Disadvantages over functional training

For many, the gym can be seen as a viable alternative to sedentary lifestyle, however, the simple fact of limiting itself to carrying high weights is not the most ideal solution for our body, because as we discussed earlier, this type of movement it is interpreted as a mere way of wasting energy.

Recent studies indicate that when it vital x9 comes to improving our physical capacity it is not enough just to perform the exercises themselves, but rather to make movements that our brain can compensate by releasing neurotransmitters so that day to day workouts are easier to carry. cape.

Disadvantages over functional training
Well they say that not everything is honey on flakes and unfortunately, functional training can not escape this basic rule of life. And is that with this type of movement we can find certain limitations, such as:

They are not recommended for people who have a greater genetic predisposition to the loss of muscle mass. People who suffer from this problem should focus on work with loads to later perform functional training.
Many times the functionality of the training may not be manifested through the exercises themselves, but rather, through improvements in performance.
Because it requires a certain mastery of your own body weight to perform some exercises, it is recommended before carrying a strength training plan to prepare the muscles before more intense stimuli.
Functional training often mix aerobic and anaerobic work, so the requirement is usually much higher, making it necessary again to prepare before doing this type of activity.
Advantages of functional training

In addition to the benefits that we can find after performing functional training on a regular basis, there are certain advantages that make it much more attractive to run compared to other disciplines such as strength training.

Undoubtedly the most important advantage for most people who practice it is that it does not require a gym, much less material that is common in this type of facilities such as dumbbells or weight machines.

A good functional training can be carried out simply with our own body weight, although sometimes it will be necessary to use bars and benches that can be found in the parks of the colony in order to execute movements that allow recruiting muscle groups that normally would not be possible. the ground itself (dominated, for example). As we progress, it may be necessary to use extra weight to continue increasing strength levels. For this we can resort to the use of TRX tapes, rings, kettlebells or, if you do not have any of these accessories, use your own imagination, improvising with loaded ropes or backpacks to make the training more dynamic.

In addition to this, we can also highlight that these exercises are much easier to perform, although this does not mean they are more intense, but simply, when executing movements of daily life, the learning process for this is much easier, since that our body has evolved to adapt to all of them.

Equally worth mentioning is the fact that functional trainings help us optimize our times so that we can easily integrate them into our busy lifestyles. A good 15-minute session can be more than enough to find favorable results over time. And of course, we can not forget that since it is not necessary to go to a gym, we save travel time, money on subscriptions, etc.

Finally, also comment that functional training can be performed by people who are accustomed to train with weights in the gym. It suffices only to organize a good training plan to couple it with the strength routines, being possible to carry them out after the session in the gym or, on the days of rest, because this type of movements does not demand too much to the nervous system.

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