How to lose 5 kg to 40 years?

Quarantine is a delicious time in life and to have the opportunity to live it fully, it becomes more essential to take care of yourself. In terms of health and well-being, the weight plays a key role, for this purpose, how to lose our extra pounds over the forties?

How to lose 5 kg to 40 years

Lose 5 pounds at age 40: combine smart food and balanced sport

To lose weight effectively , it is essential to have the will. And not only because, rigor, perseverance and motivation Keto Slim Rx must also be your watchwords. Also, combining physical exercises and healthy eating , you will surely reach your goal . However, what is the ideal diet and the perfect sport to achieve a good result ?

The detox cure: to be at once healthy, slim and toned

With this cure, you can kill two birds with one stone, because you will both lose weight and purify your body . The detox cure, not only, will eliminate the bad fats of your body, but also rebalance it, revitalize it and allow it to refuel. This detox cure is a great way to clean the body effectively and lose weight sustainably . To boost the cure, below a typical menu for an express detox:

Breakfast – Fresh lemon juice with warm water – 1 cup tea, infusion or herbal tea – 1 bowl of seasonal fruit smoothie

Lunch – Watercress salad at will – Steamed or grilled fish fillet with a few drops of olive oil accompanied by rice, quinoa or vegetable steak with pressed garlic- 1 banana a handful of lychees

Taste detox – 1 chewable apple – 1 glass of seasonal fruit smoothie

Dinner – Steamed or grilled fish fillet with a few drops of olive oil accompanied by rice, quinoa or vegetable steak with pressed garlic – 1 slice of wholemeal bread – 2 apricots or 3 tangerines – 1 cup d infusion or herbal tea

For your benefit, sport is your best ally

If you are new to your sport program, using a coach is one of your best solutions. It offers either a home service or a coaching provided directly in your gym . The sports coach not only guides you to a personalized and secure training, makes a tailor-made follow-up of your needs and your expectations, but also advises you in your nutritional choices and modifies if necessary your eating habits.

All in order to help you reach your goal . Keto Slim Rx┬áDo physical exercises solo is good, practice with a coach, it’s better !

With a coach, losing weight sustainably and burning calories effectively will no longer be a utopia!

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