Sex: Follow these 12 women’s tips

7% of the women we interviewed said they like to guide their man for sex. So a little advice: follow the guide

Explore the unexplored

” There are a lot of erogenous zones he does not know like my knees, the inside of my elbows, my ankles, etc. Véronique, 41 years old.

Mount the volume

” I like to hear him moan. That’s how I know he likes. Let him do this and I do the same. Christine, 29 years old.

Some brutality can show your desire. Use soft sounds to keep it in the game

” I wish one day he came home from tarvos testo work, threw me on the bed or the floor and took me wildly … ” Michelle, 34 years old.

Use technology

” It’s not because I want to use sex toys that it means that something is wrong between us … ” Erica, 28 years old.

Stay in position

” Sometimes when I’m close to orgasm, it excites him and he thinks it’s time to change positions. In fact, it prevents me from enjoying and you have to start all over again! Celine, 26 years old.

Look with her

” Some porn movies have an effect on me, even when it’s about lesbians; I want him to look at them with me. Anne-Sophie, 29 years old.

Observe the unsaid ones. She reveals what she wants with her hips, her pelvis and your hands too

” Some sensations suddenly appear. When I put his hands in one place, I want him to leave them there. Jasmine, 24 years old.


” I really like sex, but not when it’s a habit. I expect my partner to innovate, for example in the morning rather than in the evening or in the middle of the day. Take a long lunch break … that’s an idea! Anne, 20 years old.

Look after the details

” A spontaneous kiss in my neck can excite me more than an hour of foreplay! Caroline, 43 years old.

Start the conversation

” I would be much more enterprising and adventurous but I dare say it. Sandra, 27 years old.

Show your passion

” All he has to do to bring me to orgasm is to look me in the eye. The emotion wins me. Anne, 33 years old.

Some women associate domination with work and submission with play. Learn what she needs

” I like when he leads. All day, I control and I want to let myself do it. Marianne, 27 years old.

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