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Lose weight with the oscillating platform?

To keep fit or remove fat from the body, several techniques are available. Whether doing exercises, muscling , using contemporary methods or following a specific diet. The majority of the world has already asked one day “how can I lose weight without getting tired? This has become possible thanks to the benefits of technology, including oscillating platforms.

How to slim down with the oscillating platform?
The principle is based on physical exercise that is both simple but effective. Try to stay still in one position while the plate is swinging . It takes effort, many muscles contract and calories will be burned at the same time. These effects will contribute to the thinning of the user. The area to lose weight depends only on itself, for each zone a certain position is effective.

For example, you can remove fat balls from your stomach and thighs while squatting while standing on a support with both k2 slim keto hands. The part to be slim down will be the one that will be the most contracted. Applying this method achieves the equivalent of about 1 hour of sport in just 10 minutes.

To lose weight quickly and above all to maintain these results, the key to success is therefore in consistency and perseverance in training. To slim down , you have to do your exercises regularly.

How do oscillating platforms work?
These devices operate in a fairly simple way, a medium will move from right to left and the frequency of movement will depend entirely on the user.

The speed is manually adjustable to prevent movements too fast . For those looking for fast results, these devices are for you. You just have to take a pose and try to keep the balance while being driven by the movement for a while.

Advantages and disadvantages of oscillating platforms
These devices help us save time while staying in a very small workspace. You can install it in your living room or in your room without any problem. No need to ride miles to sweat while losing an insignificant weight.

Accessible to all, its use does not require a particular morphology. The main disadvantage is the muscle aches and some muscle pain that will occur after exercise. Nothing alarming, these will disappear as your workouts.

Some may feel dizzy after the first sessions. These will also fade over time. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is also advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before starting the treatment by oscillation.

Other benefits for your body
In addition to making you lose weight, the device allows you to be healthy by keeping you in good physical condition. You will have joined the useful to the pleasant. This will improve your heart rate and also your breathing. Your figure will also be improved, especially your bone density thanks to the multiple movements that you will make. Sweat flushes out toxins and you’ll see your skin firm up over time.

In the end, if you want to lose weight any part of your body, adopt the oscillating platform, which is both easy to use and convenient.

Rather rice or pasta to lose weight?

Often the question arises whether it is more dietetic to consume rice or pasta during a diet. Indeed, starchy foods can make you fat but are essential in small quantities.

They are an integral part of our daily lives and it is impossible to live without them. Like the DASH diet that advises the consumption of whole grains , starchy foods have their place in our diet.

So what to choose between pasta and natura farms keto rice for a good weight loss? We tell you everything.

Pasta: strengths satiating diet
Before anything else, it is important to know that for ordinary pasta, the trick is in cooking. The best is to consume al dente. On the contrary, for fresh pasta composed of whole flour, the latter are recommended because they contain virtues facilitating intestinal transit.

What is good when you eat pasta is that it is a satiating food. We therefore less want to nibble and we limit the snacks , enemies of diets.

In addition, 100 grams of natural pasta provide only 90 kcal in nutritional value , which is not excessive. In addition, they contain little lipids . To further reduce fat intake, we advise you to prefer vinegar to oil when cooking.

In any case, choose extra virgin olive oil to rule out the bad cholesterol. You should also know that if you prefer pasta cooked rather than al dente, the glycemic index increases.

Pasta: it all depends on the ones you choose
Each category of pasta has its blood glucose load. So you have to choose them. Favor those with whole wheat. There are gluten free if you are allergic. For a fuller feeling of satiety, choose full, fresh and egg pasta.

Avoid those with high blood sugar loads, such as macaroni, linguine, gnocchi and Asian noodles made from flour, as well as prepared high-sugar pasta dishes and ravioli with sauce (bolognese, carbonara).

They are also to avoid in the evening and not with chorizo and cheese or again.

Rice: a health nutrition asset to lose weight
Like pasta, rice is a starch essential in a balanced diet. When it is complete, it is better. Ban the pilaf rice, sticky, cooked in butter and with sauce. Basmati rice is particularly recommended.

It is used to fight against high blood pressure as well as diabetes . It is also low calorie. 100 grams equals 130 kcal, with a low glycemic index.

In the same way, rice is high in fiber and low in fat. It remains rich in vitamin B and iron, which is particularly useful for our body. In addition, it is a natural hunger cut. It also limits the production of insulin and diffuses energy for a long time. Finally, it is very easy to cook and its satiety calorie ratio is interesting.

Its digestion is slow and facilitates the natura farms keto working action of enzymes. It does not contain gluten and is good for intestinal transit. For people with diabetes and hypertension, rice will be preferred to pasta. Same if you are gluten intolerant . In reality, pasta can also be eaten, but in smaller quantities.

Rice can be present at any meal with vegetables, such as Cantonese rice with organic coconut milk in a diet recipe using the thermomix. Better to cook steam or bake.

Shea butter against cellulite

Want to get rid of those cellulites that are so devastating on your body? This is possible by simply changing your diet. Eh yes ! This phenomenon of orange peel results from malnutrition , excessive consumption of fat and even a lack of sport.

Among the many anti-cellulite programs at your disposal, the introduction of shea butter in your meals seems very effective . How does it help you lose weight?

Shea butter effective against cellulite
The appearance of dimpling on your skin means that these specific areas are no longer able to accumulate more fat . It is therefore essential to follow a diet or exercise to burn this excess calories. Otherwise, in addition to cellulite, you will take even more volume, which is absolutely to avoid.

The properties of shea butter
Butter from Africa, the action of it is not quite what you expected. To tell the truth, by consuming it, you will not lose weight. natura farms keto However, you will strengthen your abs. This ingredient is highly valued by women who have just given birth and people with a lot of cellulite. If you introduce it into your daily diet, it goes without saying that you will make your abs look great , without losing weight.This also contains 890 kcal for 100 g, with 100 g of fat (0 carbohydrates and 0 protein).

The limits of this butter
As mentioned above, this butter only acts on the abdominal belt. There will therefore be no effects on cellulite at the level of the arms, buttocks or thighs. For the rest, it will be necessary, as always, to revise your diet. For example, stop eating too much fatty foods , soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. From now on, your menu will consist of lean meat, vegetables, fruits and water.

Attention, despite everything! Because of these 890 kcal per 100g, this substance can make you fat if you do not limit the amount ingested. It is therefore advisable to take only 100 g per week, spread over 7 days, or 14 g per day. Also, be sure to exercise to lose weight and eliminate cellulite on other parts of your body. No need for intense exercises. Running and cycling will be enough .

Although shea butter eliminates the orange peel appearance of your body, it acts only on the ventral side. For the rest, it will always be necessary to orient you towards the classical methods. In addition, you must pay attention to the amount consumed, because even if this butter gives back to your abs, it can easily make you fat.

The bikini diet for a dream body

Summer is coming and you would like to be able to go out in a swimsuit without complex? Do not worry: between squats to firm your buttocks, the skipping rope to burn calories and a healthy and balanced diet, you will quickly get a dream body with the bikini diet .

Have a dream body in just a few exercises
To start a bikini diet, practice these few physical exercises on a regular basis:

Squats are a particularly effective exercise to strengthen your glutes and muscles of your thighs: something to arouse envy when you’re in a swimsuit! You will have to practice them daily.
To have plump buttocks, the slit is the ideal movement . You just have to take a big step backwards and keep the knee of your front leg above the foot.
Who says bikini diet necessarily thinks bio x keto of a thin waist: to get it, there are few things as effective as the sideboard. Place yourself in the pumping position and make side board rotations to strengthen the obliques.
To absolutely try: sheathing . It will stimulate the deep muscles of your body in a static motion. If the cladding posture is successful, you will get fabulous effects: firm silhouette, reinforced back, flat stomach, thighs and tonic glutes.
Finally, the skipping rope will help you burn calories by making you work your whole body .
A healthy and balanced menu for a beautiful body
Food is a very important part of the thinning process. For example, take a cup of hot water and a piece of lemon on awakening, and then, at breakfast, a bowl of muesli (gluten and wheat) with soy milk or rice.

During the morning, you can nibble carrots , and at lunch, home-made vegetable soups or salads are welcome. For tea, a cup of herbal tea and a biscuit without gluten would be indicated, and finally at dinner, fish and grilled chicken breast are recommended with vegetables.

An important principle for a diet
One thing to remember during a diet is to seek the help of a dietician who will enlighten you best and help you if you encounter any problem during your program. It would be a pity if trying to get the body of your dreams ended up compromising your health.

The bikini diet has been designed to allow you to quickly build a beautiful silhouette as the summer vacation approaches. It therefore requires a good deal of discipline . If you falter from time to time, think of the looks you will attract on the beaches!

Special men’s abs diet

A man can strengthen his abdominals with targeted exercises , but for best results, it is advisable to follow a special diet. Whether to eliminate fat or build muscles in the stomach, you must follow a specific diet . Focus on the nutrition mode dedicated to men who want to get concrete abs.

Give priority to a low-calorie diet
To reduce the waistline and strengthen the muscles of the stomach , to put in low calorie is the first step to make. A man must normally consume 2,500 calories a day and must reduce this intake to burn abdominal fat and promote the cladding of this area .

The ultimate goal and to burn more calories than you consume . Start by reducing the number of calories to 2,000 per day. If you hold on well, you can still decrease it as and when you can.

Eat healthy
Going on a low calorie diet does not mean you have to exclude certain food families from the program . To return to ketosis, macronutrient intake must be well balanced. Certainly, caloric products, too fat and too sweet are to be banned , but we must eat a little of everything not to suffer from deficiencies.

Nutritionists advise that macronutrients be distributed daily as follows: 33% protein, 33% good fat and 33% carbohydrate.

This speeds up the metabolism and super s keto encourages the body to quickly tap into fat deposits in the stomach. In addition, proteins help build abdominal muscles.

The right choice of food
First, avoid eating as much as possible. Do your own shopping at the organic market to ensure the quality of the ingredients . For protein, choose lean products such as skinless white meats, eggs, fish, seafood and low-fat dairy products.

Side lipids, it must be very careful, because even if they are essential to have abs, all that is lipid is not necessarily allowed . To make it simple, go for the healthiest sources of fat such as olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, avocado, nuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

On carbohydrates, include wholegrain cereals in your special abs menu, not forgetting vegetables and of course fruits . Refined foods are not recommended.

Food supplements
It is well known that using a 100% natural dietary supplement really helps to build abs , especially if you are a man who often practices targeted physical activity or bodybuilding. Protein powders such as Whey are especially effective for dry muscle.

How to run faster?

You start the race and want to progress , including running faster? To keep motivation, it is important to set goals and follow a specific program.

If stamina is important and is the key to weight loss , the speed of the race makes it possible to consider competing. But then how to do it? Here are some tips to follow!

Run faster by focusing on the fractional technique
By increasing the number of strides per minute, you will automatically advance faster when you exit. To train in this direction, start by running at your own pace for a minute, counting the number of times your right foot touches the ground for example. Speed ​​up the movement then focusing on your stride .

Splitting allows you to improve on the speed of the race. To do this, alternate the phases of fast running and slow running phases. Start by running for 20 minutes at a normal pace and then, for 20 to 30 minutes, start the interval session. Finish by 10 min slow pace to promote physical recovery .

Use the strength of your arms
The length of your stride can be improved by using your arms, which can be amazing. Nevertheless, the dynamics of your upper limbs can propel you forward. To do this, when your right foot touches the ground, move your left arm forward as fast and as far as possible.

Muscleize your legs and buttocks
By working the power of your legs with weight training exercises, you will be able to move faster during your race . The firmer pure bhb keto and more explosive your abdominal, abdominal and buttock muscles are, the more you will run steadily. Squats , lunges or even deadlifts will allow you to perform better in the race.

Losing weight also speeds up the pace
If the race technique is important, weighing less weight also improves its sports performance. Indeed, being lighter, you will get to move more easily and therefore faster. Food is also essential if you want to progress in running .

If endurance is important when running, the speed of strides is also a point to work if you want to compete. By eating healthy , building muscle and working on your technique, you will achieve your goals.

Is power yoga effective for weight loss?

Do you feel that thirst for a smaller size? Are you desperate for your weight after practicing intense sports activities every day? Do not give up, between sports and yoga , you have another chance to get off to a good start to achieve your goal of losing weight in just a short time.

The practice of Power yoga to lose weight
This slimming program will help you get rid by burning your extra calories a day through the practice of Yoga. Giving you a better face and confidence, it is essential that you combine your yoga sessions with a healthy and balanced diet .

Moreover, drinking the necessary amount of water will help you lose weight as well as possible .

For this you should practice grasshopper posture , cobra posture, boat position, chair posture, crescent posture and many more. Being both a mental, physical and soothing exercise, you could practice yoga, regardless of your age, man or woman.

In short, whatever form of yoga you choose to refine your silhouette max , you could very quickly notice a drop in your weight after 2 to 3 sessions per week. That said, yes, yoga is an alternative that is as effective as it is beneficial to help you harmonize and tone your body .

The importance of sports and yoga in weight loss
In women, overweight is very easily bodyfit keto noticed and quickly becomes embarrassing vis-à-vis others, prompting him to quickly find  the effective solution to lose weight . If most people practice it to soothe the stresses of everyday life in order to regain balance between mind and body and gain flexibility .

Today, researchers have found another benefit more interesting. It is the one to lose weight and make muscles take the right course, of course. Besides, it will be important to know more about some types of yogas that are well known throughout the world itself to give certain results data. It is actually forms where the movement is very dynamic similar to dance like Power Yoga for example.

In addition, before embarking on your practice, it is essential that you seek the advice of a doctor to put “points on the i” on the compatibility of your body with this type of physical activity in the room overheated .

How to improve your abs

Having a well defined abs is an important goal for many people, getting them requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, both physical and mental. Keep in mind that getting properly marked abdominals is not only a matter of physical exercise, but also have to be clear in the head that a good diet is essential for their achievement.

In this article we will give you detailed guidelines on how you can improve your abs, we will explain what are the foods that your diet should have and some accompanying exercises, this will help you get your abdominals marked quickly and effectively.

For effective nutrition we must not suppress any of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins), many people are wrong about this aspect, because they think that you have to eliminate fats completely from meals and maximize the amount of proteins that are consumed. Here we show you testex 100 consumption guidelines that you must follow if you want to have the good nutrition you need to get those defined abs:

Fat consumption : Take only healthy fats. Olive oil, avocado, dried fruit, milk, calcium helps regulate the fat they contain, blue fish (tuna, mackerel, sardines …) and nuts.

Consumption of carbohydrates : Avoid the consumption of refined sugars and pastries. Fruit, pulses and pasta are the best foods for the consumption of complex carbohydrates that will help you to follow a balanced diet.

Protein consumption : Choose proteins of high biological value, mainly come from meat and fish, avoid excessive consumption of red meats and choose to choose white or poultry meats. Add to your diet the consumption of eggs (2-3 per week), these also have a high percentage of proteins in their composition.

As for physical exercise, there are many exercises you can do to get some well-marked abs, we will explain how to perform an exercise for each abdominal area:


A fundamental exercise to strengthen the lower abdominals are the four-stroke leg lifts. The exercise is very simple: The initial position is lying on the floor on a mat, both hands behind the head and legs stretched. First we raise the right leg to place it vertically with our body and the floor, when we have this raised leg we proceed to do the same with the next. With both legs raised, we lower the right first until it is in the initial position and when the right leg touches the ground we will do the same with the left. The ideal is to do 3 sessions of 15-20 repetitions.


To work the upper abdominals the easiest exercise is the trunk lift. The back on the floor on the mat, hands behind the head, the distance between the chest and the head should be about the size of a fist and should remain so throughout the exercise, knees bent and feet on the floor. The lumbar area does not detach from the floor throughout the exercise and we only raise the upper part of the trunk raising it towards our knees, once here we stay a moment and return to the initial position.


An exercise that will mark your oblique abs well is double twisting. The starting position starts with the legs and the trunk elevated, we will only touch the floor with the buttocks and the horizontal arms to our chest, holding our hands in front of him. We just have to make a lateral movement first to the right we return to the center, same lateral movement to the left and we return to the starting position. At first glance it seems a very simple exercise but it is an exercise that requires high physical effort.

You will find that following a proper diet and a routine of these exercises of 3 sessions of about 15-20 repetitions of each exercise, you will soon notice how your abdominals are improving.

The 11 principles for muscle mass gain training

The goal of the following principles is not to give you a set of training rules that you must follow, but to offer you guidelines to increase your muscle mass quickly and feasibly.

It is important that these principles be used as a cohesive unit, so do not implement some and ignore others, they all go together.

However, you can decide if it is necessary to adjust some (or all) of them to your size, your situation and your preferred style of training. And that’s fine, they’re all malleable, and everything can be adjusted a bit.

Speaking of training style, keep in mind that these principles are for muscle mass training, that is, bodybuilding training.

So most of those who can benefit are those who seek to compete (in bodybuilding, figure, etc.), as well as those who want to look like them.

Without further ado, here are the first 5 principles of training for the increase of muscle mass that have been useful for all bodybuilders, and I hope they are for you as well. (The next 6 principles will be in part 2.)

principles to increase muscle mass
1. Train each part of the body once a week
Depending on which circles you move in, this principle may sound obvious, or it may sound silly.

In competitive sports circles, the training of each part of the body once a week is very common. Even those who do not train every part of the body once every seven days tend to train it approximately every five days.

If you’re like most bodybuilders , you’ll want to train as often as possible to get the best results. When you combine that willingness to train and strive with the human attitude that more is better, it’s easy to see how you could train each part of the body twice, or three times a week, or more.

The problem with too high a frequency is that it may very well lead to insufficient recovery . Do not forget that the main objective of training is to take advantage of the benefits that come from recovering it.
But when you are hungry for progress, the temptation to eat appears too often.

A very common question is, when should I train a muscle again? The answer is; when you have recovered.

How long does it take to recover from a training session?
The recovery time depends on many variables, including the volume of training , the more damage you do to the muscle, the longer it will take to recover.

Try and failure
Usually, to find out how long it takes to recover a muscle is testing, for this you must perform a workout, and try to repeat it within 3-4 days and if you lift more weight, is that you have recovered, but usually a muscle takes about 5 days to recover from a high volume workout.

Some exceptions are the twins, the proflex muscle abdominals and the back , these first two recover very fast because they are used every day for many hours, so you can train them every 3 or 4 days.

The back to be a large group of muscles can be trained more often, you can divide it into high back (rhomboids, trapezius …) and middle and low back (dorsal, erectors …) and train on separate days more often.

2. Do 3-4 exercises per muscle
As we have said, it is essential to find a balance between training volume, training intensity and training frequency . This principle, together with the following, helps to control the volume component of the recovery equation.

Although there are certainly times when you can do 1-2 exercises per muscle group, you can also do 5 or more, but nevertheless keep it as simple as possible, that is, do just 3-4 exercises per muscle group.

Performing 3-4 exercises allows enough variety in each session to ensure that the muscle is stimulated in sufficient angles, different exercises, different patterns of repetitions and different breaks.

Although that is for the larger muscles, for others smaller ones like the biceps or the abdominals it is enough with 2-3 exercises.
Note that the legs are not a single muscle, but are several, so you have to perform 3-4 exercises for quadriceps, another 3-4 for femoral and other 3 for twins.

3. Do 3 sets of work per exercise to increase muscle mass
Many people quantify the volume of their training session by the total number of series. This does not make much sense and here’s why.

With work series I refer to effective, that is, those that are not heating, since introducing the heating series within the effective series is silly, because you perform them with very little intensity.

A series of work must be carried to the concentric failure , or at least 1 or 2 repetitions before this.

4. Do a strength exercise for each muscle group
Since we are talking about muscle mass gain training, I am going to talk about muscle groups instead of movement patterns, but we know that the terms are normally interchangeable.

The goal of a bodybuilding training program is to improve your physique , not necessarily to be stronger or faster. However, strength and strength training should be the cornerstone of your muscle building training.

When training strength and power, your muscles develop a greater ability to activate more muscle fibers at once (also known as neuromuscular efficiency).

Of course, this makes you stronger, but it also has something unique that is of more interest to bodybuilders like us.

The improvement of neuromuscular efficiency means that when you perform an exercise, you can recruit more muscle fibers. This amounts to more hypertrophy, because only the fibers that have worked are adapted, it is feasible to increase the percentage of muscle fibers recruited by 10% during a reasonable period of time, can you imagine the enormous benefit that would be?

Therefore, the application of 3 sets of 5 repetitions (3 x 5) in shoulder press will make your dumbbell presses more efficient.

Although the total hypertrophy achieved with heavy training and low repetitions (1 ~ 5) is not as great as that achieved with a workout with more time under tension, the increase in muscle mass achieved with this has a hard and dense appearance.

5. Do a strength / hypertrophy exercise for each muscle group
When I say strength / hypertrophy exercise, I refer to a repetition and series scheme that is hybrid, that is, it is worth to increase both muscle mass and strength.

As we have said, doing series of low repetitions (~ 1-5 repetitions) is ideal to increase strength, and if it is done with less resistance and a faster speed and serves to improve the power.

The problem of working with low repetitions is that it is not the best to increase muscle mass, since the time under tension is too small to induce a good metabolic stress in the muscle.

So, when the exercise is to improve strength and muscle mass, it is best to do series of 8-10 repetitions, this allows you to use relatively heavy weights with a good time under tension, although you can lower up to 6 repetitions, just in case you did not know, the vast majority of bodybuilders train in this range of repetitions .

First cardio or strength, which is the most important when training

The big question is whether the order of muscle training is important , first cardio or strength, because sometimes you want to run (cardio) other times you want to do weights (strength).

According to the experts do cardio or strength is very good in any order , the body is strengthened, the heart benefits and improves our mood. We also become more resistant to diseases, our bone density improves and our metabolism becomes more efficient.

But, if our goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass, the order does matter.

It matters the order, first cardio or strength, for a goal
This is how your muscles work in terms of energy consumption. The human body has 2 reserves of energy that comes from food: fast energy from glycogen that is stored in the liver and muscle and energy stored in fat, which is slow to use. According to the research , you have to focus on what you need and do the most important exercise first.

The first energy your body consumes when exercising is the anaerobic energy, glycogen. This energy is explosive, fast, but it does not last long.

The second energy that the body consumes when glycogen is depleted is that which comes from the fats that surround the muscles, aerobic energy. This energy is slow delivery and needs additional oxygen. This energy is longer lasting, more stable.

When you do weights, you do not need to breathe more than usual, your glycogen reserves have enough energy and oxygen to consume immediately. After this energy is spent you feel that oxygen is lacking, then you have to breathe more and the energy of the fat starts to work, but being the slow delivery you will not be able to be efficient.

When you do cardio , the first energy you consume is also glycogen. While your glycogen reserve is not exhausted you feel full, energetic, but if you do cardio for a long time, for example endurance athletes, runners, crossfit, etc., you need more oxygen, you start using aerobic energy, fat energy .

So in the dilemma of whether to do cardio or strength first , the key is the use of the first rapid burst of energy and the snap hero testo consumption of oxygen, the anaerobic, with greater efficiency. what is your goal? For what type of exercise do you need more energy and more oxygen?

In the following PortalFitness video you have another explanation of the order of muscle training, if first cardio or strength.

If you want muscles, first make weights
If your goal is to gain muscle strength, muscle volume, then first consume this burst of quick energy by doing weights and solve the dilemma of whether cardio or strength first.

If you first do cardio, that energy will be exhausted and you will not be able to efficiently do weights. In general, weightlifters need to pause to eat foods rich in glycogen that quickly passes into the blood and feel a new energy charge again.

If you do cardio first, you will feel good to do weight training, but without a doubt you know that your reserves of glycogen, fast energy, already diminished, you will not feel with all your potential to do strength exercises. You will not be able to give your maximum, your muscles do not work as you want to gain that strength and that volume that you need. There could even be an injury.

If you want to lose fat first do cardio
If your goal is to lose weight , burn the excess fat you have, first consume the energy of glycogen doing cardio, then you do weights, and this is where the energy of the fat began to be used with the consequent burning and loss of weight.

In the next video of Sergio Peinado you have a routine to lose weight starting with cardio, then weights and alternating.

If your goal is to improve as a runner , then you must increase your resistance, you need to improve running, and this is precisely the exercise you must do first. The weights would be a necessary complement, for example to gain power in your legs. A runner in the gym must first jog on the treadmill, then exercise on power machines or with weights.

If you want to stay slim but strong
If your goal is to strengthen your body by staying slim, if you do not need bulky muscles, but feel energetic, vital, then you need high intensity interval exercises where you can combine weights.

There are many thin people, but that does not mean they are healthy and fit. If you are thin and do not exercise your level of physical fitness will be poor, weak muscles, poor cardiovascular system, etc.