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A Granny Smith a day, an anti-obesity remedy

A Granny Smith a day, an anti-obesity remedy
An English saying quotes “… an apple a shark tank weight loss day keeps the doctor away”. According to an American scientific study recently published in the journal Food Chemistery, the famous Granny Smith would be particularly indicated to fight against excess weight. So your apples, preferably green!

What mice reveal to us …
Researchers at the University of Washington recently conducted a scientific study of mice. They fed a group of obese rodents with 7 kinds of apples including Granny Smith apples and later found a change in the composition of their intestinal flora. This pretty green apple would be one of the most effective varieties of apple and would be a formidable weapon against overweight. It is indeed the richest in non-assimilable compounds compared to all the other studied such as Gala, Fuji, Golden, MacIntosh, Red Delicious …, other “beautiful American”.

The Granny Smith, his secret is inside
Certain compounds in Granny Smith such as polyphenols or dietary fiber can survive mastication and digestion and assimilation via gastric juices and thus help to develop the intestinal flora that stabilizes metabolism. Simply restoring a healthy balance of bacteria in the intestines can influence inflammation and reduce the feeling of hunger. This impression is all the more felt as the green apple also contains less carbohydrates and carbohydrates. A good way to say goodbye to cravings!

Diabetes prevention also concerned
This discovery could even go further because it could also prevent some health problems related to obesity as the first signs of diabetes that could be mitigated by the anti-inflammatory compounds of intestinal flora developed in the colon. Consume a Granny Smith a day, a health and slimming asset!

Lose weight with compression tights

Lose weight with compression tights
Also known as compression tights, compression tights are part of the new medical clothing equipment marketed in recent years. Very rapid tone shark tank appreciated by the sportsmen, different virtues are attributed to them. Among other things, they are given the ability to help overweight people lose their extra pounds. However, in practice, this does not seem entirely obvious.

Compression tights, what is it?
Compression tights are tights made with elastic threads and their role is to exert pressure on the calf and ankle of the wearer to facilitate blood circulation. Very tight at the ankle, they gradually relax to the top of the leg and allow the blood to go up without difficulty. They are therefore intended for people with disorders of the blood circulation in the legs. They allow the blood to no longer stagnate in the lower limbs and back up without difficulty to the heart. Adopted by more and more athletes because of these virtues, compression tights also have antiperspirant and recuperative properties that make them interesting from different points of view. But can these tights help me lose weight?

Compression tights and weight loss
As presented above, the compression tights man and woman are primarily intended to regulate the blood circulation in the lower limbs. So, even though amalgam is often done, they do not really possess intrinsic slimming property. Various studies have indeed shown that the wearing of compression tights does not improve the performance of athletes. Similarly, compression tights do not contribute, as is the case of sweat tights, for example, to increased sweating. They do not participate directly in weight loss. However, thanks to their beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the legs, they are an effective means of fighting against heavy legs and varicose veins. This can be a great aesthetic asset as part of an overall weight loss process.

Your best ally against venous insufficiency
At the moment, compression tights are probably the best way to fight against venous insufficiency. Their daily wear makes it possible to fight against the dilation of the veins. They help to relieve people with varicose veins. Unmarked models that can also be worn by pregnant women are available for this purpose on the market. For people with heavy legs, compression stockings can be worn as a preventive measure during long walks. As for athletes, they can enjoy the benefits of tights and other compression garments as part of intense efforts.

In short
Compression tights do not have any proven property that can be said to be effective in slimming down. However, thanks to their constitution, they are excellent allies against varicose veins and heavy legs.

The benefits of fermented lacto vegetables

The benefits of fermented lacto vegetables
A popular method of preservation because it is less aggressive for foods and their components, lacto-fermentation is also premier keto known for its many taste and nutritional qualities, particularly with regard to plants. It is therefore of great interest for seasonal products from the market gardener or our kitchen garden. Update on the benefits of lacto-fermented vegetables …

What is lacto-fermentation?
It is a preservation method that preserves the nutritional quality of food (but also enriches it, since the lacto-fermented vegetable is, unlike the sterilized vegetable, “alive”), while improving and prolonging its duration. of life. This technique consists of incorporating lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus, streptococcus) into the food, which, by acidifying them, will stop the proliferation of other microorganisms (which makes it possible to obtain natural preservation without mold). The best-known lacto-fermented vegetables: pickles and sauerkraut.

The benefits of lacto-fermented vegetables
Lacto-fermentation improves the nutritional value, digestibility and flavor of vegetables, because unlike other methods of preservation, foods that undergo this process are rich in enzymes (which help to facilitate digestion and thus preserve the health of the intestine). That’s why people with fragile organisms appreciate lacto-fermented vegetables, with their much less irritating fibers and good bacteria that promote intestinal balance. In addition, there is also an enrichment of the vitamin content, since the process of lacto-fermentation creates new nutrients (vitamins C, B, K as well as provitamin A, trace elements and minerals). Finally, lactic acid is known to strengthen the immune system and contribute to a better assimilation of nutrients.

An easy process to apply
It is possible to make your own lacto-fermented vegetables, since this preservation process does not require special equipment or specific products. Simply alternate in a container provided for this purpose a layer of vegetables (raw and grated), a layer of salt, etc … and then cover this preparation with water. The container must then be sealed to prevent any contact with the air (it is advisable to deposit on the lid a stone or a heavy object, to compress the vegetables during their fermentation, which begins after a few days) .

Which vegetables should be favored?
All vegetables that can be eaten raw will be delicious once fermented, especially those rich in sugars, such as white cabbage (and its famous sauerkraut) and red cabbage, carrot, beetroot, onion or even black radish … To benefit from their benefits, it is also advisable to eat them raw (one spoon per meal or in course of several days). In order to vary the pleasures, do not hesitate to push the door of the delicatessens, because many lacto-fermented vegetables are hidden in the rays: leaves of vine, chilli cabbage Korean, lemon confit Moroccan, beans Japanese fermented …

With their nutritional benefits, lacto-fermented vegetables have their place on our tables, especially once the autumn sets in, since by stimulating the immune system, they will help us face the winter frost.

Does sweating make you lose weight?

Does sweating make you lose weight?
Despite popular belief, sweating is above all dr axe keto 360 losing water, not fat. If doing sports or cleaning by dressing warmly is not used to lose weight in a direct way, be aware that the fact of sweating helps the body to lose weight indirectly.

Move to sweat
Sweating is often due to physical exercise of a sporting nature or not. So, whether you’re doing housework or climbing stairs, it’s not uncommon to see a few drops of sweat on your forehead. This sweat is mainly composed of water and does nothing to eliminate fat. However, perspiration is the result of physical exercise, it is the latter that will tend to make you lose your extra pounds and refine your silhouette. It’s the same when you go out running or walking at high speed, sweating will appear during physical difficulties. It does not lose weight but serves as an indicator when your body is working and eliminate fat.

The elimination of toxins
Sweating allows you to lose weight indirectly. It evacuates the toxins that prevent losing weight. Your body, especially if you live in a polluted area, is made up of thousands of particles that disrupt your biological clock and sometimes even cause hormonal imbalance, synonymous with no weight control. For example, putting on a thick layer of clothing while playing sports or cleaning can eliminate many of these particles that cause your overweight. Moreover, the fact of sweat makes it possible to destock the most unsightly places, like the hips or the cellulite. Sweating a little every night would eliminate the toxins responsible for your overweight and find the line in a healthy and balanced way.

Sweat clothes
More and more, a whole category of sweat clothing is appearing on the market. Made up of different materials, all of which allow you to play sports with maximum perspiration, sweat suits such as t-shirts, bermudas, corsairs and belts all promise quick weight loss thanks to perspiration. Only problem with these clothes, they tend to dehydrate the person wearing them. Sweat clothing is not to throw in the trash because they have a beneficial effect on cellulite and can strengthen the different parts of the body. If they do not help to lose weight, they contribute to find a harmonious silhouette.

A long time victim of received ideas, transpiration today reveals its advantages on the line. If it does not help to lose its extra pounds directly, it helps to better regulate your body and to strengthen the body and eliminate cellulite.

Does sitting too long make you fat?

Does sitting too long make you fat?
Contemporary lifestyles do not promote premier keto diet physical exercise. It is indeed difficult to lose calories sitting all day, but worse, it would even grow! Explanations.

Why sitting too long makes you fat?
Sedentary lifestyle makes you fat. Indeed, sitting all day in the office, in front of a computer would be bad and no physical exercise is practiced during this time. We spend very little calories sitting, between 60 and 70 per hour. Calories slightly higher than those spent during sleep, about 50 calories. So working almost every day, sitting from morning to night would even explain the cases of obesity. Despite regular physical exercise, such as sports on the weekend, you can still get fatter. How is this possible? The benefits of sport would not be significant enough in the hours spent sitting.
Part of the body would grow especially when sedentary: the buttocks. Indeed fat cells, which contain fat, would form more with pressure on them, so on the buttocks. It is easy to understand that without moving, cells and calories accumulate and so store in our body.

Move on !
“I’m not going to stop working so as not to get fat”, this reaction is obviously logical and such a statement can be scary … but do not panic! There are many ways to avoid getting fat while sitting. First of all know that it is essential to move as much as possible to compensate. In the office or at home, do as many trips as possible. For example the steps are over 2 to 3 calories, which is very little. But if they are multiplied more than twenty times, they will spend a lot of calories at the end of a day. The slightest pretext must make you rise. For example, avoid sending an email or pick up your phone but move to transmit information to a colleague. Even if the trips are short they will be effective once accumulated and you will avoid to grow. Then, priority to the stairs. To avoid getting fat, the lift is forbidden since it does not lose any calories.

Some tips
Avoid vending machines at all costs in case of cravings! These offer a lot of sweets filled with bad fats. So prefer a fruit and do not premier diet keto reviews forget to drink a lot of water during the day, this will help you eliminate. Finally one last tip when you are standing: contract the buttocks and abdominals. Leaving being forced to sit at work or at home, you can take advantage of it as soon as possible. In the long run, you will have firmer buttocks and belly.

Staying sits therefore makes you fat but there are many solutions to avoid taking pounds. Each trip burns calories, so do not hesitate to multiply!

What foods do not associate with losing weight?

What foods do not associate with losing weight?
Knowing how to associate the foods in rapid tone weight loss your menu may well be another key to success in your weight loss approach. This is what nutritionists recommend for this purpose.

Why is it important to associate your food?
To better digest and feel more comfortable after a meal, simply. For example, combining starchy foods and meat (a classic …) in the same meal complicates the digestive process much more than we imagine. If we associate meat or other heavy proteins with green and colored vegetables, we feel more comfortable until the end of the day. We feel less tired, more alert and we enjoy a better sleep. A bad combination of food can cause cravings for sugar, a detail to consider when dieting. In addition, it impairs the burning of fat, which is undesirable.

Food combinations at risk
All nutritionists do not advocate a dissociated diet. Moreover, most of them do not recommend to associate proteins and starchy foods (potato, pasta, white rice except Basmati) in the same meal, just as starchy foods with sugars. To mention other food combinations that are not very compatible: eggs should not be eaten with cheeses (except cottage cheese, Quark and white Dama) and fruits, especially bananas; dairy products should not be combined with meat, fish, tofu, citrus fruit, melons, cherries and breads made from white flour. Ideally, the fruits should be eaten 30 minutes before a meal or two hours later, to avoid the fermentation of these in the intestines. As for radishes, they would become indigestible with banana, milk and raisins; just like corn with dates and raisins. When drinking wine, avoid salad cream salad dressings, to avoid stomach reflux and heartburn. For the same reason, vinegar, tomato and wine do not mix with proteins and white starchy foods.

Why are these foods incompatible?
Some food families harmonize, others do not. It is necessary to take into account the time of digestion of food. For example, an apple is digested in 15 minutes and a slice of meat, in several hours. Then gastric juices, which rapid tone shark tank also vary: for meats, the main juice is pepsin which acts in a very acidic medium; for fat sources, it is lipase; for starches it is ptyalin which acts in a slightly alkaline or neutral medium; for dairy products, the pressure prevails in a neutral or alkaline medium. And third, the energy that is needed for the digestive process. If a person who lacks vitality consumes incompatible foods, his system will lack energy to digest well and food will stagnate in the stomach and intestines. Which causes fermentations, gases and flatulence.

Two examples of meals with compatible foods
Lunch: Fresh raw vegetables, whole rice with a mixed salad or steamed vegetables, a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice.

Evening: A small salad (lettuce and endive, for example) as a starter, a protein (meat, poultry, eggs, fish or tofu) and steamed broccoli or spinach.

To starve to lose weight?

To starve to lose weight?
To slim down, eating less seems like the summit keto right solution. But contrary to popular belief, starving would rather have the opposite effect. Tips and explanations.

Hunger is not the right solution
To starve means to eat less, so consume fewer calories and lose weight faster. But no ! It must be known that the pounds lost so will be found immediately. Indeed, after seven days the body will return to its basic metabolism and it will give way to hunger that grows. Decreasing calories drastically will not work and in the long run such a way to lose weight is a real failure.

A body in a situation of lack is then more willing to store. Indeed when your body is hungry, it will first take on your muscles and not on the fat. Thus you will be really weakened and may even be uncomfortable. Low calorie diets are absolutely unrealistic, since they do not take into account the factors and characteristics of our body in the long term.

Respect meals
You want to lose weight? It’s very simple, just follow basic principles and stick to it. First of all you have to eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, all at fixed times. So your body will have a rhythm and energy for the whole day.

The most hearty meals should be in the morning and midday, not in the evening. But how can hearty meals make you lose weight? The body will store fat in the evening, while at breakfast you will still have all day to spend.

But know that you can not change your metabolism. When you say “I’m hungry” you have to listen to your body. The secret may be to play sports next to you. By practicing a physical activity, everything will be compensated.

Learn to eat with intelligence
Then you must of course prepare balanced meals. If you fast, then you will have deficiencies of essential elements for the body. They contribute to the good functioning of the body and to our good health, like carbohydrates, lipids or iron. If for example you do not like vegetables, consider cooking them so they are tasty.

One of the first reflexes to have is to eat when you are hungry. There is no point waiting to starve you, snacks such as an apple can wait until the next meal. Then just stop eating when you’re full and avoid using the same dish twice.

It’s all about balance
Any type of excess can present dangers, more or less important, for our organism. So starving is useless and your lost pounds will quickly come back. There is nothing worse for a woman than having her weight and figure that vary and make the “yo-yo” constantly. It is therefore essential to follow simple rules to lose weight and have the line for a long time.

Avoid storing excess calories!

Avoid storing excess calories!
To take too many calories, during meals, is to keto slim store them in the body. A storage that results, inexorably, by a weight gain that is difficult to eliminate, then. Knowing your body well, knowing your diet and knowing how to control all these functions is the first element of a well-controlled weight.

Know the calories and their personal needs
The first necessity to avoid storing excess calories is, already, to know what it is. If common sense is required in terms of calories, you can also calculate those consumed during your meals since they are usually noted on the products except, of course, if you bought your meat from your butcher or brought the bread from your baker’s. But, again, you will find multiple links, on the internet to facilitate the calculations; even computer programs for your mobile phone.
Then you must also know your calorie needs. These needs will vary depending on whether you are a man, a woman, your height, your age, your weight, your daily energy expenditure, etc. On average, for a man, this expense is around 2,500 calories, and 2,000 calories a day for a woman (outside of pregnancy).

Limit calorie intake
To avoid storing excess calories you can start by limiting the intake. To do this, some basic concepts can be useful. At the table, you will take the time to eat, namely at least 20 minutes; indeed, one of the tricks of the human body is the slowness of the brain to understand that you are taking your meal. If you eat too quickly, your body will not assimilate this data fast enough to send a satiety signal and you may exceed the required dose. You will also think about chewing and making small bites; you will then require your body to respond and you will consume 66 fewer calories at each meal. These 66 small calories may seem small, but over a year they could help you lose 10 pounds. When choosing your food, be careful not to overuse sauces and bread as an accompaniment. Finally, you will avoid snacking; certainly, sometimes very soothing, they will prove very heavy on the scale.

Burn the overflow of calories
The cases of taking too much calories are not uncommon: an outing with friends, a restaurant too rich, etc. But it is always possible to offset this risk by a surplus of activity that will burn these calories. Cycling or jogging regularly burns between 500 and 600 calories in one hour, but do you know that, less restrictive for non-athletes, other activities are also beneficial. A bit of walking, going down to a bus stop further away and it’s 100 calories disappearing in an hour, going shopping, it’s 200 calories that you eliminate between the shelves and storage, and even a little shopping can be good. Finally, halving the time spent on TV can also lead to additional consumption of calories.

Finally, healthy, balanced meals and adequate physical activity will help you avoid storing calories. By following a few simple rules, you can maintain your figure and feel good about yourself.

Refine your silhouette with thalassotherapy

Refine your silhouette with thalassotherapy
The term thalassotherapy derives from the combination of two Greek words, thalassa meaning sea and therapia, care. As its name garcinia clean suggests, it is therefore the use of marine benefits, most often under medical supervision, for preventive or curative purposes.
This cure that can go from one day to several weeks has several undeniable interests when you want to lose weight and reshape your figure. The most renowned thalassotherapy centers in France are in Brittany, Vendée and the Basque Country.

Tonify your body with thalassotherapy
Since antiquity, ladies of high society practice mud wrap to improve the softness and tone of their skin. Today, thalassotherapy centers have made slimming care one of their main activities and have diversified their offerings. Thanks to health care programs developed by health professionals, it is possible to reduce its curves and reshape its silhouette. Massages, massages and especially showers with jets firming at different intensities help firm the body and boost the fat areas. To this can be added warm seaweed wraps or pressotherapy sessions, a therapeutic method aimed in particular to relieve heavy legs, a recurring problem for overweight people.

How to lose weight during a thalassotherapy?
For all those who wish to lose weight during their stay, the fact that most thalassotherapy complexes are equipped with their own restaurant makes life easier. No need to dig your head to know what to eat, a chef makes especially for you tasty menus but always balanced. To this healthy diet, it is of course necessary to add specific care, for example palpate-rolling sessions that will have a beneficial effect on cellulite. Depending on which center you choose, a variety of toning treatments will be available. You will certainly also want to discover the surrounding beaches, and long walks or bike rides can only be positive on your line.

To be reconciled with one’s body
Benefit from slimming treatments, lounging in whirlpools, getting a massage or improving the tone of your skin with jet showers are all activities that really encourage self-care and encourage to consider his body under a new angle. In addition to sculpting your figure and losing weight, it is also possible to be pampered in some centers offering for example beauty treatments such as makeup tips or a manicure and pedicure stand. Nothing better to feel at ease, to his advantage but especially motivated to continue all his efforts when leaving the thalassotherapy center.

A weekend in thalassotherapy is an opportunity to take a break entirely dedicated to well-being and to receive recommended care when you want to lose weight. Staying in full board is ideal not to spoil his diet.

What to do against abdominal curves?

What to do against abdominal curves?
When you want to lose weight, it is often keto 6x because part of our body does not please us. This is probably a detail that no one else will have noticed but on which one can quickly spend a lot of time obsessing. The best is obviously to get rid as quickly as possible of this little curvature that makes us horror. So, how to put our little belly at the door? Here are some ways to tackle it and get rid of it quickly.

A diet adapted to prevent belly swelling
What we swallow is directly responsible for the swelling of our belly. In addition to aerophagia, some foods that are high in fiber can cause bloating. Avoid, for example, raw vegetables and sugar to favor vegetables cooked less than 20 minutes so that they retain a maximum of vitamins. We can consume prunes to boost the digestive system and eliminate more easily. Obviously, we will refrain any form of nibbling to privilege meals at a fixed time by listening to the needs of his body. A few weeks of effort are normally needed to lose this little roundness gently but effectively.

A little sport to target and tackle our roundness
If healthy eating is important, playing sports to reshape the area is just as important. By practicing a sport requiring endurance (swimming, jogging or cycling for example) two to three times a week for at least half an hour, we make sure to burn a non-negligible number of calories. Combined with targeted exercises, such as abdominals, our little bead should disappear in a few weeks. A series of exercises repeated daily will allow you to reshape your silhouette quickly. Take the board one or two minutes every day and quickly your lap belt will be stronger than ever. Or put on pilates to strengthen your deep muscles. This will allow you to refine your silhouette while strengthening and improving your posture for a royal fit that will make you look slimmer.

Stay motivated by realizing the results
There’s nothing like keeping a smile and realizing that our hard work is a success. To visualize the change of our body, we can help ourselves to a garment or accessory that will become our standard meter. By trying it every 3 or 4 days or every week, we can see the difference. A little dress, pants or a simple belt will do. Do not hesitate to take a picture to remember your physical evolution and stay motivated. As soon as you feel like snacking, you can see some photos to remind you that our efforts are paying off, that our silhouette is more pleasing than before and that it would be a shame to question everything for a little chocolate. or a packet of chips.

Being in one’s body is essential to our overall well-being. If we have a problem with one part of our body, it is better to tackle it frontally than to let it ruin our lives. A little effort, exercise and a few weeks later, you will be rid of your complex!