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Anorexia nervosa, social networks are largely to blame

Anorexia nervosa, social networks are largely to blame

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Would you know how to recognize anorexia nervosa? renuvaline Beware that social networks are largely to blame. We help you to detect it and to face it.

What is anorexia nervosa?

It is an eating disorder that causes the sufferer to lose more weight than is considered healthy for their age and height.

It is more common in women and usually appears in adolescence. Although more and more men suffer from it and social networks are the cause of this increase in cases. In recent years, the percentage of men with anorexia disorder has gone from 5% to 10%, according to Rodriguez, of the Association Against Anorexia and Bulimia. In addition it emphasizes:

“Like women, there are men who have lived experiences in which they have been mocked for their weight. Others suppose that if they lose weight they will be more attractive and there are those who are obliged to maintain a specific weight or figure for their profession “.

What characterizes this disorder is the fear of gaining weight, even if it is below normal weight. The distortion of one’s body image is another characteristic of people suffering from anorexia, to the point that they do not want to maintain the minimum normal weight, with the danger that this entails.

Since, as we have said, this disorder is very frequent in the period of more changes in the body, it interferes with growth and causes alterations in the development of the genitals and menstrual cycles.

Anorexia nervosa

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The person suffering from the disorder is not aware of his health problem and rejects psychological help

. At the same time, for this person the most important thing is not to gain weight, and therefore try to avoid eating, causing vomiting, using laxatives or diuretics and practice exercise exaggeratedly.

The cause of this disorder has not been determined, but there are some risk factors for suffering it, such as being too perfectionist, giving excessive importance to weight and image, having suffered food problems during childhood or some social behaviors related to health. and beauty. For example the fashions that come out in the networks like:

Source of the magen: Very interesting


“Although anorexia and bulimina existed before the emergence of these platforms, there is no doubt that they have had a very important importance in their prevalence. […] They have a tremendous influence on people suffering from eating disorders, since they find in them a reinforcement to persist in their harmful behavior “:


Regarding treatment, the first step is to make the patient recognize his problem. Once the disease is accepted, the main objective is to recover the “normal” weight and adopt healthy habits. In severe cases, a more or less long stay in the hospital may be necessary.

Another pillar of the treatment is psychological therapy p

to correct the distortion of body image and low self-esteem. This can be done with family, group or individual therapy.

Finally, pharmacological treatment can be part of this whole network, although it has not been shown that there is any medication to reduce the desire to reduce weight.

What can be done to prevent anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that, in principle, can not be prevented. However, we can encourage healthy and realistic attitudes regarding weight. It is also positive to help understand what ‘healthy habits’ mean about food and exercise.

Anyway, what we can do is be alert for behaviors that can make us think about this problem. For example, you should consult your doctor if you see that a person close to you is too worried about your weight, if you exercise excessively, if you restrict your food intake or if you refuse to eat as a family.


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that carries an immense fear of getting fat, even if it is below normal weight for age and height.

Who suffers it has a distortion of the body figure, sometimes encouraged by social behaviors.

In general, who suffers from this disease is not aware that he has a problem and rejects psychological help.

The cause of this behavior disorder is not determined.

The first step toward solving the problem is to accept it.

Family therapy, in groups of patients with the same or individual problem helps to improve the process.

The pharmacological treatment is usually left for when the weight has improved, although there are no specific drugs to treat anorexia.

Unfortunately for some fat

When you have fat stored in the area everfirm anti-aging serum of ​​the abdomen, our first thought is to visualize a perfect and super desirable abdomen, as well as if it were a chocolate bar, and to visualize it, want to change ours for that. From there we fall into the mistake of thinking about killing ourselves by doing thousands of crunches in order to get that perfect abdomen.

But nothing is further from reality than this way of thinking and that particular fat that accumulates in that area will continue to be there no matter how much you kill yourself by training your abdominal muscles. That fat has to be eliminated mainly with aerobic exercises and a diet according to what you want to achieve.

Unfortunately for some fat is not eliminated by specific areas of the body and when aerobic exercises are performed it will lose fat throughout our body: both in the abdomen, legs, buttocks, etc. On the other hand it is important to note that the fat that is eliminated does not become muscle, it is at this moment that you should accompany the aerobic exercises with training to strengthen the abdominal area and so you will start to see the results.

Likewise, it is important to strengthen the lumbar muscles at the same time with specific exercises for this area. Aerobic exercises should be executed in a minimum of 30 minutes and performed at least 3 times a week. Remember that the more you do cardiovascular exercises the faster you will see the results in your abdomen and your entire body.

Can Muscle Fat Be Converted Into Muscle?

Fortunately, there is currently not much of that kind of need, so the excess of fat in the abdomen is a problem which affects our aesthetics and our health. The detail is that at the time of eliminating this fat many myths arise in terms of the subject and what we must do to achieve the goal. The stupidest myth is the one that makes reference that when doing crunches you will turn fat into muscle.

It is because of this poison that many think that if you train the abdominals, this fat that is lodged in this area will become fiber, which is totally false, because the fat does not have that quality, nor is it a food for the muscles. The process of fats is another, and is not solved by doing sit-ups, as many believe, to end the fat that is lodged in this area of ​​the body.

Understand something very important, the function of fats is to serve as a reserve of energy for the body at times when it is necessary and this energy is not necessarily received through food. It is a matter of storage or reserve of one’s own body. This is why when we eat more than what is required, this excess is coupled in certain areas. It is urgent that we know how to end this excess, and the most correct way to do it is by exercising together with the diet.

When we talk about the exercises, it is only a very specific exercise such as aerobic, for this exercise you need a greater amount of immediate energy which the body will acquire from the own fat reserves once the reserves of glycogen, when this happens consecutively the abdominal muscles begin to come to light.

Eliminate the consumption of fats and minimize the consumption of calories the body will end up with the reserves that your body has, and that step by step will disappear because of the insufficiency that the body will have of energy in order to be able to face the demand of the activity sport you are carrying out.

In conclusion:

The fat that accumulates in your belly will not become muscles just by doing sit-ups. That does not work like magic!

The excess of fat in the area of ​​the abdomen is one thing that most people cause a terrible bad mood, and that is definitely one of the most difficult parts to maintain in beautiful conditions, since it is an accumulation natural body fat for times of need.

As you have read in this article, do abdominal exercises is not the way to end the fat, rather it is a very simple way to tone the muscles that make up the abdomen, although when exercising, you need a good portion of energy and it is from there that the body itself will draw on the reserves of fat to be able to get it, always from a base of good nutrition.

When brushing your teeth

When brushing your teeth

With this trick it may seem crazy, but I promise tryvexan male enhancement that I do it and it works. When you are brushing your teeth you are not sitting but they are still. The effort you make is simply moving the brush, and even your electric toothbrush. What do I do? squats. I promise it works.

Do not make the whole trip by car, subway or bus

Do not tell me you’re one of those who drive to buy bread. You may work away from your home and need to go by car or public transport. I do not say that you have to do a daily marathon, you can use the transport, but you do not have to go by car or public transport to the door of your work.

Get off a couple of stops earlier and go for a walk. You also do not know the brilliant ideas that occur to you while you are walking.

At work

Another trick I do is to set an alarm while I’m working to get up from the chair.

It is recommended that for every hour you have to get up at least a minute, no more, a minute.

Now thanks to smart watches it is easier, many of them already warn you alone. For example the Apple Whacth or the Fitbit minus 10, if you have not stood up in all the time you are carrying, it warns you to get up.

I take that minute to move. I take a few walks or go to the portal and go up and down the stairs a couple of times. Easy, effective and great.

Maybe you, in your work, you can not get up a minute every hour, so you get up every two hours and instead of a minute you can be 2, or you go to the table of the partner, whatever but move .

The stairs

How many times have I said that the stairs are your friends? Well, that’s it, run away from elevators and escalators.

If you see some stairs go for them and upload them. What do you have to climb to a ninth floor and do not feel empowered? well, you go up 2 floors, 3 or as many as you can and then you take the elevator if you need to top, little by little you will go further.

I assure you that it is very unlikely that I was locked in an elevator, I always walk.

Try to walk more.

The truth is that I have the perfect excuse, I have to walk my dog ​​Lola, then several times a day I go for walks, but you can do it too.


It does not have to be a long walk, you can simply walk around your house, that will help you clear your mind and concentrate more, and above all you will avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle.

In the tail of the super

How many times do you have to wait in the super box for a long queue? Many truth? Well, take advantage of it. If you start moving from one place to another, people may think you are crazy, but you can do other things.

You can sneak up and down on tiptoe, if you’re embarrassed you can do it more disguised, put the weight of the body on the tips and stay concealed, or take advantage of isometric contractions, that nobody will notice, but you’re putting yourself in shape. For example, you contract your abdomen or buttocks hard, that will help you to get stronger.

You see that they are very simple tricks that will help you to counteract the problem of spending so many hours sitting put them into practice and they will tell me the results.

Savásana as an introduction to meditation

Savásana in a collective session of Yoga.  stamimax At the end of the sessions a special climate for relaxation should be created. When practiced in solitude, we will simply let go of the body, the mind and the rhythm of the activity until we put together the posture and surrender to silence and total and profound stillness.

In a guided session, a typical Yoga class, the instructor or teacher will gradually lead the practitioners towards that ideal state of relaxation. It is important the climate, the general silence, to avoid frights and, from the point of view of the practitioner, active participation and respect for all present is important.

Therefore, it would be very aggressive that in the middle of the relaxation a mobile phone will sound or that someone, because they can not reduce their internal restlessness, will begin to make movements or noises that will surely remove the rest of the present from the state of concentration.

For this reason it is important to collaborate, be generous and supportive of the rest of those present. If at the beginning of the practice we do not manage to relax in depth it is important that we take into account that many of those who are trying it may be achieving it. And more important is to take advantage of this inertia to let us lead to the stillness and calm that we probably would not get otherwise.

Fall asleep practicing Savásana

This is a subject that arouses smiles and comments during Yoga sessions. It happens that many times we come to practice in a state of fatigue or exhaustion product of the daily bustle that invites us to let go of everything, to the point of falling asleep.

The ideal is to take advantage of relaxation to witness a different state of consciousness and for that it is important to be awake. But, especially at the beginning of our path in Yoga, this is also something that we must experiment to learn; for this we will have to look for the balance and the right sensation until we manage to indulge in total relaxation without falling asleep.

Falling asleep during Savásana is something that can happen. And if it happens we will try not to startle ourselves, but rather, we will learn to take it as something natural until we manage to master it.

Savásana as an introduction to meditation

The state that is achieved by practicing this posture is of such depth that, after that, it is a very good moment to continue like this, letting ourselves be carried by the conscience and remaining in that state, but more awake than ever.

If it is difficult for us to sit down and meditate, doing a good practice of Savásana can help us a lot to calm down deeply and to open the door to consciousness and then to carry out a deep meditation.

The experiences that usually appear before our perception in the midst of Savásana’s realization is an indicator that we are entering a different state of consciousness in which we can perceive another reality. The appearance of colored lights, the sensation of not having a body, the mixture of perceptions and images that emerge from the unconscious creating a state of reverie, are signs that we must capitalize, understanding that in those moments we are awakening towards other realities in which We can stay to learn and deepen self-knowledge.

How to train for a race or marathon

How to train for a race or marathon

Tips to prepare your next race

No doubt having a competitive goal in testosup xtreme mind is a great help to improve within a sport, as it will help us stay focused on a particular goal. In cities there are usually many marathons and we can also find numerous competitions of this style that are held every year.
Here are some tips you can use to train for a marathon. Tips to train for a marathon

The first thing is to get adequate equipment, buy good running shoes and a good sports package that is light and above all, comfortable. Do not sacrifice comfort for style.
The second is to schedule our weekly training with the aim of improving our brands for the marathon, find out how many kilometers you have to run and schedule a specific training for it and then a strength and muscle training to strengthen your muscles and improve your strength, beating therefore your brands.

For example if the marathon is to say 50KM, on Monday you can run about 5KM, on Wednesday run about 8KM and on Saturday run about 10KM, giving a total of 23KM weekly, weekly we will increase the weekly total by 10-20%, putting As the maximum limit for the total marathon route in this case, we must not exceed 50KM per week. We must always put the bulk of the route on a specific day, leaving a strong day, a moderate day and a soft day within the same microcycle, you should try to start the program at least 12 weeks in advance.
Finally we must complement this training with a muscle work of 3-4 days, with special emphasis on the musculature of the lower train and the core (lower back and abdominal). We recommend you follow a fullbody or torso-leg division for this task, including exercises such as the squat or the deadlift.

Meditation techniques according to the Buddhist tradition

Meditation techniques according to the Buddhist tradition

More and more people choose to sit down to primal factor practice silence or what used to be called contemplation. We could say that meditation is fashionable. Among these people are even famous people such as Richard Gere or David Lynch, who do not hesitate to publicize the many benefits that this technique has given them.

Of course, meditating is much more than a fad. It has been scientifically proven that people who meditate habitually and for a certain time, develop a neural network in which there is a greater awareness of themselves and of the present. Likewise, it has been observed that when the mental chatter is meditated and silenced, the left prefrontal area of ​​the brain is activated, which is the basis of positive emotions.
Usually, in the West, however much we often use the word meditation, there are certain misunderstandings about it. It is believed, for example, that meditation is just a form of relaxation. Other people think that meditating causes people to enter a kind of trance or that it is a form of self hypnosis. The most common belief is that meditation is about putting the mind in white. But none of this is true.

The reality is that meditation is a wonderful technique of self-observation and greatly relieves the tension that we are subjected to in our daily life. but that is only a consequence and not its objective. True meditation is carried out by elevating consciousness above our daily reality by achieving a different state of being.
Buddhist meditations
Buddhist meditations work the mind of the person who practices them, from their own mind. They increase the level of consciousness and help to see the nature of things as they really are.

The different techniques of Buddhist meditation are divided into two main groups. These are grouped in Samatha: a word of Sanskrit origin that means peace or tranquility, and in Vipassana, which aims to achieve clear vision, or discernment.

Samatha Meditation

This type of meditation quiets the mind and directs the sense of consciousness. It also induces us to experience positive emotions and broadens our perspective. Samatha meditation could be said to be an indispensable preparation for the Vipassana techniques carried out by the most advanced meditators. Without the Samatha base it is not easy for the clear vision that is the goal of Vipassana meditation to arise.

Normally, our mind is divided and with little concentration. It is usually affected by negative emotions and points of view limited by our beliefs. Due to this state we can not see things as they really are.

We could say that the habitual state of consciousness can be compared to a bluff that the light bulb starts to fail, so the light it gives is quite scarce. The purpose of Samatha meditation would then be to put a new bulb to our lamp to be able to clearly.

How to perform the correct warm-up before exercising

How to perform the correct warm-up before exercising

Warming is a series of gentle movements and testro t3 various exercises that must be performed before any physical activity or sport, these help the body is prepared and adapted to the various phases of this activity, so it is very important to know how to perform the correct heating before exercising, to prevent sprains, strains and tears, which can cause serious consequences.

The goal of warm-up exercises is basically to raise body temperature, to prepare muscles and joints to the effort that will be made later during training of any kind, such as playing any sport or other routine activity.

It is suggested that said warm-up last a minimum of 10 minutes approximately, and be executed intensively and efficiently to avoid injuries during training.

Types of exercises to perform the correct warm-up before exercising.

In general the warming, is composed of 2 types of exercises:

Exercises of stretching and joint mobility:

They are performed gently to prepare the muscles and joints. It starts from the upper part of the body until reaching the feet and thus achieve the necessary elasticity when executing physical activity.

Aerobic exercises:

They are gentle exercises that help raise body temperature. It is necessary to know how to perform the correct warm-up to have greater flexibility before any physical activity routine.

The following exercises are recommended below:

Muscle heating exercises:
Neck in denial

The neck should move smoothly from side to side, with the body and back straight.

Neck in affirmation

It is done the same as the previous exercise, but the neck will move from top to bottom.

Rotation of arms forward

Gently rotations are performed with both arms simultaneously, keeping the back straight and arms stretched. This exercise will help to gain mobility in the shoulders.

Elevation of alternate arms

Elevate arm all much as possible while the other is lowered, using the entire articular range, then repeated with the other arm.

Rotation of hips

They place their hands on their hips and turn their hips in wide circles.

Dynamic heating exercises:
Elbow to knee

Standing with your legs spread at shoulder height and your hands behind your neck, you should raise your right knee as much as possible while lowering your left elbow without separating your hand from your head, trying to touch your elbow and knee. Then it returns to the initial position and is repeated alternating arms and legs.

Open and close legs with jumps

Stand with your legs together and your arms close to your body. Then you should jump open your legs and at the same time place your arms crosswise and return to the starting position, repeating this exercise with rhythm and constant mind for 30 seconds.

Although it is thought that warm-up exercises in general are not necessary, they are extremely important to prevent injuries and feel more comfortable in the execution of physical activities.

The benefits of Mindfulness

The benefits of Mindfulness
Surely you would like to know the benefits of Mindfulness.

Maybe if you approach this technique, testosup xtreme also called mindfulness, either because you heard something or someone told you that it can help you reduce your stress, relax or have a calmer mind.

And, they do not lack reason to those people who speak of these benefits or improvements derived from the practice of Mindfulness. Now, I would like to qualify this concept called “benefits”.

For starters I will tell you that if the only reason that makes you practice mindfulness is to obtain a benefit, you are misguided.

As it happens when we look for a benefit in something, we are projecting ourselves towards a future in which to obtain something that we do not have now. And, although conceptually it may seem that if you lack a calm mind, with the practice of Mindfulness it will be what you get, this is really wrong.

The first thing is to know that at its base, mindfulness is based on the conscious experience, without judgment and with acceptance of the present moment.

So if you are looking for something that you suppose you do not have now, and you intend to have it in a future in which you will be better than now, you are contradicting the foundations where Mindfulness is based.

Do you get the idea?

In this case of projecting the achievement in the future, what can happen is that the same thing happens to you as the thousands of people who sign up each year to a gym in order to improve their appearance or health.

The purpose in principle is good, but the following month only those who carry the whole year continue to train.

And why is this? Very easy. This society increasingly accelerated and focused on the quick result can not wait. Paradoxically, for the only thing that interests us the present is so that it could materialize instantaneously in it what we hope to obtain in the future. And of course, as this is impossible and if it does not happen as fast as our accelerated mind wants, very soon it feels frustrated and seeks another new “future illusion” in which to project itself.

This is how the human being lives. Looking for novelty and continuous encouragement. This is a sick mind that creates sick societies.

If you want to learn Mindfulness techniques my recommendation is that you do it free of expectations and without thinking of an achievement for the future. You only have to put into practice what you are going to propose to do. This is: on the one hand the daily meditation and on the other the application of some exercises of mindfulness in the daily life, besides a series of explanations relative to the calls “Mindfulness attitudes” before the life.

In this way you will begin to train that muscle of attention and little by little your mind will be more docile. You can respond instead of reacting impulsively to situations in life. You can also detect thoughts about the future, which cause you concern, or thoughts about painful events from the past, or the attachment to situations or people that are no longer there.

In summary, what you learn is to “be one” with life, to flow with the present and to live it intensely in the moment. Instantaneous after instant, being aware that everything is part of the change in which our existence is sustained, the universe and our relationship with it.

Obviously, once you integrate all this in your life, you can feel better and suffer less. But this can only happen if you do not set a goal to achieve in the future, because then you have not changed anything of your way of acting until now.

I hope my message has been captured. Again, I insist on talking about the benefits of Mindfulness, can attract to this practice many people who seek a quick fix, a panacea for their ills. And this is not correct.

As a professional dedicated to helping people to have a life more free of suffering through mindfulness, I think it is important to clarify this, and that, if you are aware that your life needs change, do it from the conviction, that only what you are truly committed can happen, and do not project it as something to be obtained in the future, but a path of transformation that happens at every moment in which you become aware of yourself.

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5 things you still do not know about meditation

5 things you still do not know about meditation

The practice of meditation has spread in the zyplex West. You will have heard many things about its benefits, although surely you still do not know the most important thing about meditation. This thousand-year-old practice contains profound messages about our own nature, which must be revealed little by little. In the present article we will show you some of these things about meditation that will surprise you.

Science has revealed to us many of the secrets contained in the practice of meditation. Through mindfulness we have proven the importance of learning to relax, to concentrate on our breathing and to calm our mind. We usually live in an increasingly chaotic world, where we barely have time for ourselves. This has made us move away from our nature and the meaning of our existence.

Thanks to meditation many people have questioned their way of life. This millennial oriental practice not only serves to order our mind, but also to change our attitude to the world around us, to be more respectful and responsible with our personal care, and to learn to relate to others in an honest way. and loving

It is not surprising that his practice has spread like wildfire in our culture. It is something that we need and we look for it in our day to day. A respite, a sacred space to listen to us and attend to our needs. That is what meditation entails for many.

You have already rejected that idea about meditation: the image of a Tibetan monk dedicating his life to this practice, as if it were not possible for any person to benefit from meditation and require a patience and time that would be unthinkable to consider our way of life This is something that has already been denied, we know that anyone can perform this practice and benefit from it. Let’s look at some things that you do not yet know about meditation.

1. Meditating serves as an exercise routine for your brain

When you meditate you exercise your brain, you are training it so that it is ordered and you can better manage your thoughts. The more you practice meditation, the more you exercise concentration, your inner peace and your ability to let each thought flow without stagnating too long in one that is harming you, or not letting you live in the present moment.

When you acquire the habit of meditating, you understand how much this practice helps you to inquire and understand your own nature. Your brain is strengthened. This has been possible to understand better through science, which with their research have observed how people who have spent up to 20 years meditating in their day to day, have a greater volume of gray matter. When compared with people of the same age who did not do meditation they obtained surprising results: “We expected the difference to be minimal,” said Florian Kurth, author of the study, “however, we observed a wide range of effects of meditation in different areas of meditation. all the brain. ” It was discovered that doing long-term meditation makes our brain age less.

Whenever your body, your mind and your soul are working together in rhythm, it is meditation.


2. Meditation rivals effectiveness with anxiolytics and antidepressants

It has been proven how the practice of continued meditation helps reduce stress levels and the effects of depression. A study conducted by John Hopkins University in 2014 was able to establish in his research a relationship between the practice of meditation and the ability to reduce the symptoms of depression, pain and anxiety.

13 infallible and essential tips to gain muscle mass

13 infallible and essential tips to gain muscle mass

Bodybuilders are not the only ones core max ultra struggling to add muscle to their body. It is likely that you train constantly and eat what you think is necessary to obtain good growth, however, it is likely that you feel that there does not seem to be a big difference after a time when you do not see more results, then the most likely thing is that you are on the wrong path. Next we will give you a new routine sheet to follow to gain muscle mass.

Do you want more size in your muscles? You are definitely not the only one! Many of us want more and more muscle mass. However, increasing successfully is where things get difficult. Many people, including women, consume their food without taking into account their measurements and reflect how much they like to eat.

It should begin to have mainly an integral control with regard to the feeding so that later the development of the muscular tissues begin to flow in their proper development during and after the training.

13 Essential Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

Know the Due Distribution of Nutrients.

It is wrong and wrong to give your body a certain amount of calories when you do nothing but lie on a sofa. Feeding very well in your workouts, with good nutrition, is one of the fundamental elements in the success of muscular augmentation.

Insulin sensitivity will usually be in full swing early in the morning and immediately after your workout. According to some experts, eating more carbohydrates early in the morning and after training is what can lead to more optimal results.

Even explain a number of points of view, still have much to learn over time on nutrients, so it is very difficult to give a universal recipe. It must be recognized that everyone is different, but the possibility must also be given that when you eat, those foods can have an important effect on your body composition, as well as what and how much you eat.

Train what you like the least to train.

Do you hate doing squats? Maybe that’s a sign that you should do your best because that is your priority training exercise! Training your weaknesses can make huge differences in your physique.

“The mental game to overcome your weaknesses in certain exercises can create an illusion of bestial proportions,” explains Noah Siegel, fitness model. To beat the game to your desire, it is important to hit your weak points and turn them into features that stand out from the rest.

Siegel says that you should always start training first until you get tired of the muscle groups that feel weakest, and then go directly to your strongest muscles. In this way, you will train at your maximum capacity.