The bikini diet for a dream body

Summer is coming and you would like to be able to go out in a swimsuit without complex? Do not worry: between squats to firm your buttocks, the skipping rope to burn calories and a healthy and balanced diet, you will quickly get a dream body with the bikini diet .

Have a dream body in just a few exercises
To start a bikini diet, practice these few physical exercises on a regular basis:

Squats are a particularly effective exercise to strengthen your glutes and muscles of your thighs: something to arouse envy when you’re in a swimsuit! You will have to practice them daily.
To have plump buttocks, the slit is the ideal movement . You just have to take a big step backwards and keep the knee of your front leg above the foot.
Who says bikini diet necessarily thinksĀ bio x keto of a thin waist: to get it, there are few things as effective as the sideboard. Place yourself in the pumping position and make side board rotations to strengthen the obliques.
To absolutely try: sheathing . It will stimulate the deep muscles of your body in a static motion. If the cladding posture is successful, you will get fabulous effects: firm silhouette, reinforced back, flat stomach, thighs and tonic glutes.
Finally, the skipping rope will help you burn calories by making you work your whole body .
A healthy and balanced menu for a beautiful body
Food is a very important part of the thinning process. For example, take a cup of hot water and a piece of lemon on awakening, and then, at breakfast, a bowl of muesli (gluten and wheat) with soy milk or rice.

During the morning, you can nibble carrots , and at lunch, home-made vegetable soups or salads are welcome. For tea, a cup of herbal tea and a biscuit without gluten would be indicated, and finally at dinner, fish and grilled chicken breast are recommended with vegetables.

An important principle for a diet
One thing to remember during a diet is to seek the help of a dietician who will enlighten you best and help you if you encounter any problem during your program. It would be a pity if trying to get the body of your dreams ended up compromising your health.

The bikini diet has been designed to allow you to quickly build a beautiful silhouette as the summer vacation approaches. It therefore requires a good deal of discipline . If you falter from time to time, think of the looks you will attract on the beaches!

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