How to lose 17 kg in 1 month?

After giving birth, many women want to regain their flat stomach and lose the weight of pregnancy at the same time. They have the choice between several slimming methods such as diets or physical activities. The best is to always combine good eating habits with the regular practice of a sport.

This type of program can also be useful for a man who wants to strengthen his body and improve his physical appearance. The most important is to set a goal before starting a diet and do everything possible to achieve it.

We must not let ourselves be demotivated along the way and congratulate ourselves on the efforts already made.

How to lose 17 kg in 1 month

Adopt good eating habits

The success of a slimming diet lies in choosing the foods you eat. As a result, you need to know their nutritional values ​​to avoid or limit excessive lipid and carbohydrate consumption . This helps you, among other things, count the calories you can afford each day.

You can then compose your menus more easily by combining lean proteins with a large amount of fruits and vegetables. When it comes to proteins, you find them in lean meat such as veal, poultry or even fish and Ez3 Keto seafood.

As for fruits and vegetables, we must focus on organic and seasonal products. In this way, your body has the nutrients and minerals necessary for its proper functioning . Also favor spices such as ginger as it has the power to speed up your metabolism.

And when it comes to preparing your meals, the best is to do it yourself. This allows you to control the doses of the ingredients you use and know exactly what you are eating.

Opt for the appropriate physical exercises

In parallel with a healthy and balanced diet, you need to move your body . This step helps you to spend more quickly the energy that your body has stored as fat . You have the choice between different types of activities adapted to your needs and your schedule.

You can walk very well by going to work or going shopping. You also have the opportunity to swim on weekends . Especially since it improves your cardio while helping you breathe better . There is also the squat where you alternate the intense exercises by allowing you an interval training to catch your breath.

Losing 17 kg in 1 month is an easy goal to achieve if you know how to split your meals properly and if you exercise regularly.

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