow-up with an oncologist is essential for 5 years

to ensure that you are recovering without problems and that there is no need for recurrence treatment. By spending 5 years after surviving this cancer, you can begin to think that it will never come back. You may have other health problems, but the chances of dying from this cancer will be lower. Therefore, the prognosis is good if you have gone through all the treatments and follow-up visits after diagnosing stage 2 breast cancer.

Treatments for stage 2 breast cancer. There are a number of treatments available for stage 2 breast cancer and the doctor will decide on the treatment plan he is going to put on. All you need to do is follow their instructions to get a better result.

Surgery. Surgery is the standard form of treatment for this type of cancer. A mastectomy, in which the complete breast has to be removed, is required for large tumors, while a lumpectomy, in which only the tumor and a small portion of the tissue around it is eliminated, is done if you have a smaller tumor. In both cases, the surgeon may have to remove some lymph nodes. Breast reconstruction surgery can be done after a mastectomy.

Systemic therapies After surgery, there are often some therapies that need to be followed to get better results. These include:

Radiation therapy Radiation therapy can help kill cancer cells that may have survived after surgery. This treatment is mandatory after a lumpectomy, but it can also be done after the mastectomy, especially if the tumor that was removed after the surgery was very large.

Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is another additional therapy that can help destroy the cancer cells left behind after surgery. Chemotherapy can also be done before surgery in order to reduce the tumor. It can be administered in the form of pills, liquids and even, injected directly into the veins.

Hormone therapy Hormone therapy is particularly useful for women who have cancer of hormone receptor positive.

How to control your appetite

How to control your appetite
It’s already Sunday! How time flies! (And if it does not fly, it’s the same)

Well, that happens so quickly and I take nutrigold garcinia cambogia gold the opportunity to say that we should make the most of it and not leave things for tomorrow. And with that I also mean the purposes … that maybe someone has proposed to improve their habits for 2017 and has not yet begun …

Anyway, I’m not going around the bush and we’re going to what we’re going for. Today I bring you a few recommendations to control the appetite and therefore, do not get over the scratch.

I will not tire of saying that miracles do not exist and that if you want something, something costs you. Sometimes you have to suffer a bit, the extremes are not good, but if you want results you have to change the chip, and the way to eat too … So here are my recommendations:
Eat more times and less amounts. According to my experience this works. I mean, I’ve also wanted to see results NOW! and I thought that the quickest thing would be to stop eating (it seemed obvious). The problem is that in addition to eating less, ate a few times, the three main day, and that did not solve anything because between food and food suffered a lot. The solution is to eat 5 times a day and less quantity (and with less I do not mean little, if not that you should not abuse, the ideal is to control the consumption of daily calories that you should eat to lose weight without starving yourself) .

Take things slowly. You should take your time to eat and chew slowly enjoying the food. People who are overweight usually eat very fast.

Make the purchase with a full stomach. It will seem silly but in reality it is not. If you are going to make the purchase hungry you will want to buy more things than necessary and you will sin.

Fiber is your ally. I present to our friend the fiber that will give us the feeling of fullness longer. We can include it in our diet by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Sleep more! This is one of the tips that I find hardest to give because it is the one I find most difficult to do. I think I’m going to miss part of the day and that I’m wasting my time in sleep when it’s really not like that … then I’ll rest on my laurels! You have to try to sleep between 7-8 hours a day so that your body rests and also during those hours you are sure you do not eat. I think with these you can start by changing something else in your life. Remember that they are advice and that it is advisable that you apply them in your day to day, but if it is not like that, the world does not end, you should try harder in other aspects and that’s it.

Take this opportunity to tell you that you can already sign up to my subscription list to receive exclusive content. It will be another way to help you more.

The myth of breakfast

The myth of breakfast

What they say

Since we were little the premise has always vitalife hemp been that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They say that if you eat breakfast you are happier, you are happier, you have more energy and you can even become a sexual machine. Eating breakfast helps the metabolism begin to function in the best possible way, supplying the body with the necessary amount of energy provided by carbohydrates (HdC).

The observation

All the people who succeed and are happy breakfast, therefore, it follows that breakfast is the key to success. This, of course, is supported by a logic based on anecdotes. Because if you have been without food all night, the body is starving and therefore you will need food, right? So if we start the day ingesting a large amount of food the metabolism will start to work, it will prepare for the rest of the day and you will be able to burn everything you eat during the next 24 hours. And since the brain works better in the presence of carbohydrates, a breakfast low in fat and high in HdC will make you smarter and help you to function better both at work and at school.

What really happens

Your body starts every day as a powerful fat burning machine and the key to losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously is not to interfere with that process.

Next, this is what happens with your hormones around 7:00 in the morning.

Cortisol levels rise naturally during the night, reaching its peak more or less when we get up. Of course, a very common mistake is to think that cortisol, being catabolic and without the presence of food will begin to destroy muscle mass. This is incorrect. When something is catabolic, it only describes the decomposition process of materials that are used as energy. When cortisol acts without high insulin levels, it triggers lipolysis – fat loss -. So early in the morning cortisol, in fact, accelerates the burning of adipose tissue.

On the other hand, the main hormone that controls the appetite is ghrelin. This is released gradually during the night and reaches its peak, like cortisol, when we get up. This stimulates the appetite, but ghrelin also potentiates the release of growth hormone (HC); and as this happens and the growth hormone increases, the body releases even more fat to maintain energy levels, thus decreasing the destruction of protein that the body uses as fuel.
Thus, appetite is not something that should be avoided at all times. The fact of skipping breakfast makes it easier to change some aspects of metabolism, such as; that the body, during the rest of the day, burn fat instead of accumulating it. It may seem that the act of skipping it carries the danger of death, but the truth is that no; At least to this day I do not know of any case of someone who died for not having breakfast.

True that ..

Has it ever happened that you went to eat at a restaurant and after trying a good dish of pasta or rice you find yourself tired and mentally you are not as agile as you should be?

Well, this is the effect of carbohydrates. The same happens in the morning. The gurus and experts in nutrition do nothing but recommend that we have a strong breakfast: toast, orange juice, cereals and even fruit; all of them foods that do nothing but sabotage our results. Therefore, we should avoid carbohydrate-rich foods at all costs just get up, as they put us to sleep, produce mental lethargy and possibly make us not as efficient as we should be.

Let’s say that your breakfast contains around 30 grams or more of carbohydrates. As a result, insulin levels will increase in conjunction with an increase in blood sugar, and this will cause a negative domino effect for the rest of the day. The early release of insulin significantly reduces fat burning over the next 24 hours, which is a big problem simply because your cortisol levels are still high. Therefore, this insulin release reduces the presence of ghrelin, growth hormone and your body creates new fat cells.

What are the benefits of good carb hydrates?

What are the benefits of good carb hydrates?

If you decide to increase the intake of daily choice hemp oil good carbohydrates you will make a very wise decision. You will feel very well and you will not gain weight. Even if you perform a constant routine of workouts you can lose weight and have a healthy heart (5).

Some of the benefits of eating good carbohydrates are:

Healthy digestive system

Regulates cholesterol

Goodbye constipation

High defenses

Greater concentration

It will improve your mood

You will lose weight

The bad carbons and their dangers

The bad carbohydrates are those that we like so much, but at the same time they are responsible for many diseases. All processed foods, preserves, cakes, sweets and others are those that fall within this range of those that are very harmful to the body.

Yes, we already know that without them life would be much more boring. Eating a cake or candy from the bakery makes us feel better. But what should not happen is that it is a daily custom. Worse still they are those who substitute a food that is much healthier.

The same happens with sodas or sugary drinks, many are the people who do not drink water because they always drink sodas, drinks or pasteurized juices. There they end up hurting the body that always needs natural water for its proper functioning.

You might be interested: How to substitute soft drinks or drinks in 7 steps

What are the bad carbohydrates?

Some of the bad carbons (4) are:

Refined flour

White rice

Soft drinks or drinks

Pasteurized juices








Also do not be fooled by the lights products, although they say they have few calories, they have a lot of sugar and sodium according to the case, which in the end ends up doing a lot of damage to the cardiovascular system. You must pay close attention to the content of each of them. It is always good to check the label so you can take precautions.

If you’re a fan of bad carbs and you’re not used to good ones, it’s time to reflect. Since a constant consumption will make you prone to a series of diseases such as:


High blood pressure


High cholesterol
If this is added a sedentary lifestyle we are talking about a great time bomb that will be very harmful to the person, it can even cause death.

It is never too late to change the way of life we ​​lead, especially when it comes to health.

And if you are willing to change your bad habits remember that research indicates that you can achieve it in just 66 days of dedication and effort.

The importance of the glycemic index

Another element in which you have to fix to see if any of the foods is a good or bad carbohydrate is in the glycemic index. The lower the better it will be, since the amount of glucose that goes into the bloodstream will be less.

Table with the highest glycemic index foods

Solve your life while you practice Yoga

Solve your life while you practice Yoga

by Pablo Rego | The practice of Yoga must titanax be a conscious habit that connects us with those deep aspects of our being such as silence, serenity and the essence of existence, among many other things. The fact of being able to reach such a state must be a unique tool to travel and cross the different challenges that life proposes to us.

Trust in what Yoga is.

It is common for practitioners who have been attending their Yoga session for a while to stop perceiving the effects of the practice on the more subtle aspects of being. At the beginning we receive the bath of liberation and transformation that Yoga usually creates, but as time goes by, habit can become habit and we lose sight of its transforming power. In this way the mind can make that one more element of its game of power and influence.

The human mind always seeks to maintain control over everything we do. Above all, a mind trained for years to make all the decisions, to compete and to perform, like a computer or computer, the tasks necessary to survive in the environment of a coercive and demanding society.

It is not strange, then, that after the mind receives the information of how we manage to deactivate it during the practice of Yoga, it gathers all those data and recovers the way to create a thousand excuses to submit to our will and thus get away from it. the daily practice.

These situations occur in times of weakness.

Suddenly our lives undergo a change. It happens and we can not help it. Life is permanent transformation, only that while our environment seems to flow with a certain stability we cling to that reality and tend to accommodate ourselves and believe that everything has stabilized or “normalized” and will be so forever. But sometimes we can not avoid becoming aware of “The change” due to the existence of a fact too strong that is imposed on us by capturing our full attention.

Given some particular circumstances, such as the death of a loved one, changes, changes in the workplace, emotional separations, overwork, stress or illness, among others, it is likely that it will be necessary to reinforce and deepen the practice instead of abandon it, as it usually happens.
There is even the paradox that while for reasons such as those mentioned, whoever never practiced decides to start attending Yoga sessions, the habitual practitioner, submerged in a crisis of power, self-esteem, conscience, moves away from the practice, letting himself be led by the arguments mental that leads to the conclusion of leaving everything, including Yoga, to solve the difficulties of life.

The confidence that Yoga is a powerful tool for personal transformation and maintenance of a state of balance must arise from personal experience. Register each experience and each state emerged from each session should be an icon that reminds us of the reasons to practice.

But if the mental or emotional confusion does not allow us to remember the benefits that Yoga produces unequivocally in our being, we can always give credit to the thousands of years that the activity has been enriching the subtle dimension of the human being or to the millions of practitioners that in all the The world relies on Yoga, using it as a way to rediscover itself in order to continue with daily obligations and activities.
In those moments of emotional fragility, in which the self-esteem can diminish and we embrace that feeling that everything is a lot, it is the moment in which the session of Yoga can become the best time invested.

If in these special circumstances it is hard for us to leave the house and go to share a session, there is always the possibility of practicing alone, at home, doing some exercises, even if they are simple, connecting with the breath, anchoring the mind to a small routine and release the physical body so that the emotions flow.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that the scope of the practice, the Yoga room, the teacher or instructor, the other assistants, etc. can be very helpful in the face of our personal difficulties because, beyond the rest of the world, the energy of those we practice keeps us away from criticism, judgment or observation of the other and many times is what we need.

Therefore, to make the field of practice and the people that make it up, a place to reconnect with the best of one, can be a dimension to be taken into account in the face of personal difficulties to counteract the onslaught of the mind and its multiple arguments to get away from there.

You can incorporate ginger tea into your diet

And if your goal is to lose weight, green adrena thrive tea is an excellent ally that should be present in your diet.

Cambur or Banana (4)

If there is a fruit that you should consume once you finish your training, it is the cambur. The large amount of potassium that you have will help your muscles relax and have a more optimal recovery.


Like all green leafy vegetables it contains a large amount of iron, folic acid and also zinc, which increases the defenses. It also has vitamins and minerals that are important in the process of cerebral oxygenation, in the blood and therefore in the muscles.

It helps a lot at the moment of recovery between one session and another.


Ideal to replace the electrolytes that you lose with sweat, drinking water with lemon drops or a lemonade is ideal once you finish your routine. You will take a large dose of vitamins to the body that have been eliminated after training.


If you want energy to perform your exercises. As well as having finished your routine in the gym, nothing like adding ginger in some of your meals or a smoothie. It will give you a great injection of vitality that will make you feel like new. This way you will prevent muscle fatigue from appearing.

You can incorporate ginger tea into your diet.

How to avoid the appearance of muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue can be prevented and best of all, it is very easy to achieve. At FullMusculo we are sure that they are guidelines that you can easily take to your daily routine and thus perform your exercises without any kind of problem.

Among the tips that must be followed are:

Eat carbohydrates

If you are a person who performs very demanding workouts, the energy must undoubtedly come from carbohydrates. They must be present in your daily diet in more than 40% (5). Pasta, rice, sweet potatoes and potatoes should be at your lunches, even at dinner. That way you can have enough energy to be able to face your training without any problem.

Proteins in all its presentations

Important both before and after training is the consumption of proteins. Both plant and animal, especially the latter. Not only because they are the ones with the highest concentration, but because when digested it will be combined with carbohydrates and you will have much more energy.

Protein shakes help a lot at the time of recovery and provide an injection of energy that is necessary for the oxygenation of the fiber that makes up the muscle. This way you will forget fatigue. The lactic acid will dissolve and stay low.


Do not overestimate rest as part of daily routine. Sleeping eight hours is very important for the recovery of the body, especially the muscles. In this way the next time you do exercises you can support the routine without any problem.

Profile your exercise routine well

Remember that the order in which you do your exercises will also be important to avoid the appearance of muscle fatigue. If you do not know how to do it, go to a professional.

Tell them what is the goal you want to achieve if it is to increase your muscle mass, lose weight, develop your back, arms, lose measures. Whichever it is, in this way he will know what machines to use and especially the amount of repetitions that you must do per day.


You can never forget to replace the fluid that you have lost while doing your exercises. It is not just about drinking lots of water. But carry the salts and electrolytes that you have lost in sweat.

Sports drinks or citrus juices will help you get there. You should not wait until you get thirsty. Every so often you should drink some liquid to prevent dehydration from appearing.

What does oatmeal contribute to a balanced diet?

What does oatmeal contribute to a balanced diet?

Oatmeal is a cereal that can offer us optimal choice hemp oil valuable benefits if we incorporate it into our diet

. One of them is to improve our cardiovascular health, since it enhances the level of lipids in the body. It can also help us control weight because of its high fiber content and its satiating power.

The fame of oatmeal is supported by the medical and scientific community, since it is a very interesting nutritive food; In addition, it has very beneficial properties for health.

Do you include oats in your balanced diet? Whether you already do it or not, read on if you want to find out all the nutritional properties and how much you can do to improve your health.

Properties of oats

Oats, as a cereal that is, is a food rich in carbohydrates.But also has a high proportion of protein, fiber (10 grams per 100) and fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids) that contribute to lower bad cholesterol and raise the good in our organism.

It is a source of valuable vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function properly. For example: It contains a high proportion of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins in high amounts.

It also has antioxidants such as vitamin E and is a natural source of prebiotics that help us to take care of the intestinal flora.

What benefits does it bring to our health?

It helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids.

It is a source of energy, since it has a high level of carbohydrates of slow absorption and easy assimilation.

Regulates intestinal transit due to its high fiber content. So it improves constipation.

It is good for those who have hypertension, since their sodium intake is very low.

It is very satiating, and consumed in moderation can help us lose weight.

Its consumption can help us in situations of nervousness, fatigue, stress situations, insomnia, etc. It is because it has a non-toxic alkaloid called avenin that has a certain sedative effect on the nervous system.


Since it is a slow-absorbing carbohydrate, it is recommended for people with diabetes.

According to some studies, it has antidepressant effects, prevents baldness and improves the immune system.

Given its high content of antioxidants and fibers, it helps improve the cardiovascular system and decreases the risk of developing cancer.

Prevents hyperthyroidism, since it is an integral cereal rich in Iodine.

The enormous energetic and protein power of oats makes it a good option to use it before and after training in athletes.
How can you include it in your diet?

You can eat it at breakfast with milk or yogurt.

It can be eaten mixed with proteins.

Take it in shakes with cow’s milk or soy, even in a fruit juice.

You can add it in purees, salads, etc.

As part of a bread.

Make healthy sweets with it, like cookies or biscuits.

Remember that you can find exquisite recipes on our Come Better website. And if you want to know perfectly how to integrate oats in your diet, access our dietary plan, now with a free month.

You already know all the benefits of including oats in your usual diet. Of course, it is a very good option to complement a balanced diet. Go ahead, what are you waiting to try it?