Which sport to choose to lose cellulite?

Who does not dream of burning unsightly cellulite encrusted under the skin permanently? Removing the famous orange peel is not an easy task. However, there are physical activities that can effectively reduce cellulite by activating the blood circulation to smooth the skin and find the silhouette of his dreams.

Focus on the best anti-cellulite sports

Popular with many athletes, running is probably the easiest sport to practice and include in your daily life. A simple pair of sneakers is enough to embark on this activity anti-cellulite known for its effectiveness. The running will “dry” the body quickly and burn cellulite thanks to the jolts provided by each stride.

The whole body is stimulated, the legs are refined, the thighs lose their orange peel appearance , the buttocks gain in firmness and the belly flattens. People suffering from joints, especially knees, can replace running with a simple brisk walking, just as effective but softer than running.

Cycling, skipping rope or simply bodybuilding are also sports to consider to lose cellulite . By focusing the activity on the legs and buttocks, two areas often affected by cellulite, promotes blood circulation in the lower body. The positive effects are observed fairly quickly with an orange peel which decreases as the training intensifies.

For pregnant women, swimming is recommended once or twice a week. In fact, playing sports in the aquatic environment is both gentle on the joints and very effective for activating skin cells that will gradually chase the orange peel, thanks to the movements and pressure of the water. on the body, as much on the legs as on the arms.

How long can we see changes? For visible results in 2 to 3 months, it is important to set a goal of regularity of at least 3 sessions of 30 minutes per week. However, be careful to warm up and never practice fasting.

Where does cellulite come from?

There are three types of cellulite: fat, usually due to being overweight; watery, often caused by problems of water retention and poor circulation; fibrous, sometimes purplish and painful to the touch.

To get rid of cellulite, it is important to know what form one is suffering from. Weight loss, drainage or massage can be effective, but choosing the best sport or the best fitness activity according to your desires and needs is undoubtedly the real reflex to have to find a graceful figure.

Spelled milk, lower in calories?

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