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Anti cellulite detox menu

The idea of ​​fighting against encrusted cellulite is on everyone’s lips. This is the fight of many women and men. The same is true if you decide to lose weight after excess or after the end of the year holidays.

The detox type menus will help you find a flat stomach and lose weight effectively more generally. This healthy food cure is easy to apply at home and particularly dietary. No doubt you will see your fat fly off fast and your liver will be better off too.

Slimming menu 1

Lemon tea for a first detox effect in the intestines
100 grams of white cheese at 0% fat
40 grams of quinoa
3 dried apricots
Midday :

Asparagus with a teaspoon of vinaigrette
150 grams of place cooked in foil
Steamed green beans at will
Soy yogurt

A soup with various vegetables
2 small Swiss 0% fat
An exotic fruit salad . For its quick recipe , just peel and remove the seeds of a papaya, before cutting into pieces. Do the same slim build keto with an apple, a pineapple. Stir in lychees in syrup, mango and 1 kiwi for energy . Mix in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon.
20 grams of leavened bread
Slimming menu 2

A coffee without sugar
10 grams of butter
50 grams of buckwheat bread
1 pomelo (to make the colon work)
Midday :

A salad of arugula with pine nuts
1 teaspoon of vinaigrette only (choose organic olive oil)
Fruits and vegetables at will
A yoghurt stirred at 0% fat

A soup with white leeks
100 g light faisselle
1 banana
Slimming menu 3

A tea with red fruits (which contributes in particular to the beauty of the skin)
40 g leavened bread
A handful of almonds
20 grams of light cheese
Midday :

A salad of palm hearts
150 g roasted roast beef
60 g of baked fennel
2 Swiss children at 0%

A beautiful soup with fresh vegetables and organic
30 grams of bread
1 natural yoghurt at 0% fat
100 grams of compote, making sure there is no added sugar.

Water retention in the feet: cause and remedies

The water retention in the feet comes from very different causes , which can range from heat to the consequences of pregnancy. You are told everything about the origins of water retention and the proper treatments.

Why water retention at the feet?
The human body is above all a matter of water: it is made up of nearly 70%. This water is channeled into the blood vessels in naturnica keto and around the cells, but it can happen that the pressure fails, and that the water spreads in the tissues: it is the water retention.

Due to gravity, the water falls to the lower body and causes swollen and painful feet , as well as doubling legs and ankles.

However, this swelling that swells (called edema) can sometimes be found in the face, especially in women during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

What causes water retention?
The causes of water retention are multiple. The heat can cause dilation of the blood vessels, and promote the phenomenon. A too salty diet is another reason, as well as hormonal imbalances, common in pregnant women before and after delivery .

Heart problems ( heart failure right and left ) are also vectors of water retention with uncontrolled spread of fluids in the body.

In a more benign way, a simple immobilization while sitting or standing too long (and in the heat) can also lead to water retention. The symptoms are the same: swelling, bad underfoot , difficulty moving, and general fatigue.

What to do against water retention?
Water retention can be effectively countered by natural and simple remedies . To improve blood circulation, a good massage or hot bath is an effective start, even if the ideal is to get into sport, especially running – which also allows you to lose weight and stimulate the cardio .

It is better not to abuse homeopathy, HEALTH SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS with real debatable effects, to favor natural diuretics , in the form of food supplements available in pharmacies, or more simply vegetables and fresh fruits.

Asparagus , endive, pineapple or grapefruit are well known for their diuretic properties , which eliminate water.

Water retention, except serious cases (phlebitis) requiring immediate consultation, can relieve itself effectively. So do not wait any longer and follow these simple tips!

Which exercises to lose 10 pounds in 2 months?

Losing 10 pounds in 2 months is a very achievable goal, as long as you eat healthier and play sports regularly. Whether you are a man or a woman does not change anything: diet plays a lot but it is important to exercise to make the muscles more tonics .

Which exercises are then recommended?

Sheathing exercises to tap into fat
To have a flat stomach, firm glutes and thighs finer, nothing like to realize the board every other day. Stand on your hands and tiptoes, as if you were going to make pumps . Hold for at least 30 seconds and release. Repeat the exercise 4 times.

The exercise of the chair allows to complete this first exercise of cladding. Place your back against a wall and lower your back along the exogenous ketones wall, so that your legs are angled at 90 ° C. Also hold at least 30 seconds before releasing to walk a little. Repeat the exercise 4 times.

Targeted bodybuilding exercises to lose thighs and buttocks
To lose up to 10 pounds in 2 months, especially if you want to refine glutes and thighs , nothing like squats or slits before.

For squats, stand upright, feet apart from the width of the hips . Fold your knees and lower your buttocks, as if you wanted to sit down. The back should stay straight. Then reassemble. Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

To perform the exercise of the front pure leather interiors slots, stand up, feet together . Take a good step forward with your right foot, for example, and bend your knee so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to the initial position and do the same with the foot and the left leg.

Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions alternating left leg and right leg.

Jump rope exercises for a fast fat burning effect
If running makes you lose weight quickly, jumping rope is just as effective. Put on your sneakers and, if you have a garden, skip the rope every 2 days for 20 minutes. You will work your heart but also your hamstrings and your arms, for a refined silhouette in just a few weeks.

Performing exercises at home can lose weight quickly, without the excuse of lack of time.

Menu type has 1000 calories a day

Finding the ideal way to lose weight is not so simple . You must have already tried several diet slimming programs, but to no avail … the yoyo effect returns systematically after the recovery.

You are now thinking of eating healthy and balanced while decreasing the daily caloric intake . A solution, which can be much more judicious in a weight loss.

Examples of balanced menu at 1000 kcal
Short of idea? Here are some ketofit canada diet menu ideas at 1000 calories!

Menu 1
1 cup unsweetened green tea (2 kcal)
2 slices of integral bread (130 kcal)
1 tablespoon fresh cheese 0% (13 kcal)
Snack : 1 large pear (96 kcal)

1 bowl of cabbage salad (82 kcal)
1 medium veal chop (129 kcal)
250 g cooked wheat (203 kcal)
Snack : 200 g of red fruit salad (78 kcal)

2 boiled eggs (156 kcal)
150 g of raw salad without seasoning (45 kcal)
Note: the nutritional values ​​are given approximately.

Menu 2 (vegetarian)

1 cup unsweetened green tea (2 kcal)
2 slices of integral bread (130 kcal)
20 grams of orange jam (49 kcal)
Snack : a medium apple (72 kcal)

1 bowl of beet salad (58 kcal)
2 fried eggs (178 kcal)
150 g of whole rice (195 kcal)
Snack : 200 g melon salad (68 kcal)

150 grams of lentil salad (204 kcal)
When preparing your menus, do not be at 1000 exact calories , always take a margin between 900 to 1000 kilocalories, to be sure not to exceed the limit (nutritional values ​​are always given approximately).

How to make a balanced low calorie diet?
The goal of a low-calorie diet is to reduce daily caloric intake. For the metabolism to burn fat, by pulling in the fat reserves . Thus, the body loses its extra pounds.

For the diet to be effective and long-lasting, it is certain that when making menus, you will have to choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, in order to have excellent energy along the way. day, but also, to avoid any dietary deficiencies . In this way, your body will get used to this new rhythm.

The disadvantage of this diet is that the body undergoes a “sudden” upheaval, some people (usually with little motivation) will not be able to follow and therefore “crack” after the first week.

If you are part of these people, keto fit whose hunger is constantly gaining the upper hand, then it would be better to choose the Cohen diet. It consists of reducing the amount of consumption as you go, by eating less over the weeks, without depriving oneself of anything. With the aim of getting used to eating less!

Highly protected diet ?? 21 days

The high protein diet is the ideal solution to produce a yoyo effect in your slimming project.

Indeed, this is a type of diet in which you must basically follow a healthy and accurate diet program for 21 days with the ultimate goal of achieving easy, fast and effective weight loss.

That said, how does the high protein diet work?

A precise feeding program, for a considerable weight loss
In a hyperprotein diet, the idea is to generate a caloric deficit by compulsorily consuming foods rich in protein. According to the advice and advice of doctors, this type of diet has several benefits against the retention rapid results garcinia of water , in case of bloating, for the liver, etc.

Moreover, its consequences are in no way dangerous for health. In short, all you have to do is follow a specific diet during day 1, day 2, day 3 … day 10, day 11, day 12 … until day 21.

On this, meat, eggs, dairy products, fish … discover the foods you can freely consume during the 21 days of high protein diet.

The ideal menu for the first week
During day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6 and day 7, you can have coffee , tea without sugar or honey lemon juice for breakfast. For the meal, you will consume egg whites associated with spinach or parsley potato or green beans .

You can also complete the menu with a fruit of your choice for dessert . For dinner, you are advised to consume grilled steaks or a chicken salad or turkey fillet combined with other natural foods or organic products to boost your diet.

Food to eat during the day 8, day 9, day 10 …, day 14
To boost your motivation during the second week of your diet, that is to say during the day 8 … day 11, day 12, day 13 and day 14, you can replace the coffee or tea with a bread sandwich, a Yogurt pot or cereals at breakfast.

For the meal, you will have pasta with tuna and celery, salads, tomatoes and cucumber. For the evening, you can always keep the steaks by associating them with green salads with celery at will.

Full menus during the third week of high protein diet
From day 15, day 16, day 17 to day 21, it is important to alternate the food consumed during the first two weeks or duration of the diet.

You can drink coffee or tea without sugar during day 15, day 16, day 17, then eat egg whites at day 18, day 19 and day 20 . For more results, you will take at meal either a good portion of salmon in foil, a celery salad, or endives with ham.

For dinner, you can replace the steaks with rice, cottage cheese , broccoli and a fruit of your choice.

What bodybuilding exercises to increase speed?

thrma splut In the field of sprinting, running fast is largely linked to genetic dispositions, but it is possible to improve its speed of race through weight training.

From 2003 to 2009, Usain Bolt, world speed star, went from 20 “13 to 19” 19 seconds in the 200m after strengthening his physique. What are the best weight training exercises for speed gain?

Bodybuilding exercises to improve your running power
In general, athletes who release more physical energy are the fastest . Strength is therefore an important indicator of explosiveness in speed racing.

In the following lines, we highlight a list of bodybuilding exercises designed to structure muscle mass and improve your running performance:

A fast race requires developing both strength and speed. Plyometric work is used by athletes to increase the explosiveness of muscles and the speed of reaction . What does plyometric work consist of? The principle of this exercise is to chain an extension movement after a bending movement.

The goal is to train the muscle to react much more quickly and with power . Thus, the muscle fibers are solicited and this contributes to the speed gain. Plyometrics should be exercised in moderation to prevent trauma.

Taking loads in short series
Certainly, the main purpose of the efforts in series is to increase the muscular volume, but they also serve to gain power in the gestures. This physical exercise helps solicit fast muscle fibers and enhance performance.

These efforts play particularly on the nervous factors and less on the structural factors. The Bulgarian method is more suitable for a force cycle. Thus, alternate during the same series, heavy loads and light loads with a movement executed quickly.

This method solicits the white fibers essential to develop energy and speed. Be careful, the number of repetitions should not exceed 5 repetitions per series.

Running bonds
The main drivers of a race are the glutes, legs, hamstrings and calves. The quadriceps stabilize the knee during impacts with the ground to allow energy absorption. The other muscles provide hip extension, which allows the production of horizontal energy at the moment of impact.

Work your muscles with horizontal jumps to gain more speed and increase your stamina . Once your goal of progress is achieved, work the height of the falls with vertical leaps.

For horizontal hops, perform the pureleatherinteriors series of jumps with your feet together. Run the vertical leaps with a skipping rope.

The sauteed pumps
The sautéed pumps consist of quickly lowering the arms and pushing the body upwards dynamically while taking your hands off the ground . You must go back down and start again immediately. Through these exercises, several contraction fibers are requested.

To prevent possible loss of muscle, only one weekly session is recommended.

Best financial investment 2018: my top 5 of the moment!

What is the best financial investment? Where to find a profitable investment?

As I just mentioned, it is better to pay attention to the bankers especially if they have goals to achieve in terms of placement. They can sometimes have interesting advice but they are primarily commercial and they place their products. And yes, savings products are products for sale like any other.

When you buy a life insurance policy in your bank, it is not necessarily the one that pays the most for the market. It is therefore important to work for you and to find yourself the best placement.

If you want to take control of your finances and choose the best investments yourself then the rest of the article will be for you:

We are not all ready to take risks but if you want to have big returns with your money, it will take some, the best financial investments are not booklets or guaranteed investments, that’s why I want you advise to save your money in two ways:

A precautionary savings : It will serve you to have some money available in case of a hard blow, on a booklet in your bank for example.

Investment savings : this is what will interest us in this article, it will allow us to invest in profitable and riskier investments.

You can use some of your savings to take risks, it is money you do not need to live, for an immediate project or future, at the risk of being disappointed or in financial difficulty. It is not necessary to win on all placements, but you only need to win more than you lose and you win because you learned and you got rich.

Here are the best financial investments in my opinion:
# 1 To train

Strange as first advice is not it? And yet did not you go to school before working? have you not been trained, studied to learn your trade?

How do you want to invest if you do not know how? The best financial investment is you!

Previously I told you that it was essential to manage your own investments, with the internet you can do everything yourself and the information is unlimited.

There are two ways to go: Gather information on each financial investment as you do here by reading the article, or buy training.

Some paid online training can be interesting when the price is acceptable and you save valuable time, it is the goal, to save time and to be able to apply quickly, because time is money.

In the same way, some books are full of information worth of gold at prices at the raz of the daisies.

Take the time to read well inform you, if you do not have the time, replace the tv of the evening by a book, even if it is only 15 min it is already that.

There are also podcasts on the internet that allow you to listen to training while playing sports and thus optimize your time.

# 2 Real estate

When we talk about the best financial investment, we think almost immediately real estate because the stone has a reassuring side and the heritage side is of interest to everyone to transmit something to these children.

Real estate can earn a lot of money if you know how to invest , and can put you in a difficult situation otherwise.

Let’s go back to your banker or other wealth manager:

It will sell you new with a beautiful law Pinel promising you a drop in your taxes, it’s beautiful no? A new apartment and in addition you pay less tax?

Ben no it is nothing amazing, because you will buy a much too expensive compared to the old while the rent will not increase proportionately to this differential.

Result: you will lose money on resale and your return will be very low, around 3%.

It’s great not 3% A booklet is 0.75% so it’s better no?

Missed! 3% in real estate is really low, some investments can reach well over 10% gross as investment properties or seasonal rentals with more than 20% gross but it takes longer.

So you will understand that to have the best financial investment, you have to know the good niches …

The big advantage of real estate is the leverage: You invest with the money you do not have, the money from the bank.

It is quite possible to borrow all of your purchase , work and notary fees if your rents cover the entire credit and more.

Hence the importance of having a big yield (annual rent / purchase price).

The title of the article is: the best investment, so should you put your savings in your real estate purchase?

I would say no if you have little savings, it is better to keep them to maintain your good …

With more savings to invest, yes if the returns are high, it’s a good way to put your money, especially that your property can appreciate over time and therefore enrich you even more but pay attention to taxes …

Not easy to find big returns, even some seasoned investors are barely able to cover their credit. To have investments that generate a high return even in the big expensive cities, there are techniques to know and to be formed.

if you want to train at a lower cost and get started I recommend the training of Paul Sarrazin I followed:

To sum up: You will have to find a property with a good return, borrow the maximum from your banker and take a closer look at the tax loopholes so as not to be too taxed and train to not do anything with your money and lose it. …

# 3 The stock market

The stock market scares you? I understand, I was in the same case, especially at the beginning, we try and we lose a little money because we know nothing about it. Yet leaving your money on a booklet makes you lose agent with inflation, and life insurance with the fund in euros does little more than 3% per year for the best funds.

While we can expect to earn 10% per annum on the stock market, as for real estate, with a minimum of knowledge.

Look at the chart of the CAC 40 , the index of the French market since its creation:
You can clearly see that apart from two big financial crashes the trend is on the rise in the long run.

Instead of selling everything when you are in these crash phases, it is better to keep and wait for it to rise, and continue to buy in order to lower the average price of its shares, and ultimately on the long term we are more often a winner than a loser …

Look at French stocks since 2012, not bad?

This curve does not include dividends paid by certain companies . Indeed, some companies pay a portion of their profits and this can significantly increase the return and gains of your shares: The snowball effect .

So, if during the downs, you hold big dividend stocks , then you lose a lot less and you earn more in the long run, probably the best long-term financial investment.

On the other hand, it is possible to earn money faster on the stock market, this is called speculation: instead of investing in long-term solid companies, you buy in the right moments (decline in high-growth stock or stock) and you resell when you reach your performance goal. Some do it even on a day, this is called day trading , or on several days: swing trading, which require more time.

You will understand, there are many strategies on the stock market, and you need to get a little familiar with the technical vocabulary for sure but it is not necessary to be an expert to earn money on the stock market. It all depends on your goals, just earn more than you lose …

On the stock market, your biggest enemy is you. The psychological aspect is very important.

# 4 Create a profitable business

The best investment: Create a business? Indeed it may seem surprising at first glance, but when you think about it, if you invest a little money in a profitable business, money does not pay?

Of course you have to invest a lot of time but the game can be worth it.

Let’s take a concrete example:

You want to get started in e-commerce: Buy from a wholesaler and resell on the internet. (your site, amazon or other marketplace)

We recommend a gross margin of 30%: you buy 100 euros at the wholesaler (all inclusive) and you sell 130 euros.

You start like everyone else with the status of auto-entrepreneur where you are taxed 14.4% of your turnover.

So in the end you will pay tax (14.4 x 130) / 100 = 18.72 euros out of 100 euros invested you will earn 30% gross and more than 11% net of tax.

In the end you earn more net than most investments on the market.

So why not take some risks with a portion of your savings and test different business, even if it does not work, as long as you can real profits online not lose too much, and on the lot some will walk. But if you never try, you will never make money, as the famous slogan says: “100% of the winners have tried their luck!”

I used some of my savings to test many things, business, investments etc, some did not market others yes. The bottom line is that in the end I’m not losing and then I can invest my time on what works best, the most profitable.

# 5 Life insurance, cows and SCPI and others.

To finish on the theme of the best financial investment, I will play security, because the risk is not for everyone and everyone’s goal is not the same. Maybe you do not want to enrich yourself but just put money in a safe and quiet way without worrying about it?

So expect lower returns.

These are the real estate investment companies, which we call paperweight, because you put your savings in companies that invest in real estate without the disadvantages of asset management.

This is a much better investment than the A booklet for so-called “yield” SCPIs are around 5% per year net of fees.

It is rather safe as placement even if nothing is guaranteed. When I started to look at how to buy scpi I found that it was not easy to find a place where you could mix your investments in the best scpi. So I found a nice site Portal-SCPI where you can buy all the scpi of the market in the same place , it is not more expensive and the big advantage is that you are entitled to an adviser in wealth management free of charge, which tells you what’s best for your investment, so it’s much easier to invest and diversify your investments. At least it’s not like a bank that will put your product first.

I am not a big fan of wealth management advisors when given a free hand as I mentioned at the beginning of the article. But in the specific case of SCPI this can be useful because some are specialized in these products and know them perfectly and so give you all the information and then it is you who choose and give them the order to buy this or that product .

Invest in a company, SME:
It is quite possible to invest in companies with crowdfunding. There are serious companies that offer to invest in according to your budget in profitable investments on paper: between 4 and 10%. This entails some risk of losing capital if you bet on the wrong horse. Nevertheless I find the idea interesting and it remains an original placement to put in this top. Serious platforms in this area are known: For example is reliable and interesting yield. We can invest from 50 euros, which is a good solution to diversify investments in different companies. They have many serious partners and are regulated by the French authorities. So registered and perfectly in the rules.

Another important player in the market and reliable: Lendopolis offers an interesting offer if you go through my link below: 1 0 euros offered for 100 euros lent 20 for 200 euros and 30 for 300 euros! access to the site and take advantage of the offer . This remains a slightly riskier investment than scpi but investing to test does not represent a big risk and allows to diversify its investments.

The advantage of this kind of platform is clearly the possibility of diversifying the companies on which we bet. So if you put 100 euros on one then 200 euros on the other, you diversify your investments and therefore the risks. in any case that’s how I see things.

Life insurance:
This investment may contain stocks, which I did, but most people do not want to hear about stocks and prefer to invest in euro funds. These are investments whose returns are guaranteed, but whose rates are declining from year to year. So we are far from the best investment but at least it is safe.

At the time of writing this article the best life insurances are at online banks, around 3% guaranteed bottom yield.

Their opening is free on the banks online you can in addition 80 euros during your registration with Boursorama without obligation to domiciliate your salary or to leave money, to register: Click here

You can open several life insurance in several banks. The big advantage is a tax deduction after 8 years.

Invest in a cow:
You invest in an association that rents cows to breeders who do not want to buy them. You are paid every year and you can reinvest your winnings to play on compound interest. I made an article on the subject that you can find here .

Balance sheet:
As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many investments I have not talked about. The booklets can of course be used to place their precautionary savings but they will not pay you anything. Dare to put some of your savings into slightly riskier investments and spend some time training yourself, educating yourself, so that the money you earn with your hard work brings you money. And do not forget that the best investment is you!

How to invest in real estate?

It is often difficult to get into the purchase of your main home for fear of making the wrong choice, the same goes for rental investment. Most of the time people do not know where to start: what should you do? he buy? Where to invest in real estate with what money?

Why invest in real estate?

Real estate is one of the only investments that can take advantage of the leverage of credit: You buy with the money of others: From the bank and the tenant.

Indeed, it is possible to buy a property without money, the bank lends you the full amount to borrow.

You can also finance the notary fees, we talk about financing at 110% and even the work. We will see later how.

In June 2015 rates are low but banks can be chilly to finance at 110%. They sometimes ask for 10% contribution and notary fees.

One may want to invest in real estate to provide additional retirement:
with a credit over 20 years, the property will be paid and you will enjoy an annuity.

To leave something to his children to start their future adult life.
To start getting rich and generating passive income.

How to invest in real estate?

Funding :
Some of you will tell me that it’s all very well but you have to have a big salary, money aside. Not necessarily.

In the first article of this blog: personal finances, I insisted on the interest of managing his budget well.

If your account is running well, you have no overdraft at the end of each month, no consumer credit etc, then the banker will be more inclined to lend you money. Similarly it is advisable to have a little precautionary savings corresponding to 6 months of rent in case there are unpaid rents, work to do etc …

See the article on the art of making money or not

How to do when you are already in debt for your main residence?

We are constantly being told about the 33% debt rule .

This is not necessarily valid for everyone. They look especially at what you have left to live. So it will depend on the amount of income .

The banker will finance 70% of the amount of rent you will receive.

So everything will depend on the profitability ecom cash code of your investment.

Take for example the purchase of an apartment for 60000 euros, if the rents collected are 400 euros per month excluding charges your gross profitability will be:

(400 euros x 12 months) / 60000 euros = 8%

You will need to make an effort every month to pay the part of the credit not financed by the bank and it therefore starts your debt ratio.

This can be a very good report in big cities but it is very likely not to be self-financing.

It is often considered that 10% of gross profitability is needed to self-finance a good.

When the rates are very low how at the moment, a little less.

Another example: A property bought 100000 euros with 900 euros of monthly rents.

We are at 10% gross profitability.

To calculate the yield of a rental property and take everything into account, I use the site rental yield .

If you borrow 110% (with notary fees) the credit will be 608 euros with a rate of 20 years at 2.1% excluding insurance and 100% insured on both people of the couple.

The banker lending you 70% of the rent: this corresponds to 630 euros / month. You therefore cover the credit and you do not touch your debt capacity.

Not only will you be able to replicate the transaction in the future and invest in real estate again but in addition your rent will pay the credit, the property tax and probably all your taxes.

This kind of property is of course less easy to find, either there is work, or the neighborhood is said sensitive, or you have to go to smaller cities where the purchase price is cheaper.

You can totally finance the work by the banker especially if you stay in the 70% of the rent.

In what to invest?

When people have money to invest, wealth management advisors or other business people want to sell you a new home.

They promise you a fabulous rent as the customer does not know the market, and the new apartment is very expensive.

Why do people buy? as they offer the prospect of tax exemption, but people with money to invest in real estate are often very taxed.

The worry is that at resale you risk losing a lot of money because the market of the old is not the same and the goods are trading much lower.

You will understand it is better to invest in the old real estate. If you have the courage to follow a few jobs this is where you will do the best deals, this kind of property is much cheaper bargain and work as the agency fees do not enter the calculation of notary fees .

In addition you can deduct taxes and make the property deficit.

You are a winner on all levels.

If you do not want to invest in apartments with work to tax and increase your profitability, you can create a SCI (real estate company) that can be advantageous for taxation.

How to rent?

There are many ways to rent:

Empty rental, the most common.
The furnished rental, very practiced for studios and very advantageous tax.
The roommate that allows to make large apartments profitable.
Seasonal rental by the week or by the night which is extremely profitable.
The rental is obviously not easy especially in small areas that have turnover, unpaid rents which are unfortunately more and more frequent.

But it is possible to find solutions to many of these brakes.

Say you have nothing for nothing, except if you wait patiently to win the lottery, you have to earn your money.

To find a profitable rental investment : see the article Find a rental investment

We just saw that everyone can invest in real estate there is property within the reach of all budgets, we can even start with parking.

The most complicated is to embark on your first acquisition and take action.

We all have many psychological locks that must be blown up in order to start generating passive income.