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Disadvantages over functional training

For many, the gym can be seen as a viable alternative to sedentary lifestyle, however, the simple fact of limiting itself to carrying high weights is not the most ideal solution for our body, because as we discussed earlier, this type of movement it is interpreted as a mere way of wasting energy.

Recent studies indicate that when it vital x9 comes to improving our physical capacity it is not enough just to perform the exercises themselves, but rather to make movements that our brain can compensate by releasing neurotransmitters so that day to day workouts are easier to carry. cape.

Disadvantages over functional training
Well they say that not everything is honey on flakes and unfortunately, functional training can not escape this basic rule of life. And is that with this type of movement we can find certain limitations, such as:

They are not recommended for people who have a greater genetic predisposition to the loss of muscle mass. People who suffer from this problem should focus on work with loads to later perform functional training.
Many times the functionality of the training may not be manifested through the exercises themselves, but rather, through improvements in performance.
Because it requires a certain mastery of your own body weight to perform some exercises, it is recommended before carrying a strength training plan to prepare the muscles before more intense stimuli.
Functional training often mix aerobic and anaerobic work, so the requirement is usually much higher, making it necessary again to prepare before doing this type of activity.
Advantages of functional training

In addition to the benefits that we can find after performing functional training on a regular basis, there are certain advantages that make it much more attractive to run compared to other disciplines such as strength training.

Undoubtedly the most important advantage for most people who practice it is that it does not require a gym, much less material that is common in this type of facilities such as dumbbells or weight machines.

A good functional training can be carried out simply with our own body weight, although sometimes it will be necessary to use bars and benches that can be found in the parks of the colony in order to execute movements that allow recruiting muscle groups that normally would not be possible. the ground itself (dominated, for example). As we progress, it may be necessary to use extra weight to continue increasing strength levels. For this we can resort to the use of TRX tapes, rings, kettlebells or, if you do not have any of these accessories, use your own imagination, improvising with loaded ropes or backpacks to make the training more dynamic.

In addition to this, we can also highlight that these exercises are much easier to perform, although this does not mean they are more intense, but simply, when executing movements of daily life, the learning process for this is much easier, since that our body has evolved to adapt to all of them.

Equally worth mentioning is the fact that functional trainings help us optimize our times so that we can easily integrate them into our busy lifestyles. A good 15-minute session can be more than enough to find favorable results over time. And of course, we can not forget that since it is not necessary to go to a gym, we save travel time, money on subscriptions, etc.

Finally, also comment that functional training can be performed by people who are accustomed to train with weights in the gym. It suffices only to organize a good training plan to couple it with the strength routines, being possible to carry them out after the session in the gym or, on the days of rest, because this type of movements does not demand too much to the nervous system.

Full-body or full-body routines

Other alternatives
However, there is a fact that most people often ignore, and that cardiovascular training at medium intensity such as running, and strength exercises are not the only methods of physical activity to burn fat naturally.

One of the alternatives to this is the full-body workouts that we could describe as a combination of both, requiring a testo e force cardiovascular and muscular effort at the same time. Full body workouts are characterized by causing considerable stress on the muscle groups by performing strength exercises for all muscle groups in a single session; that is, we seek to train back, chest, arms and legs on the same day.

For this it is necessary to resort to the execution of multiarticular exercises such as dominated, push-ups or push-ups, bench press and military, squats and deadlifts, among others.

The way you train is through circuits, which is equivalent to performing one exercise after another without taking breaks between each, and reserving only at the end of the corresponding movements, for example:

10 dominated, 10 push-ups and 10 squats would be part of a unique circuit. These are done one after the other and after finishing the 30 movements we take a short break of 30 seconds to repeat the circuit again and so on until the routine is over.

The demand that is made at muscular level without a doubt is intense, but the cardiovascular system also starts up, so we will be obtaining a double benefit in the same sport session. This is not to mention that the caloric expenditure is impressive.

High intensity training intervals or HIIT

As another fairly useful resource for burning fats, they are training at high intensity intervals, also called HIIT, for its acronym in English. This type of exercise, as the name says, consists of performing routines in which the best of oneself is given in small periods of time to then rest actively or passively, depending on the ability of the athlete.

What is sought with the HIIT is to bring the heart rate up to 80 or 90% of its maximum capacity. Given that it is a high intensity training, these should not be done for a long time: first because it is physically impossible and second because it can lead to severe body wear, increasing the chances of suffering an injury.

HIIT routines should not exceed 20 minutes, and that time should include at least 10 minutes of warm-up, with intense activity limited to approximately 4 to 5 minutes per session.

One could get to ask how many calories can be burned in such a short time, and the truth is that not many, but the magic of HIIT is very similar to strength training, that is, does not fall on the number of calories used during the session, but in those that are used later.

And it is with HIIT that an effect known as Excess of Post-workout Oxygen Consumption is triggered, also called COPD (not to be confused with lung disease) and that refers to the state in which the body requires a greater amount of oxygen to be able to maintain its proper levels. By consuming more oxygen, the number of calories used to transform it into carbon dioxide is also increasing and it is best that this process can take between 24 and 36 hours to regularize, causing us to burn a greater amount of fats even if we are in resting state.

In conclusion
After analyzing the different alternatives that we have to optimize the fat, we can reach the conclusion that the most ideal method is the strength training and by a lot, because another of the results obtained with this is to give the body a better appearance visual, not to mention that other skills are gained such as greater dexterity, strength and agility. Mention also that people who have never done strength training, will be more benefited from the full-body routines.

HIIT may seem like a good alternative, especially for people who do not have a lot of time to train; However, one of the main reasons why it is not highly recommended is because the effort required to perform properly is such that it is reserved only for people with previous experience in strenuous training. Many people who start in sports and learn about HIIT believe they are doing it when the reality is different.

Cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks?

Less famous than the unbreakable shea butter, cocoa butter is nevertheless the source of many benefits for the skin.

But is it also indicated to prevent white stretch marks? Absolutely ! Our detailed opinion on a very greedy beauty treatment.

White stretch marks: the preventive action of cocoa butter
Tears of the dermis, the stretch marks total tone diet arise most often when the skin undergoes suddenly a tension: among their preferred places of appearance, the belly of pregnancy, but also all parts of the body subject to rapid weight gain …

At first violets, stretch marks naturally turn white with time. But they are always sorry for us.

Stretch marks, so better to prevent them than cure them. And to allow the skin to resist the tension, it is necessary to increase its elasticity. Highly antioxidant, cocoa butter has the valuable property of improving collagen synthesis.

With the key, a skin more elastic, more toned, and therefore more resistant to stretch marks.

So on your marks … massage! The ideal frequency to obtain a result? Morning and evening !

Homemade cream with cocoa butter
The disadvantage of cocoa butter is to be very hard at room temperature. To make it easier to spread, but also to boost its action on the skin, it is incorporated in a homemade body cream.

– 10 ml cocoa butter
– 30 ml of argan oil
– 3 grams of beeswax
– 3 g of cornstarch

– In a bain-marie pan, melt the cocoa butter and the beeswax in the argan oil.

– Then remove the pan from the heat and add the cornstarch.

– Mix very carefully.

– Finally pour the final mixture into the container (closed) of your choice.

This natural recipe, but lacking essential oils, can be used to fight against white stretch marks during pregnancy. Its delicious chocolate aroma is a bonus!

Cocoa butter, a multi-action cosmetic treatment
Very useful to avoid white stretch marks, cocoa butter has other assets. Excellent anti-aging, it gives a nice facelift to mature skin, it is used on the face or on the body.

Very nourishing, cocoa butter also protects dry skin from tightness. It is also very soothing for sensitive or sensitized skin.

Finally, cocoa butter contains theobromine, a very active molecule, close to caffeine: therefore, it has a power burn fat!

Under the irresistible scent of cocoa butter hides a powerful care: prevent stretch marks, but also treat mature skin or too dry, are among his main talents. A natural product to adopt urgently!

5 exercises to do with dumbbells to have a goddess body

You want to have a gracefully sculpted silhouette, have a delicately muscular goddess body, dumbbells can become your best allies, to practice at home or in a gym.

Effective and complete, without expensive kara keto burn weight training equipment, this activity has another significant advantage: the dumbbells can quickly build up your entire body in no time.

Here is a small exercise program to do at home to strengthen the back, abs and refine the arms, three sensitive points in women.

Exercise 1: the draw to strengthen your back
To strengthen your back, no need to bring a bar weighted discs, dumbbells are enough.

The first exercise, called pulling, involves bending the knees, feet apart shoulder width, while keeping the spine straight. Initially, the dumbbells (weighing between 2 and 3 kilos) are at the knees and you will have to pull them by bringing your elbows back. Perform 3 sets of 15 to 20 draws.

Exercise 2: a fortified back thanks to the slits
The second exercise also helps strengthen the back muscles. Shifted legs, the right in front and the left behind, you lean forward, with a dumbbell in your left hand and you bring your elbow back.

Make 3 sets of 20 prints for each side (also changing the front leg). Between each series, pause for 90 seconds.

Exercise 3: Trunk rotation for a flat stomach
Like all women, you dream of a flat stomach, with concrete abs, no problem, the exercise called rotation of the trunk is for you. Spread your feet, shoulder width, and hold a dumbbell between your hands.

Flex your legs a little and keep the bust straight. Bring the dumbbell to the right side by pulling your right elbow backwards. With a rotating trunk movement, and without moving your legs, move the dumbbell, and your body, to the left side. A good exercise, halfway between bodybuilding, stretching and fitness.

Exercise 4: bicep curls
To refine your arms and sculpt your biceps, the ideal exercise is forearm flexion. Stand with your arms at your sides and lift the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Perform 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions, with a recovery time of one minute between each set.

Do not forget to increase the weight of your dumbbells as soon as a sensation of great ease is felt, sign of the progress you have made.

Exercise 5: tricep extensions
To strengthen your triceps, extend the forearms above your head with a single dumbbell. Reach out and bring the dumbbell behind your head, elbows at the forehead. Then resume the initial position and repeat the movement a couple of times.

With such an exercise program, no more excuses for not getting into bodybuilding. However, a word of caution is needed.

If you suffer from back pain, seek the advice of your doctor and opt instead for the practice of water aerobics, gentle activity, but just as effective.

How to lose weight according to Chinese dietetics?

Diets, appetite suppressants, sports, you tried a thousand and one methods to lose weight without much success? Discover Chinese dietetics.

Inspired by the principles of traditional premier keto diet reviews medicine, this discipline offers an approach based on the balance of yin and yang to help you lose weight.

Chinese dietetics to lose weight
While most weight loss diets are based on controlling the calories you consume on a daily basis, Chinese diet is more about balancing your eating habits. She recommends having a hearty breakfast, a simple but nutritious lunch and a light lunch, to fit your real energy needs.

It encourages you to listen to your body to understand more easily the reasons for your weight gain and change your diet accordingly to promote thinning.

Chinese dietetics, in practice
A finer silhouette, easier digestion, better health … the benefits of this discipline on your body are numerous. Also how to apply it in everyday life? It’s simple.

Chinese dietetics advocate eating less to promote digestion. For this, it is advisable not to eat to satiety without depriving you to keep a certain feeling of lightness coming out of the table.

Also play on cooking food. Steamed or lukewarm hot dishes are more easily assimilated by the body. In addition, cold foods tend to give gas.

For the pleasure of the eyes and the stomach, this discipline is based on the harmony of flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, acid, spicy), smells and colors. On the plate side, she favors the consumption of fresh foods, which are excellent sources of essential nutrients for the body.

At the same time, it encourages you to limit starchy foods and dairy products. Prefer legumes and cereals to provide the calcium that your body needs.

The tips for losing weight with Chinese dietetics
You can compose your menus by following these few rules. To start the day gently, drink a glass of lukewarm water when you wake up.

For breakfast, do not hesitate to prepare a boiled egg or an omelette with a cup of tea or herbal tea. To vary, take a handful of cashews, almonds and other oilseeds.

At noon, plan a plate of vegetables stir-fried wok accompanied by either white rice or lean meat or fish. In Chinese dietetics, raw vegetables and desserts are excluded from this meal.

If your days are long, you can give yourself a small snack consisting of one or two fruits with some nuts. For dinner, light soup or steamed vegetables are enough.

The principles of Chinese dietetics
For millennia, this discipline of traditional premier diet keto Chinese medicine contributes to maintain health through a healthy lifestyle. According to its properties, each food that composes your menu must favor the proper functioning of a specific organ.

It is governed by a set of principles related to yin and yang that takes into account your constitution to correct your eating habits.

Of course, if it can not replace a slimming diet, Chinese dietetics remains an effective method to avoid pounds.

Lose weight with the Fitbit Community?

Today, all athletes know the famous Fitbit tool. From the fine bracelet with basic functions to the smart and expert watch, there is something for everyone (and every budget). Fitbit aims to follow you in your sports activities as well as forskolin keto complete in your daily life to help you balance your days and lose weight.

Behind the products, there is a true community to stay motivated and share your progress. A real boost to lose weight permanently.

A community for regular challenges
To have and keep a physical activity regularly, nothing beats community motivation. Finding the support of people who have the same goals as you will help you stay focused and reach your goal, or even exceed it.

The Fitbit community, through an online forum, brings together hundreds of users and athletes who each have their own goals and their own favorite activities. Swimming, climbing or simply running, you will inevitably find followers of your favorite physical activity to help you to give you challenges and continue to surpass you.

Find people who share your passion for sharing tips and tricks. Locate members near you to schedule multiple workouts and discover new places to practice your activity.

The community is also there to help you get the most out of your Fitbit tool by learning to master all of its features. In short, you will find on the Fitbit community people who listen and are ready to share their passion for the sport, but not only …

Go further with the forum
Beyond physical performance, the Fitbit community is interested in wellness and overall health. Thus, you will find on the forum followers of now famous “miracle mornings”, protein or low-calorie diets, or meditation for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

How it works ? By simply registering on the forum for free, or by becoming a premium member to have access to all sections of the site. Once online, create your profile and introduce yourself to other community members, explaining what your motivations are, how much weight you would like to lose, what your regular physical activities are and what you expect from your Fitbit tool.

Other members will be happy to welcome you and give you all the advice you need to get started in the community. You will be able to discover all the features of your new digital companion for a regular monitoring of your daily activities.

Once a member of the community, keto complete reviews  create a personal program combining fitness and nutrition to lose weight.

Bet on fresh and unprocessed foods to avoid sugars and hidden salts, or saturated fats, then set yourself a goal of calories to spend and number of steps to perform daily. Technology is at the service of your diet.

As part of the Fitbit community, you put the odds on your side to stay motivated and lose weight effectively. Your extra pounds will disappear quickly and your figure will be refined in a few weeks, and in the long run!

How to lose weight with ice cubes?

Want to know the most affordable way to slim down the face effectively? This has nothing to do with the usual nutritious diets, nor the classical physical exercises, it is cryotherapy.

It is a very easy practice to apply ice cubes to a specific area to remove the fat that accumulates.

In this post, it is losing face using ice cubes premier diet keto that interests us even if the technique also works on other parts of the body.

How do ice cubes refine the face?
First of all, it is important to know how cold affects our face. When you put an ice cube on this area, the body makes the effort to warm it by circulating more blood than usual.

As a result, the blood circulation is well stimulated and the body gets a lot more energy. The cold increases the metabolism, that is to say the number of calories burned. Not to mention that ice cubes also promote the production of hormones, Irisine and FGF21, which boost this metabolism.

Used for years by Korean women to have a smooth and radiant face skin of beauty, this method is becoming more and more popular. Daily use of ice bags on the face brings more than a slimming benefit on this very delicate area of ​​our body, the one that reflects our personality and our beauty first.

Cryotherapy is a very advantageous alternative to no longer having chubby cheeks. Scientific studies have even confirmed this fact and it is for this reason that more and more beauty institutes include the method in their formulas.

But everyone can do it at home as well and this is one of the first benefits of this practice.

Frequency of application and instructions for use
For quick visible results, take two bags of ice that you have previously put in your freezer, cover with a light clean cloth to avoid irritation and apply on both sides of the face for 2 minutes and then start again.

To do for 15 minutes every morning, do not forget the forehead and the chin. It must also put on the eyes to avoid dark circles and puffiness. Finish each session with small facial massages of 2 or 3 minutes to further promote blood circulation and relieve the face after the cold.

Ice cubes make the face slim but not that!
In addition to refining your face, ice cubes tonify, revitalize and smooth the skin. But that’s not all, this simple facial therapy also controls blemishes by significantly reducing acne spots and spots.

It helps seal pores and get rid of impurities. This is why it can also be used as an alternative to tonic lotion. The cold is also a very effective anti-wrinkle.

It is ideal to slow skin aging and fight premier diet keto reviews against wrinkles and lines of expression. So, what are you waiting for? Facial cryotherapy is the cheapest but easiest option for losing weight in the face.

And as a bonus, you will have healthy and beautiful skin. You will fight at the same time signs of age, imperfections, impurities and dilated pores.

Eliminate cellulite with home cryotherapy

Opinions are divided as to the benefits of cryotherapy as part of a slimming cure. However, it is possible to remove the extra max pro 1000 centimeters and melt the fat using this technique that uses the cold.

How to fight against cellulite through home cryotherapy?
If you want to try cryotherapy at home with ice cubes and get rid of this unsightly cellulite that has settled on your thighs, here is a recipe that comes true in a jiffy.

Simply mix mineral water with a teaspoon of green tea – green tea is known for its slimming and detoxifying properties – which you will then pour into your usual ice cube bin before placing it in the freezer.

Then apply to the area to be treated and let the cold act before accompanying your treatment with a massage imitating the palpate-rolling institutes. Machines exist for this purpose. The results will then be increased tenfold.

How to lose belly with home cryotherapy?
Using ice cubes in a thin cloth or an ice pack, remove the cellulite that surrounds your lap belt. To do this, arrange the ice cubes or the ice pack on your belly alternately, removing it every 3 minutes.

You can also use a clean towel to grasp the ice cubes and, in a circular motion, massage the dimpled areas. Repeat the operation 2 to 3 times according to your tolerance.

A hot shower taken beforehand could help further the delocalization of the fat. Be careful not to leave the cold on your skin for too long, on the one hand, not to cause burns, on the other hand, to avoid any risk of pain after treatment.

Because, it is necessary to know that the cold has many benefits, nevertheless, it can in high doses represent dangers for the health. Performed daily, over a week for example, this method is amazing; the results are visible almost immediately.

Where does this technique come from and how can it be done at home?
At the base, cryotherapy (the term comes from the word “kruos” meaning “cold”) is reserved for high-level athletes suffering from pain: the cold relieves tendinitis and hematoma in particular.

Also used to soothe other ailments in some patients, cryotherapy has in recent years joined beauty salons offering slimming treatments through this method.

By boosting the immune system and creating an immediate response from the body that draws on its energy resources, many calories are burned, sometimes up to 200 per minute.

A doctor’s opinion is usually required for long-term treatments. However, taking advantage of the virtues at home of cryotherapy is now simple thanks to a surprising method: ice cubes! With this convenient way, treat yourself to a home cure of cryotherapy.

How does cryotherapy work?
Cryotherapy is a technique that burns max pro 1000 weight loss fat deposits by the power of cold diffused by liquid nitrogen emission. Indeed, by subjecting the body to very low temperatures, around -100 ° C, the body redoubles efforts to warm up and this activation can be at the origin of a rapid and lasting weight loss.

Some associate it with a palpate-rolling thus stretching the body fat and allowing to achieve it even more effectively. Also called cryolipolysis, this treatment is generally performed in beauty salons or beauty centers.

Mincing at home and getting rid of cellulite is possible with the clever method of cryotherapy.

List of herbal diet pills

There are a wide variety of herbal slimming pills. These are very effective for you during your diet.

ome of them are ideal for slimming in shark tank weight loss a natural way but others can cause significant side effects, hence the prohibition of certain pills on the French market.

A short review of pills with slimming properties.

Top 10 herbal slimming pills
It is best to consume natural herbal weight loss pills to lose weight. Choose organic labeled pills. Here are some pills that you can consume during the diet.

-dandelion pills: they help eliminate impurities in your body

-Lemon pills: they boost the metabolism and eliminate fats

-green tea pills: they refine your silhouette, detoxify the body, stimulate the metabolism and facilitate the burning of fat

-the green mate pills: they have a fat burning effect and cut hunger

-the orthosiphon pills: they have draining and slimming properties.

-guarana pills: they help burn fat

-the ash pills: they accelerate the leak of cellulite

– blackcurrant pills: they detoxify the body and have an appetizing effect

– chicory pills: they promote good digestion and therefore allow to have a flat stomach

– konjac pills: they provide a remarkable cut and hunger effect.

What are the functions of plant-based pills to slim down
The pills act differently according to the plants of which they are composed. They can promote the absorption of fat by the intestine. Others are draining ie they will eliminate the fat stored by the body.

Some will act on the appetite, including providing a feeling of satiety faster when eating. This is the case of the konjac pill for example. Astonishing, but some pills will even give you a desire to sleep!

Thus, the different actions of natural pills are rather beneficial to the body and are interesting for people who wish to lose weight naturally.

Herbal diet pills harmful to health
There are many people who want to lose weight but do not use medication solutions. These people then turn to more natural alternatives. Faced with this demand, the market for herbal diet pills has exploded.

But how to make the difference among this very diversified offer? Which ones pose a danger to the body? Six years ago, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines banned the use of three herbs in the composition of the pills or diet capsule, prepared in pharmacies.

These include: garcinia cambogia which regulates appetite, the green fruit of citrus aurantium which burns fat and hoodia gordonii which provides an appetite suppressant effect. These have been banned because of their harmful effects on the body.

Thus, diet pills have important benefits for weight loss shark tank people who wish to lose weight. However, one must still know a balanced diet and practice a sporting activity regularly. The pounds lost through the herbal pill can be quickly resumed if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle.

Does eating an apple in the evening make him lose weight?

The apple is the fruit most often integrated into a slimming diet.

Lose weight quickly with an apple every night
Ideas diverge. There are those who say that premier diet keto eating a fruit in the morning, not in the evening, is best for an effective diet. There are also those who choose to eat the apple in the evening to lose weight. In fact, neither the first nor the second case is false.

Eating an apple in the evening actually helps slim down. The apple is a fruit that contains a fairly modest calorie content: 55 calories in 100 grams.

In the same quantity you will also find 0.3% fat, 84% water and 0.9% cellulose. These values ​​confirm that the apple is a slimming fruit.

Benefits to the body with an apple in the evening
Avoid fattening with an apple in the evening is mostly possible thanks to its advantage of satiety. It allows you not to eat a lot. It also provides essential vitamins and minerals to the body. The constitution of the fruit helps prevent cholesterol, fight against vascular diseases and digestive problems.

The disadvantage of taking an apple at night is that it contains sugar, and this is not good for people with diabetes.

How to eat an apple at night?
Eating an apple often does not make you fat. When to eat? The answer: in the evening, before sleeping, in the morning or after meals, to better digest. In order to vary the flavors, you can concoct a recipe with apple: pie, cake, salad, etc.

You wondered if an apple at night makes you fat? You now have your answers. This fruit helps to lose weight, provided you eat it well.

The origin of this slimming fruit
The apple is a fruit that comes from premier diet keto reviews Central Asia. The presence of apples in Europe dates back to Neolithic agriculture. Most of the apples found in supermarkets are imported.