How to lose 20 kg at 45?

At an age when the body’s metabolism is slowing down, losing weight quickly , whether you’re a man or a woman , is more difficult than for a younger person. Better to bet on a slow weight loss, spread over at least six months, to lose weight permanently . With as main allies a healthy diet and exercise.

How to lose 20 kg at 45 years

Why are we growing up at 45 ?

From this age , in both sexes, the body loses its muscle mass and stores fat . It actually burns fewer calories because of the slowing down of its metabolism. If I do not reduce my calorie intake, make deviations and nibble all day , it is weight gain assured.

This lowering of the basal metabolism is especially the woman who has chained diets to lose the pounds gained after pregnancy. Added to this are the hormonal upheavals, which cause water retention and a change in the silhouette . In addition, at age 45 , men and women tend to move less, often using the car to move, resulting in increased weight gain.

To lose weight sustainably by eating healthy

How long can you lose 20 kg at 45 ? By smoothly modifying your food hygiene and increasing your physical activity , you can lose 1 kilo a week, and thus achieve a loss of about 20 pounds in six months.

A draconian diet or Dukan type should be avoided because too deficient and inefficient in the long term. It is enough to eat balanced and especially to reduce its consumption of sugar and salt in all their forms, especially in biscuits, sodas, industrial dishes, cakes, aperitifs, cheeses, meats , chips …

It is also important to avoid fatty foods and fried foods , while continuing to consume the good fats (olive oil, rapeseed, etc.). Cooking with water (bain-marie, steam, boiled …), vegetables, fish, lean and white meats , starchy foods (in reasonable quantity, at noon) are to be preferred. However, we should not hesitate to allow ourselves a small gap in food from time to time.

Finally, drink at least 1.5 l per day, in the form of tea and still water with a zest of lemon , an effective drainer. One can possibly, to get help, use the services of a dietician or a nutritionist , enroll in a weight watchers program , or be inspired by the method of chrononutrition .

The effectiveness of sport

Nothing like physical exercise to increase lean mass and reduce body fat. Unfortunately, people who have a lot of weight to Keto Genesys lose are often not great athletes, and they are likely to get discouraged from the first sessions. It is therefore necessary to start slowly, by slow walking, for example, then to go for a brisk walk , before gradually starting to run , excellent for losing weight, at least three a week.

In fact, any other endurance sport practiced at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week, will do the trick, such as swimming , zumba, water aerobics, biking, elliptical , etc. Bodybuilding, stretching, gymnastics and Pilates sessions will also be effective.

Break the isolation

Committing to losing so much weight is a challenge, and requires rigor and effort, such as stopping smoking and drinking. This is why some will profit from their motivation in a Facebook group or a dedicated forum. They will have the opportunity to exchange tips and recipes, and will find real psychological support in the long term.

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