Cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks?

Less famous than the unbreakable shea butter, cocoa butter is nevertheless the source of many benefits for the skin.

But is it also indicated to prevent white stretch marks? Absolutely ! Our detailed opinion on a very greedy beauty treatment.

White stretch marks: the preventive action of cocoa butter
Tears of the dermis, the stretch marks total tone diet¬†arise most often when the skin undergoes suddenly a tension: among their preferred places of appearance, the belly of pregnancy, but also all parts of the body subject to rapid weight gain …

At first violets, stretch marks naturally turn white with time. But they are always sorry for us.

Stretch marks, so better to prevent them than cure them. And to allow the skin to resist the tension, it is necessary to increase its elasticity. Highly antioxidant, cocoa butter has the valuable property of improving collagen synthesis.

With the key, a skin more elastic, more toned, and therefore more resistant to stretch marks.

So on your marks … massage! The ideal frequency to obtain a result? Morning and evening !

Homemade cream with cocoa butter
The disadvantage of cocoa butter is to be very hard at room temperature. To make it easier to spread, but also to boost its action on the skin, it is incorporated in a homemade body cream.

– 10 ml cocoa butter
– 30 ml of argan oil
– 3 grams of beeswax
– 3 g of cornstarch

– In a bain-marie pan, melt the cocoa butter and the beeswax in the argan oil.

– Then remove the pan from the heat and add the cornstarch.

– Mix very carefully.

– Finally pour the final mixture into the container (closed) of your choice.

This natural recipe, but lacking essential oils, can be used to fight against white stretch marks during pregnancy. Its delicious chocolate aroma is a bonus!

Cocoa butter, a multi-action cosmetic treatment
Very useful to avoid white stretch marks, cocoa butter has other assets. Excellent anti-aging, it gives a nice facelift to mature skin, it is used on the face or on the body.

Very nourishing, cocoa butter also protects dry skin from tightness. It is also very soothing for sensitive or sensitized skin.

Finally, cocoa butter contains theobromine, a very active molecule, close to caffeine: therefore, it has a power burn fat!

Under the irresistible scent of cocoa butter hides a powerful care: prevent stretch marks, but also treat mature skin or too dry, are among his main talents. A natural product to adopt urgently!

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