How many calories do you need to burn to lose 1 kilo?

Without a drastic diet, you can lose 1 kilo for a short time. In order to lose weight healthily and quickly , while remaining healthy, you must be able to burn enough calories a day.

Combien de calories faut-il brûler pour perdre 1 kilo

How many calories to burn to lose 1 kilogram in a week?

The calculation is very simple. In order to lose an extra kilo, you have to burn fat . But 1 gram of fat is 9 calories. It is therefore necessary to eliminate 9,000 calories on average over a period of a week, for example. During the day, this would amount to burning 1285 calories (about 53 calories per hour).

However, at equivalent diet, men tend to Slimlook Forskolin lose weight faster than women . They are indeed more muscular than the latter. For a man, the fat must be between 15 and 20% of its weight , against 25 and 30% for a woman.

Change your diet to lose a kilo a week

Choosing to eliminate 1 kg per week avoids losing weight quickly and having a yo-yo effect . You must first define your energy needs. It all depends on your lifestyle, your basic metabolism and your body mass index (BMI). To determine your basal metabolic rate, equip yourself with an impedancemetry scale. This one has the capacity to calculate your fat mass and your lean or muscular mass.

To lose a kilogram in a week, you must have a varied and balanced diet , which gives pride to essential nutrients. Promote fruits and vegetables. Focus on high protein foods . Avoid preferably industrial foods or those that have undergone transformations. Drink a lot of water. Take the time to savor your meals and eat at fixed times.

Do sports to accompany weight loss

By doing sports too, you adapt your physical condition to effective weight loss. Give priority to bodybuilding exercises. This allows you to maintain your muscle mass against the deficit of calories . To support your weight loss, also do cardiovascular exercises ( jogging , skipping rope, swimming pool, gymnastics ).

To burn 9,000 calories , you have to spend a regular sporting activity of at least 500 calories daily (the equivalent of one hour of jogging). It must be remembered, however, that the muscle has a higher density than fat. So, even with intensive and regular sport, you can not lose weight because you gain muscle . Which is also beneficial for you.

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