How to lose weight with the pilate?

Gymnastics favorite of the stars to lose weight and keep the line, the pilates is a crazy success among the fairer sex.

Like Kate Moss, a reference in terms of silhouette, all the ladies go to get rid of their extra pounds and especially bat wings on their arms.

What do you need to know about this gentle gymnastics ? What are the typical exercises to practice to slim down in the arms? We slimquick keto guide you!

Pilates simple practice at home
Start by putting on comfortable clothes and then spreading the floor mat in a room where you want to exercise. Step two, find the ideal position. For this, get on all fours on the carpet, keeping your legs tight.

Then extend your legs to resume the position of a pump. Take care not to arch your back, hold it upright. Your head should be aligned to your body and arms perfectly stretched.

Hold this posture for 60 seconds then return to your original position. This program can be renewed once or twice a day. To give your arms more tonicity, do this exercise at least three times a week.

The ideal ground boom to firm and refine your arms
Put yourself on your stomach with your arms along the body and the palms of your hands facing the sky. Your legs will have to be strained. Place your forehead directly on the ground or on a thin cushion to avoid hurting yourself.

Your well-acquired position, deeply inhale and contract your belly and your glutes. Exhale by gently lifting your head, shoulders, and the upper part of your back. Your clavicles should be clear and your shoulder blades lowered.

The ribs must remain in contact with the ground. The elongated neck and head that follows the alignment of your spine, hold this posture on two to three breaths maximum before returning to the initial position and it all smoothly. Repeat the exercise five times.

Why go for it?
In addition to shaping your body, this gentle gymnastics improves your posture. Daily movements will become more fluid. However, its goal is not only postural, it also aims for a perfect balance of body and mind.

Through the different exercises, you will feel a state of well-being and especially long-term relaxation.

Principles to remember for more efficiency
Any professional will tell you, to find the right posture and optimize the results of physical exercises three principles are to remember:

focus on the position
take a good breath throughout the work
Tuck the belly to tighten the transverse slimquick keto muscle, the deepest muscle of the abdomen
Do not forget the basics: find the right posture. Everything will depend on your starting position. You will have either a satisfactory result and even more is aches.

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