Eliminate cellulite with home cryotherapy

Opinions are divided as to the benefits of cryotherapy as part of a slimming cure. However, it is possible to remove the extra max pro 1000 centimeters and melt the fat using this technique that uses the cold.

How to fight against cellulite through home cryotherapy?
If you want to try cryotherapy at home with ice cubes and get rid of this unsightly cellulite that has settled on your thighs, here is a recipe that comes true in a jiffy.

Simply mix mineral water with a teaspoon of green tea – green tea is known for its slimming and detoxifying properties – which you will then pour into your usual ice cube bin before placing it in the freezer.

Then apply to the area to be treated and let the cold act before accompanying your treatment with a massage imitating the palpate-rolling institutes. Machines exist for this purpose. The results will then be increased tenfold.

How to lose belly with home cryotherapy?
Using ice cubes in a thin cloth or an ice pack, remove the cellulite that surrounds your lap belt. To do this, arrange the ice cubes or the ice pack on your belly alternately, removing it every 3 minutes.

You can also use a clean towel to grasp the ice cubes and, in a circular motion, massage the dimpled areas. Repeat the operation 2 to 3 times according to your tolerance.

A hot shower taken beforehand could help further the delocalization of the fat. Be careful not to leave the cold on your skin for too long, on the one hand, not to cause burns, on the other hand, to avoid any risk of pain after treatment.

Because, it is necessary to know that the cold has many benefits, nevertheless, it can in high doses represent dangers for the health. Performed daily, over a week for example, this method is amazing; the results are visible almost immediately.

Where does this technique come from and how can it be done at home?
At the base, cryotherapy (the term comes from the word “kruos” meaning “cold”) is reserved for high-level athletes suffering from pain: the cold relieves tendinitis and hematoma in particular.

Also used to soothe other ailments in some patients, cryotherapy has in recent years joined beauty salons offering slimming treatments through this method.

By boosting the immune system and creating an immediate response from the body that draws on its energy resources, many calories are burned, sometimes up to 200 per minute.

A doctor’s opinion is usually required for long-term treatments. However, taking advantage of the virtues at home of cryotherapy is now simple thanks to a surprising method: ice cubes! With this convenient way, treat yourself to a home cure of cryotherapy.

How does cryotherapy work?
Cryotherapy is a technique that burns max pro 1000 weight loss fat deposits by the power of cold diffused by liquid nitrogen emission. Indeed, by subjecting the body to very low temperatures, around -100 ° C, the body redoubles efforts to warm up and this activation can be at the origin of a rapid and lasting weight loss.

Some associate it with a palpate-rolling thus stretching the body fat and allowing to achieve it even more effectively. Also called cryolipolysis, this treatment is generally performed in beauty salons or beauty centers.

Mincing at home and getting rid of cellulite is possible with the clever method of cryotherapy.

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