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The Fartlek method: an alternative to fractioning to lose weight!

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight and refine your figure . It exists in many forms. Among these, there is the fartlek, a form of racing that we talk a lot these days.

But what exactly is the Fartlek? And how can it help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The fartlek: definition
The word “Fartlek” means in Swedish language “Pace Game”. This exercise is similar to the split except that it takes place in the middle smooth curves forskolin of nature. So if you do not want to run on a tarmac track, it can be a very good alternative for you.

The principle is simple: it is a question of running according to one’s physical capacities by alternating fast and slow races . This exercise can be integrated with swimming, cycling or football.

It is considered a natural bodybuilding and can be used as a training for a trail of a long distance.

Types of fartlek
In practice, there are mainly three types of fartlek: free fartlek, semi-coded fartlek and codified fartlek. The performance of the free fartlek simply follows the sensation of the runner . He defines his pace himself, chooses the duration of his effort time as well as his rest periods. Taking into account the quality of the ground on which it runs, it accelerates in the climbs and decelerates in the uneven ones.

This type of fartlek is usually practiced by beginners . While it allows progress and discover, but it can not be used to achieve specific results.

The semi-coded fartlek follows a very specific program. All times of effort and recovery are defined before the start of the session. The rider mainly takes into account the times of effort to define the intensity of the work as well as the objectives he has to achieve. For example, a half-marathon fartlek session consists of doing 3 times 10 minutes of intensity races , recovering for 3 minutes at a trot and then doing 15, 10 or 5 minute series by increasing the intensity until at 10 km. The recovery time is always 3 minutes.

The codified fartlek, the third type of fartlek, is the least playful of them all. It is very close to track training because the rider has the obligation to overcome several constraints and to achieve or maintain a certain pace. The circuit is defined in advance with check points to assess the tempo and heart rate.

The fartlek is a very good exercise mummydiet that can be performed to speed up weight loss or to perform physical preparation. Whichever type you choose, a 20-minute warm-up is required at the beginning to prepare your muscles for the intensity of the session. If not you, are you rather fartlek or split?

How to lose 14 kilos with Dukan?

How to lose 14 kilos with Dukan

Losing weight is a matter of willpower and motivation, as long as you choose the right technique. This is precisely the result promised by the Dukan method with immediate effects.

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This diet has been developed by a recognized nutrition specialist. With this program, the patient must have the opportunity to eat until satiety to avoid frustrations and nibbling.

It is also necessary to respect the four phases to achieve the goal of losing 14 kg.

The attack phase, essential Green Twist CBD to lose weight quickly
Short-term, this step is done in 2 or 6 days depending on the number of pounds to eliminate. It guarantees dazzling results by focusing on high protein foods. In the lean meat category, there is veal and beef, avoiding rib and steak.

It is also possible to eat offal such as kidneys and liver. Most fish and seafood is a good source of protein . Poultry can also compose the dishes of this phase, except the goose and the duck, provided to remove the skin.

Eggs also contain a high dose of protein as well as dairy products at 0% fat.

The cruise phase to introduce vegetables
During this stage, vegetables are re-introduced in the composition of the protein recipes. As regards beets and carrots, they must be consumed in moderation. It is also recommended to avoid starchy foods such as peas, potatoes or rice.

Vegetable steaks such as soybeans can also enhance main meals.

The consolidation phase for a return to a normal diet
During this third phase of the diet, it is possible to add certain ingredients to the preparation of its meals. She learns to have a balanced diet knowing how to dose the amounts of each food . It is thus possible to eat two slices of wholemeal bread for breakfast.

These can be spread with a portion of cheese. The consumption of fruit and starch is also allowed, even as a snack.

Stabilization phase to avoid yo-yo effects
This step helps maintain the new weight through a balanced and varied diet. It includes a specific day where only protein foods are in the spotlight. It is also recommended to add 3 tablespoons of oat bran in one meal a day to absorb excess fat.

The dukan method promotes the loss of unwanted pounds through specific diets. It is important to follow the recommendations to the letter to optimize the result and to avoid the risk of deficiencies.

Along with diet, it is important to plan a physical activity from time to time. Sport and well-being go together, and it’s also the sure way to maintain weight stability after the diet to lose 14 pounds. He is on nutritionists’ advice for a good balance and better health.More Information…

Raw broccoli: benefits on digestion?

Raw broccoli: benefits on digestion

Broccoli is a diet vegetable belonging to the broad cruciferous family . Low in calories, it has many benefits, both for health and to lose weight and keep the line. Broccoli is very popular when cooked.

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Nevertheless, the fact remains that when it is raw, it retains all its essential nutrients for the body without being toxic.

Among other things, it improves digestion and keeps our body in good shape day after day.

Raw broccoli has virtues on digestion
Broccoli contains many nutrients and vitamins, including fiber stimulating and promoting the effectiveness of the digestive tract. They also contain vitamins B2, B8, C and K . Not to mention essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Raw broccoli is edible and also contains many antioxidants that protect our body’s cells from premature aging caused by free radicals.

However, when broccoli is cooked too hot, their nutrients are likely to be destroyed . It is therefore recommended to choose a light cooking, or better, to consume them raw.

The other benefits of raw broccoli on our body
It has been proven that eating raw rather than cooked broccoli helps prevent cancers of the organs of the digestive tract. Thus, when raw, broccoli has better anti-cancer potential than when cooked.

This food contains more sulforaphane, a compound that gives all its potential anti-cancer broccoli. Thus, its nutritional value is much greater and the absorption of its nutrients faster.

How to consume raw broccoli?
Raw broccoli actually gives less envy than cooked broccoli. However, you can very well eat it in a recipe salad with feta for example, or rape. As an aperitif, it also adapts perfectly.

Can we eat it every day? In absolute terms, it is best to vary the food and not consume broccoli always raw. Indeed, the danger is that it disrupts your digestive system in the long run or that raw broccoli contain indigestible components, even toxic. The best is to consume it but to vary the food.

For pregnant women, this is even more important in view of their situation. You can also eat raw broccoli in juice with other fruits or vegetables . This will be a perfect energy drink as part of bodybuilding, especially for the development of testosterone.

How to lose 8 kg in 8 weeks?

– 8 kg in 8 weeks, is it possible? With motivation and efforts both in terms of diet and physical activity , this slimming goal is quite realistic.

How to lose 8 kg in 8 weeks
Here are some tips for doing this easily.

Reduce your calorie intake to start losing weight
A woman of low average body age  True Light Keto aged 18 to 40, needs 1,700 calories a day. A man, meanwhile, must swallow 2,200. To lose weight, nothing more simple: just reduce these rates to reach 1,200 calories for a woman and 1,700 calories for a man.

If reducing your caloric intake is a first step, you should eat healthy and do not go on fat or sugar products alone, as you may not lose enough fat.

Exercise to maintain weight loss
If diet is the first lever to lose weight, performing daily exercises helps maintain weight loss. Some sports can lose weight faster because they burn more calories , for the same duration of physical exercise, than others.

Running, jumping rope or swimming are the most suitable activities for a diet because they quickly lose weight. If running or jumping rope is sometimes too violent for the joints , swimming is perfect for toning the body. Go to the pool 2-3 times a week for a few laps.

Brisk walking is also recommended to achieve your slimming goal because it requires , like swimming, many muscles. You have to walk for at least an hour, at a steady pace, to burn fat.

In addition to going to the pool or putting on your sneakers to walk 2 to 3 times a week, do some strength training or fitness from home.

Exercise 1 to lose 8 kg in 2 months : Squats . Perform 4 sets of 20 movements. Exercise 2 to lose 8 kg in 2 months : The board . Contract your belly and your glutes. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Take 30 seconds break and resume the exercise 3 times. Exercise 3 to lose 8 kg in 2 months : The front slits . Perform 4 sets of 20 movements alternating left leg and right leg.

With motivation and perseverance, you’ll be able to overcome your detox goal in a matter of weeks. More Information…

To lose 2 kilos with the skipping rope?

Lose 2 pounds with the jump rope

To lose weight, everything is possible and often everything is considered. The most important thing is to burn more calories than you consume . This is the foundation and it has to be done through physical activity for fast and effective weight loss.

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To help you, here is everything you need to know about skipping rope to lose 2 kg durably and quickly.

The skipping rope allows you to lose weight fast: 2 kilos in 1 month
2 kilos in one month is the minimum. In fact it is quite Vida Tone Keto possible to lose 5 pounds in a month with this exercise. This is one of the favorite sportsmen and women of the diet. It can lose between 200 and 800 calories for a session of 30 minutes.

This session must be intense while being respectful of your limits. Increases as you go along your speed and the duration of your sessions . Naturally, you need a regular program that allows you to continue your efforts.

The fat will easily disappear from your body and you will find a harmonious silhouette with a flat stomach very quickly . In addition, this exercise is suitable for a man or a woman whatever the age.

Other benefits of skipping rope on the body
Jumping will help your body in general. It is a complete exercise that works the whole body and improves the cardio . That’s why many athletes like to do this exercise before competitions to increase their stamina and strength.

The blood circulation is also stimulated by hopping which avoids certain health problems and ensures a good blood circulation which is a problem especially for seniors and overweight people.

With what to accompany the skipping rope?
Even if hopping can help to lose weight, this is not always enough. Indeed, the diet must be controlled. Your diet should be healthy and balanced . You do not have to deprive yourself, you simply regulate your quantities and pay attention to sugars and fats and you will see an improvement quickly.

In addition to this balanced diet , you can add another discipline such as crossfit, running or swimming for a faster result.

This is one of the most school-like exercises that can help you lose weight, it’s also an exercise that many athletes use to improve their performance. Losing 2 kg while jumping is quite feasible if you are rigorous and have a healthy and balanced diet.Read More…

How to lose arms and shoulders?

How to lose weight in arms and shoulders

By performing different exercises daily, it is quite possible to refine the arms and lose weight of the shoulders. The most important thing is to choose the best physical activity to build and tone them.

Many of them can be done at home or in the office, even without using specific equipment like dumbbells. It is also recommended to follow a diet rich in protein and fiber.

A healthy and balanced diet has the advantage of stimulating digestion and boosting metabolism.

Perform extensions to tone the muscles
With simple and effective gestures, there are no Teal farms keto more excuses not to strengthen his biceps and triceps. Indeed, there are movements to do about ten minutes before waking or before going to bed. These can be done at home and are complementary with other types of sport.

The extension guarantees an elongation of the muscles in order to refine the upper parts of the body. To achieve it, it is necessary to stretch the upper limbs in front of oneself while making sure to align them with the back. Squeeze one fist before surrounding the biceps and triceps with the other hand. Then contract the muscles and maintain this position for at least 5 seconds.

Repeat this figure 10 times before changing upper limb . The contraction of the muscles offers the advantage of quickly burning calories and toning the muscles required by these movements.

Make vertical pumps
Considered constrictive, the pumps are often neglected while they favor a refinement of the upper limbs and the shoulders. The vertical version allows you to apply it every day, because it is just as effective. This original method consists of standing up against a wall and stretching out your arms in front of you . These should be the same width as the shoulders before placing the palms on the wall.

Then spread your legs and make the same movements as for a pump on the ground . It is also possible to alternate it with circular motions. The upper limbs should be spread on the sides.

Then make circular movements with the wrists. The effects of this type of sport are immediate and the results are visible after a few weeks. Note that you should always allow a few minutes warm up to avoid creasing or muscle tearing.

To refine the upper limbs a body is quite possible thanks to a specific slimming program. It is a big challenge that requires a lot of motivation and willpower . It is indeed very important to practice a daily physical activity.More Information…

Do yoga during the breastfeeding period: what benefits?

Do yoga during the breastfeeding period: what benefitsYoga is a very popular activity, which involves performing body movements . This activity can sometimes seem sporty. In any case, it is very relaxing and is perfect for all women, including breastfeeding women.

Some have also made yoga their asset by launching a challenge. Postnatal yoga can be practiced shortly after delivery , in parallel with abdominal and perineal rehabilitation, including a cesarean section.

Yoga: an ideal activity for breastfeeding women
Yoga does not require excessive effort. It can be practiced preferably in the morning to feel better overall . His practice is easy and has many positive effects, both physically and mentally. The yoga sessions are based around several elements especially concerning mothers who have just given birth and breastfeeding their child.

Yoga, in addition to a slimming effect, to remove Niwali Keto Diet the sensation of heavy legs while restoring balance to the body . It is also very useful for bodybuilding and restoring the pelvis. This makes it possible to mitigate the difficulties and inconveniences encountered, in particular when carrying the baby or breastfeeding positions.

In the same way, it should be noted that the benefits also concern the quality of breast milk . Indeed, some yoga postures claim to stretch your back and open your body. This promotes lactation and good milk flow.

Yoga during breastfeeding: postures to adopt
During breastfeeding, yoga is recommended since it allows moms, among other things to regain flexibility and build their body gently. The first of the postures to adopt in yoga is that of the tight angle (also called Baddha konasana).

This is a posture to practice using a folded blanket. Sit cross-legged on the blanket with your back straight. Breathe deeply and focus on your breathing.

This position supports the position of the opening hips and solicits the muscles of the perineum. It will be here to promote the circulation of blood in the pelvic organs and to tone them. The second posture is the returned bound angle (otherwise known as the Supta baddha Konasana). It is a yoga position that allows to release the body in depth.

While sitting, become aware of your pelvis and lean forward slightly, gently. This will allow this region to relax while increasing your overall feeling of well-being. More Information…

How many calories in the lamb shank?

How many calories in lamb shank

The lamb shank corresponds to the upper part of the front legs , the muscles of the thigh of the animal, while for the hind legs, we speak of lambs mice.

Progeny of the sheep and ram, its meat is appreciated because it is very tender and fragrant. What are the nutritional values ​​and different cooking of the lamb shank?

Caloric values ​​and nutritional quality
Lamb meat is low in calories and contains no carbohydrates. It can very well be part of a high protein diet if it is cooked without fat or low calorie to satiate more in a salad.

Its caloric value is 296 kcal / 100 gr . In detail, we will find 25 gr of protein, 21 gr of good lipids and no trace of carbohydrate.

The lamb shank provides energy to the body and its fatty acids help lower the level of bad cholesterol .

Different way to cook lamb shank:
– Braised Provencal : the seasoned shank is covered, the flour covers then placed in a casserole with garlic, onion, fennel, dried tomato puree and diced tomatoes. Place in the oven, covered, for 2 to 3 hours. – Simmered : in a casserole on the fire, it is simmered 2 hours with vegetables diced (celery, carrots, turnips …). biogenics keto In a saucepan next to it, prepare Puy lentils (a classic!) – Baked confit : the shank is coated with duck fat after marinating it in a preparation of aromatic herbs (sage, thyme , bay leaf, rosemary ) and honey. It is constantly basted with its juice throughout the cooking.- In the Indian style : covered with curry and grated ginger, it is cooked in a pot with crushed tomatoes, garlic and minced onions for 1 hour at 180 °. – Italian : braised with 2 yellow onions, crushed tomatoes, 2 green peppers and basil and served with 200 gr of fresh pasta. – In foil : In a large baking dish, put a baking sheet on a large aluminum foil to avoid contact with the meat: surround the shank with small potatoes and garlic, sprinkle with herbes de Provence , close well and bake for 2h30 to 240 °.

Recipe of tagine of lamb shank with spices
1 kilo of lamb shanks (cut in 2)
½ cup raisins
½ cup dried apricots
1 chopped white onion
½ cup dried pitted plums
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ras el hanout
½ teaspoon of ginger
¾ cup of lamb broth
Salt pepper.
Over medium heat, in a pot, fry the sliced ​​onions with the lamb shanks. Once the meat is colored, add all the spices and sprinkle with broth . Simmer for an hour. Add the apricots, raisins, plums and honey and cook for another 20 minutes. Serve this spice tajine with couscous semolina.

Confit, embers or provencal , the ways to cook the hock are multiple and easily dietary. We can also take inspiration from all the lamb mouse recipes to adapt them to the hock (and vice versa!)

A traditional meat
The lamb, like many young animals, is often cooked for festive and family celebrations like the Easter meal. It allows many culinary possibilities because it adapts to multiple modes of cooking , accommodates all the accompaniments and is perfectly preserved if it is frozen Read More…

How many calories in anise bredele?

Appreciated for their appetizing and light taste, anise bredele has always been one of Alsace’s favorite cakes . Many thermomix tips exist for cooking these cookies.

The San Pellegrino in a slimming diet

A serving of 30g contains 122 calories. The good news, they do not present risks for a slimming diet.

Nutritional value of bredele
For 100g of bredele, one records  Slim Therma Tone  of proteins , 4.20g of lipids , 66.80g of fibers and 0.03g of salt . A standard recipe for these cakes is: rice flour, corn starch, cane sugar , millet flour, guar flour and green anise seed .

Healthy recipe for slimming diet
Following a healthy and balanced diet is very important for maintaining your health and keeping the line. Unlike some high-calorie and synthetic delicacies, the ingredients that make up bredele are natural and gluten-free.

These components are also lactose-free and fat-free. It is for these reasons that these cookies digest well. However, eggs are the only allergens present in these foods. We are therefore tempted to believe that these Alsatian cakes have their place in a vegan program . During the down times, nibbling some of these cookies would do a lot of good.

– 250g of flour
– 250g of sugar
– 3 large eggs
– ½ teaspoon of baking powder
– 1 tablespoon of anise seeds

– Beat the eggs and sugar by hand for 30 minutes
– Continue the same process with the thermomix 10 minutes to obtain the formation of the small bases
– Incorporate the sifted mixture flour-yeast and the seeds of anise
– Use a Socket pocket to make small piles on an
oiled plate
– Let stand overnight
– Put in medium oven at 180 ° (Th 6) for 10 minutes for cooking Read More…

How to start bodybuilding?

How to start bodybuilding?

Before you start bodybuilding , it is important to take stock of your goals and your real motivation. You should also keep in mind some principles that training every day can be counterproductive and harmful to your family or personal life.

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Finally, to avoid errors responsible for certain injuries, a beginner must start slowly but surely, by establishing a program easy to achieve ( in the room or at home , after a few months).

Why is it better to start in a gym?
Before investing in equipment to install at home, nothing like taking a subscription to the gym.In fact, by starting in this area, it is better to perform the exercises under the eye of a professional who can correct your Elite max keto  postures and allow you to move in the right direction. His advice will avoid many mistakes and therefore many disappointments. What keep the motivation and desire to persevere.

How to train and how often?
Training 3 to 4 times a week gives you moments of rest, useful for muscle recovery. As a beginner, it is important not to neglect the warm up. Start with 10 to 15 minutes of cardio .

Do not start with targeted sessions on either part of the body but work all the muscles in one session.

Example of a full body program for beginners

For quick results, follow a program for an effective mass gain in about 2 to 3 months. Leave a minute between each series.

Exercise 1 : Bench PressRealize 4 sets of 12 repetitions. This exercise muscle the pectorals , shoulders and triceps.

Exercise 2 : Tractions Realize 4 sets of 12 repetitions . This exercise involves the dorsal and biceps.

Exercise 3 : Developed dumbbellsRealize 4 sets of 12 repetitions. This exercise targets the shoulders and triceps.

Exercise 4 : Squats barre barreTake 4 sets of 12 repetitions. This exercise works the thighs and glutes.

Exercise 5 : Ground crunches + sheathing Complete 4 sets of 10 reps of crunches + 3 sets of 1 min of board. These exercises target the abs.

Exercise 6 : Lumbar Bench Extensions Perform 3 sets of 1 min each. What strengthen the lumbar.

This type of training, which can be done in the gym or at home after a few months of practice with a coach , makes it easy to start bodybuilding. As you go, you can incorporate more weight or more exercises to gain more mass. Read More…