Rather rice or pasta to lose weight?

Often the question arises whether it is more dietetic to consume rice or pasta during a diet. Indeed, starchy foods can make you fat but are essential in small quantities.

They are an integral part of our daily lives and it is impossible to live without them. Like the DASH diet that advises the consumption of whole grains , starchy foods have their place in our diet.

So what to choose between pasta and natura farms keto rice for a good weight loss? We tell you everything.

Pasta: strengths satiating diet
Before anything else, it is important to know that for ordinary pasta, the trick is in cooking. The best is to consume al dente. On the contrary, for fresh pasta composed of whole flour, the latter are recommended because they contain virtues facilitating intestinal transit.

What is good when you eat pasta is that it is a satiating food. We therefore less want to nibble and we limit the snacks , enemies of diets.

In addition, 100 grams of natural pasta provide only 90 kcal in nutritional value , which is not excessive. In addition, they contain little lipids . To further reduce fat intake, we advise you to prefer vinegar to oil when cooking.

In any case, choose extra virgin olive oil to rule out the bad cholesterol. You should also know that if you prefer pasta cooked rather than al dente, the glycemic index increases.

Pasta: it all depends on the ones you choose
Each category of pasta has its blood glucose load. So you have to choose them. Favor those with whole wheat. There are gluten free if you are allergic. For a fuller feeling of satiety, choose full, fresh and egg pasta.

Avoid those with high blood sugar loads, such as macaroni, linguine, gnocchi and Asian noodles made from flour, as well as prepared high-sugar pasta dishes and ravioli with sauce (bolognese, carbonara).

They are also to avoid in the evening and not with chorizo and cheese or again.

Rice: a health nutrition asset to lose weight
Like pasta, rice is a starch essential in a balanced diet. When it is complete, it is better. Ban the pilaf rice, sticky, cooked in butter and with sauce. Basmati rice is particularly recommended.

It is used to fight against high blood pressure as well as diabetes . It is also low calorie. 100 grams equals 130 kcal, with a low glycemic index.

In the same way, rice is high in fiber and low in fat. It remains rich in vitamin B and iron, which is particularly useful for our body. In addition, it is a natural hunger cut. It also limits the production of insulin and diffuses energy for a long time. Finally, it is very easy to cook and its satiety calorie ratio is interesting.

Its digestion is slow and facilitates the natura farms keto working action of enzymes. It does not contain gluten and is good for intestinal transit. For people with diabetes and hypertension, rice will be preferred to pasta. Same if you are gluten intolerant . In reality, pasta can also be eaten, but in smaller quantities.

Rice can be present at any meal with vegetables, such as Cantonese rice with organic coconut milk in a diet recipe using the thermomix. Better to cook steam or bake.

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