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10 food tips for weight loss without sport

10 food tips for weight loss without sport
Although physical activity is recommended to lose weight, it is not mandatory! If you are not a fan of sports, tracksuits, sneakers and weightloss-spot sweat, but want to lose weight and lose some unsightly pounds, the solution is on the side of food! How to have the right diet? What to eat to lose weight? We suggest you follow these food tips to lose weight without sport.

1) Magnesium and calcium are your allies!
Indeed, the lack of magnesium increases hunger to overcome the stress and fatigue of your deficiency. That’s why you should eat magnesium-rich foods like lentils, wholegrain rice, spinach, almonds or some mineral water. Calcium side, we know its effects against the curves of the upper body. Its amino acids play on fat cells and boost the elimination of lipids. You will find in milk and its derivatives such as cheese and yogurt but also poppy and sesame.
For calcium and magnesium, you can also refer to dietary supplements for a cure of several weeks.

2) We become zen!
Stress disrupts your body and thus prevents more than 25% of heat loss due to hormones. When you’re stressed, you do not burn, you store! The solution: stretch, breathe, read, listen to music, take a nap, stroll, etc.

3) You lose weight in the morning!
How? When you wake up, drink very cold water followed by a lemon juice. The ice water will boost the transit while the lemon will influence the storage of fat. Another remedy: a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of cider vinegar.

4) We sleep well!
Lack of sleep helps to develop the hormone responsible for appetite and reduce the hormone that controls the feeling of hunger. The more you sleep, the less hungry you are, the less fat cells you make and the more you burn. The solution is to sleep 7h per night on average.

5) We are sweating!
Do not worry, we will not talk about sports; there are other ways to sweat. So we go to the hammam and / or the sauna, alone or with friends, to tone and revitalize its metabolism that will be better able to burn fat. Another way to sweat: make love. You will combine effort and pleasure.

6) We start with oat bran!
Packed with pectin and soluble fiber, this food is able to eliminate a large part of the fats and sugars on your plate. For an effective result, you can consume a good tablespoon during your meals. Sprinkle your salads or yogurt or add it directly into your preparations: breads, gratins, pasta pies, etc.

7) We eliminate the toxins!
A purified body burns more fat than when it is saturated. So, to cleanse your body, we use treatments such as Aloe Vera or birch juice that are rich in antioxidants. Rosemary, dandelion, artichoke, black radish and fennel are also preferred.

8) Dope with caffeine and vitamin C!
To increase the metabolism of your body and therefore the burning of fat, nothing better than to combine these two boosters. Side caffeine, we opt for coffee and tea, and vitamin C, we put everything on lemon, blackcurrant, orange, kiwi and mango. Consume every three hours for super efficiency but not after the middle of the afternoon on pain of not falling asleep when going to bed.

9) We choose the right vegetables!
To fight against water retention and cellulite, some vegetables are the champions. Then put in your plates mushrooms which, by balancing sodium and potassium, will help you to better eliminate. Similarly for asparagus, cucumber, leek, fennel, celery or onion. You have the choice !

10) We adopt the good fruits!
Better for the line than the pastries, the fruits are however rich in sugars. Better avoid them in the morning on an empty stomach because they may increase your sugar level and therefore insulin, favoring the storage of fat. Among the less sweet fruits, prefer kiwi, raspberry or melon.

No need to run 10km per day to lose 1kg! If you want to lose weight without effort, just adopt these simple tips to follow every day. You will quickly find well-being and lightness!

Do only 3 to 4 solid weight training per week

Do only 3 to 4 solid weight training per week
If you want to build a stronger, more muscular body, recovery is the key, but unfortunately it is too often neglected.

If you train 5, 6 or even 7 times a week, musclestrainrelief your body will not have time to recover and evolve.

Most athletes make great progress with up to 4 strong weight training sessions per week.

By “solid” training I mean workouts where you work your strength on one or more of the 4 major exercises, followed by some assists and increasing the volume and density on the end with body weight exercises by example.

In bodybuilding as in many areas more is not necessarily better.

So if you are currently doing more than 4 weight training per week, decrease the frequency to allow your body enough time to recover.

HIIT and other metabolic workouts
When you’re looking for PTO and muscle mass, you do not need to do a lot of intensive HIIT training.

If you follow these tips, your weight training will already be enough to improve your overall physical abilities and speed up your fat loss.

If you still want to do this type of workout to increase your cardiovascular endurance for example, you should do it only 2 or 3 times a week and limit their duration to 10 minutes maximum.

Train hard and recover quickly
Mobility work and soft tissue are your best friends to speed recovery.

Doing 15 to 20 minutes a day of self massage using a PVC ball or pipe and working to improve the mobility of all your joints, will do more for you than you can imagine.

By doing this regularly you will recover faster, improve your posture and eliminate your chronic back pain and elsewhere.

Too many people feel that this type of work is a waste of time, but for me it’s something that has completely improved my body and my performance.

Number of series and repetitions ideal for strength and muscle gain
It is on this point that many people take the lead and seek too much to complicate things.

Keep it simple and work in a range of 2 to 6 repetitions for strength over the 4 main exercises.

For the rest you can work in a range of 6 to 10 repetitions and if you do body weight you can push your series well beyond and up to the limit of failure.

What is cellulite?

What is cellulite?
If it is a disgraceful physical phenomenon, it is cellulite. These dimples more or less visible according to overweight, which can be Bone + Oak Forskolin seen by pinching his thigh between thumb and forefinger. The causes are various and they are cells that swell just under the skin of certain areas of the body.

Water retention first responsibility
Thin women, for example, can accumulate so-called watery or infiltrated cellulite. It is a water retention caused in particular by a disruption of the blood or lymphatic circulation. But the good news is that these forms are treated and eliminated easily. You can establish this “diagnosis” if you feel swollen and especially at the time of menstruation.

Cell collagen thickens
But if your cellulite is very visible, hard, painful and rolls under the fingers, it is called fibrous. It is due to too much sugar consumption, which causes a hardening of the collagen component of the fat cell envelope. This form is the most difficult to fight. Finally, if your diet provides you with more calories than you spend, your body develops fat cellulite. So watch your fat intake especially if you do not do any physical activity!

Compressed nerve endings
Cellulite forms this unsightly orange peel in 9 out of 10 women since puberty. Men are not systematically spared, but this phenomenon is less visible, because their dermis is less thin than that of the fairer sex. But beyond their unpleasant appearance, these “reserves” of water or fat have a compression effect on the veins. Too many dimples slow down the blood circulation, which causes discomfort to move, pains even without bumping. Because, with time, the cells reinforce themselves until triggering a compression of the nerve endings, a hypersensitivity of the parts of the body invaded.

Almost inevitable among the fairer sex
So we can say that cellulite almost inevitably appears on the body of the woman. Forming under the surface of the skin dimples which, if they are not treated, evolve in three phases. At the beginning not visible, they become it, before being annoying, even painful.

Nibbling is your enemy

Nibbling is your enemy
Do not snack: This is the number one purefit keto rule to apply in most diets. But if dieticians unanimously condemn this bad eating habit, it is not always easy to fight it. So, how?

Nibbling, a universal practice
Those who have never succumbed to the temptation of snacking raise their finger! They are not very numerous. At home or away from home, the temptation to enjoy a biscuit or chocolate bar outside of meal time is permanent. And if you are an inveterate nibbler, as you say right now, you will not change your habits overnight. It will be necessary to bet on the time and the regularity but in the long term, you will have durably modified your eating habits.

How to intelligently change your habits
First of all, it is common sense that should guide you. If you tend to nibble at all hours of the day, it is because your meals are not balanced enough. It’s up to you to review the calorie content of these. This will be the first step to effectively limit nibbling. A first step necessary. Changing one’s habits can also be a good way to combat this bad mania. The solutions are simple: avoid too much cooking, focus your attention on specific manual or intellectual activities, play sports … Gradually, you will change your eating behavior without even realizing it.

Do not forbid everything
Do not nibble does not mean that you will have to give up the pleasures of the table. On the contrary, you will appreciate all the more the meals taken at fixed hours. Do not give up tea if you like it above all else. Just show moderation if you used to think of it as a meal in its own right.

To avoid nibbling, there is actually no miracle recipe. But it is often enough to change his habits to achieve his ends.

How to protect your meninges after a brain attack

How to protect your meninges after a brain attack
“These results, not yet published, are saint elias cognitive to be taken with caution. On the one hand, the researchers took into account only mild stroke. Moreover, it is a study of association and not of causality. This means that work may not be in itself a protective element but a sign of good cognitive functioning, “emphasizes Professor Olivier Godefroy. Clearly: it is the quality of brain abilities prior to stroke that would reduce cognitive disorders. “We know that the more a brain is stimulated, the more it develops a brain reserve. The latter will allow it to better withstand attacks because it will then organize new circuits to compensate for deficits, “says Professor Jacques Touchon.

Already known to delay the onset of clinical signs of Alzheimer’s disease, the brain reserve appears essential to fight against all dementias. To stimulate neurons, it is advisable to vary the pleasures. Reading, discovering computers, getting into English, gardening but also participating in clubs, associations … As Professor Jacques Touchon reminds us, the routine is a killer of neurons.

But “muscle” his brain is not enough. It is essential to avoid the occurrence of a new stroke that would damage the brain a little more. However, after a first stroke the risk of recurrence is between 30 and 50% within five years. It is therefore a question of keeping the brain healthy. How? By taking care of his ships. For this, as Professor Charlotte Cordonnier recalls, one must have regular physical activity, strict control of one’s blood pressure or even balance one’s diabetes. Food also plays a protective role, according to the results of another trial presented at the international congress in Los Angeles. A Mind-type diet, a mixture of Mediterranean diet and DASH diet (against hypertension), seems effective against cognitive decline after stroke. Green vegetables, fruits, oily fish and olive oil remain the best allies of the brain.

The anti-cellulite diet, a weapon before the summer

The anti-cellulite diet, a weapon before the summer
With the approach of the holidays, the promises keto ultra diet to lose the extra pounds, accumulated in winter and autumn are multiplying. By following some tips and some simple recommendations, it appears then possible to remove this much feared cellulite.

Cellulite, a fat to eliminate
For the majority of women, cellulite is often associated with obesity or at least overweight. Although it is, in the vast majority of cases, the reality, it should be noted however that cellulite can also appear in people, not having such an overload.
By cellulite is meant the thin layer of fat, lying just under the epidermis and giving this unsightly effect to our figure. We’ve all heard each other: I’m going to lose those love handles before the summer. How can this unsightly fat be effectively and quickly removed?
To achieve this goal, simply follow each free advice we give you and adopt one of the plans, which we recommend to you according to your own situation.

An effective diet to fight against cellulite
I have too big thighs or I do not like my figure. These affirmations we all knew at one time or another. Rather than lament, it’s time to take action. We advise you to adopt a new lifestyle, without revolutionizing your daily life.
Discover the tips and practical information that we deliver on a regular basis and follow us until the complete disappearance of these accumulated fats. To begin and before removing this cellulite, so be careful not to aggravate the situation.
Discover balanced menus, which will allow you not to ingest more calories than you consume. We all know the devastating effects of industrial dishes or hamburgers. Also be aware that there are foods that will help you in your goal.
The diet should allow you to offset the energy expenditure of your body. Also, you must take care not to consume too much calories while trying to increase your expenses, and this necessarily involves physical activity.
Fitness or walking can be practiced in a progressive way but more athletic and more athletic can also indulge in swimming or cycling.

Visible results and motivation intact
By increasing your caloric expenditure while controlling your diet with appropriate and balanced menus, you make sure to burn more fat than you ingest. Learn how to differentiate between good and bad fats and how to improve your metabolism, especially on the ingestion of carbohydrates to develop muscle mass rather than storing these as fat.
If the loss of weight is then fast and inevitable, you will be able to erase this cellulite so much fought in a simple and fast way. By burning fat, your body eliminates the excess energy you have accumulated. However, cellulite, mainly in women, is usually in the glutes and hips but also in the thighs.
The expected results will be quickly visible especially on these parts of the body, and the resumption of physical activity will then give you the opportunity to tone your muscle mass to finish erasing the traces you just eliminated.

Ennemly quiet and uncomplicated vacation, cellulite can be fought quickly and effectively Follow our advice and get rid of these unsightly excess fats.

Lemon water, a slimming weight ally

Lemon water, a slimming weight ally
In recent years, lemon returns regularly to the rapid tone diet front of the stage when it comes to slimming diet. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C, and it is believed to be an excellent fat burner but also an effective drainer, and is known as an “appetite suppressant” ingredient. But is it really justified or mistakenly mistaken for this sunny fruit present in many beauty recipes?

An ally for the body
Nutritionists are formal: as part of a diet, lemon helps to lose weight. Why ? Because it has a high content of citric acid, a good substance for the digestive system since it interacts with other acids but also enzymes, to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices (the result: less stored fat) . In addition, its pectin-rich skin is an excellent protector of the intestinal wall. Finally, if it is consumed just before a meal, the lemon juice pressed into a glass of hot water can cut the feeling of hunger … and therefore eat less.

Why consume it with water?
Quite simply because the lemon is an extremely acidic fruit, that few palates tolerate as it is … It is also advisable not to abuse pure lemon, at the risk of weakening the enamel of his teeth (not to mention its astringent effect on the gums), even if, during digestion, this acidity is neutralized. In addition, consuming lemon water helps to better absorb calcium. And since a high intake of this mineral helps, according to studies, to transform the fat into energy, drinking this beverage regularly would therefore promote weight loss.

Never without my lemon water …
In addition to its dietary and digestive properties, lemon juice has other interests, such as gently regulating intestinal problems or the aftermath of festive meals. To enjoy the benefits of this fruit that strengthens the immune system, the bottle of water flavored with pressed lemons is ideal! As slipped in your bag, you can drink it anywhere and at any time of the day. In short, the perfect companion to accompany its slimming diet.

Enriched with draining and detoxifying substances, lemon water has only advantages! We would be wrong to do without it …

Prerequisites before starting a diet

Prerequisites before starting a diet
It is not recommended to start a plan without first asking yourself some questions and making wise choices.

The healthy weight
The body image conveyed by the media gold labs cbd since the end of the sixties has created standards of beauty that most of us want to emulate. According to nutritionists, when we show a healthy weight – proportional to the size, frame and age we have – weight loss is inappropriate. By calculating your body mass index (BMI), you will be able to know if you are really overweight or obese.

A balanced diet
Before embarking on any diet, it is a good idea to write down what you usually eat in a typical week and then check to see if you meet the daily goals of food guides. In general, enough fresh or cooked vegetables, some fruits, protein sources (eggs, meat , fish, legumes, soya), whole grains , lean dairy products, nuts, and healthy oils should be consumed daily. (olive, rapeseed, avocado), so as not to suffer from any food deficit.

Choose the right diet
There is no universal diet that suits both a person who has to lose a few pounds and a person who is definitely obese. Any plan should be tailored to your lifestyle, whether active, moderately active, or sedentary, as well as your specific needs. Also, it is safer to consult your doctor first before starting a diet, especially if it is low calorie or restrictive. Beware of diets-miracles that promise you a very quick weight loss, in one or two weeks.

Feel psychologically ready
You may want to lose weight, but not be psychologically ready to start a diet; or wish to lose weight , but not for the right reasons. If you want to lose weight, make sure you do it for you! It’s about your health, your psychological state, and your life. Getting into dieting to feel better about yourself, to maintain or regain good health, or to be able to perform certain activities at the level of a new job, for example, are reasonable grounds.

Set a realistic goal
If you set a slimming goal too high, you risk giving up your diet during the process. It’s better to lose just one kilo of fat a week than to melt at a high speed. In fact, studies show that you can, at this rate, recover the lost pounds as soon as you return to your regular diet. By adding physical activity to your weekly routine, your weight loss will be maximized, but in the right way.

Progressive training
Just starting to exercise regularly before you start dieting is a prerequisite that will make the process easier. Your body will be better oxygenated and it will get used to burning more calories. A dynamic walk , without being fast, is a good choice to integrate exercise into your routine. It may be helpful to get a pedometer to calculate the number of steps taken in a day (again, set a realistic goal before you reach the recommended level of 10,000 daily steps). If you like to play a particular sport, it’s time to do it more often, alone or in a group.

These prerequisites are valuable “tools” that will help you achieve your weight loss goal, while maintaining your health and smile .

Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle Mass

Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle Mass

It really is not an easy task to achieve but Enduraflex also not impossible, burn fat without losing muscle mass , a premise that following specific guidelines you can achieve in a relatively short time.

The most important thing, to burn fat without losing muscle mass, is to maintain a constant balance between different factors that are also determinants for health, such as aerobic and anaerobic physical exercise, proper nutrition and diet adding adequate rest.

For those who are new to bodybuilding, it is likely that with just training at the gym they lose fat relatively easily if they only have a little bit of consistency and perform the exercises at the right intensity. But little by little they will burn fat and gain some muscle which will lead them to want to be more and more muscles in the shortest possible time and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.

However in this as in everything there is no easy way or much less fast and it will be necessary to have constancy and add several more elements to organize a perfect and healthy plan to burn fat and gain muscle.

A body with little fat and a suitable musculature is also the body desired by any bodybuilder a healthy body since they will be less the possibility of suffering certain health problems than someone with a high percentage of body fat.

It is necessary to be clear that the loss of fat occurs naturally without subjecting the body to excessively traumatic processes such as stop eating or eating very little, things that will eventually cause an unwanted and damaging rebound effect.
Pure fiber
The idea is to try to be muscular and without fat so that the muscles are marked better, but the problem is that it is difficult to burn all the excess fat in the body and not lose some muscle gained through physical training.

The first will then be to have short-term goals, be patient and above all persevere and encourage the muscles to grow consistently by subjecting them to constant stress through weight training.

Schedule a good exercise routine with loads to work each muscle and thus get the muscle mass increases, but it will also be necessary to take into account the diet as adequate nutrition is essential.
Balanced nutrition
It is true that the fastest way to lose fat is to exercise but feeding also indirectly helps by providing the body with the nutrients and energy necessary to train intensely.


Diet is a determining factor when it comes to achieving the goal of being 100% fibrous. But glucose is essential for the body to generate enough energy for great effort and those who train like bodybuilders need a good dose of glucose to be able to withstand the rate at which they put their body under.

Thus, the keys to balanced nutrition and good nutrition include eating the right amounts, which satisfy the appetite but do not end up making the athlete feel bloated.

The idea is then to eliminate all those foods that do not have any type of nutritional value, such as cakes, sweets, pastries, soft drinks and other similar foods that contain industrial sugars, refined flours and indigestible saturated fats.

Include in the daily diet foods rich in complex carbohydrates, and in this way there will be no time of day when energy needs are not covered and muscles will appreciate it, especially at the time of training.

It will also be necessary to add proteins that come from lean foods that do not add a high portion of fats, such as white meat, fish, or low-fat or skim milk products.

The equation is then to establish a balance between the intake of complex carbohydrates and proteins from lean foods. Complete the daily menu with a good amount of foods that provide vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Supplements to accelerate muscle growth
In the specific case of bodybuilders who Canada Performance Supplement want to continue to build muscle in addition to losing weight, the advice is that they also consume a daily supplement that provides a good dose of B vitamins and a multi-vitamin that provides the rest of essential vitamins.

There are other supplements such as L-Carnitine that are used very often, to lose fat without losing muscle in a healthy way, but it should be noted that it is recommended to take it for a month and then stop taking it for a week, doing this will have best results.

A good break
A proper rest and sleep the necessary hours each day is a key factor in achieving good muscle development, as well as to catalyze the fat loss process that remains because sleep is a determining factor for the production of called muscle hypertrophy,

Finally, do not obsess about eliminating fat but focus equally on all the factors that will allow you to burn fat without losing muscle mass.

The soup to lose weight hips?

The soup to lose weight hips?
Losing weight healthily is essential for the healthy king keto burn proper functioning of the body and better health. It is true that not only are love handles a sign of femininity, it is better to gain weight at the hips than at the belly or other parts of the body.

But, are these reasons enough not to take care of one’s body? Is losing weight on the hips not essential for the well-being of the body?

When losing love handles becomes easy with slimming soup
Whether you are a man or a woman overweight , lose weight quickly is no longer a utopia . With the diet slimming diet that will help you consume the least calorie possible daily while having a greater sense of satiety . So, you can say goodbye to those unsightly bulges that ruin your life.

Slimming down and refueling with the detox cure
To purify, balance, eliminate toxins from the whole body, this cure is a precious ally. To effectively succeed the cure, focus on foods such as artichokes , fruits and vegetables, borage and especially lemon. Here is an example of an express detox recipe to give you a taste:

100g of artichoke
100g of black radish
Chopped chives , parsley, chervil
Salt pepper
Cook the artichoke bottoms and black radish in water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash the parsley and the chervil and mix everything! Then, add some chopped chives! A detox effect for sure.

Soup burns fat: a nutritious broth that will delight the taste buds
To burn fat naturally, this slimming soup is what you need. Simple, tasty and effective, this soup will make you more energetic and more “healthy” throughout your day. Discover this succulent soup recipe, low calorie and low fat without delay.

1 green pepper
1 tomato
6 branches of Celery
1 onion
1 cubic broths
1 cabbage
1 liter of tomato juice
4 glasses of water
1 teaspoon of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon chili of your choice
Cut into small pieces all the ingredients. Then sauté the onion in the olive oil, add the pepper, tomato and celery and cook for a few minutes. After, add tomato juice, broth and chilli. Boil all in water for 15 minutes over low heat. weight loss supplement When the vegetables are tender , add the cabbage and mix the soup. At the end, cook on low heat for 10 minutes! This famous broth is another way to feast healthily.

To lose weight quickly, choose a balanced diet !
To lose fat , whether in different parts of the body or the entire body, it is essential to ensure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet . Also, it is imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle , which is synonymous with sports at will and adapted diets.