The rower to build his back?

The rower is the bodybuilding machine dreamed of to strengthen your back effectively , since the latter is the most stressed during movements – provided you adopt the correct position. We tell you all about the benefits of the rower!

What benefits of the rower for the back?
The rower offers many benefits for the back, and generally for the health. It is a complete sport that also remove the specter of sciatica , allows to actively work the cardio, and develop most of the muscles of the body (about 80%).

The rower also represents a very effective fat burning (up to 750 calories lost for one hour of practice). The back and forth exercise is very simple, and accessible to all.

In the opinion of bodybuilding nutrix slim keto professionals , the rower is one of the best devices to lose weight quickly and keep a good shape every day.

What are the back muscles used by the rower?
The rower works several crucial muscles of the back, starting with the rhomboids, located at the level of the shoulders on the spine. For people with a slightly hunched back, acting on these muscles offers the decisive advantage of straightening the back effectively .

The large dorsal muscle and trapezius muscles are also part of the stressed muscles, covering the major part of the back and thus working very effectively for the general muscular strengthening of the back.

How to use your rower optimally and how long?
If in the gym a coach can give you advice , when you practice alone the rower be sure to follow a few rules to avoid having back pain . It is advisable to warm up properly, in order to prepare the body effectively, since most of the muscles will be solicited.

The right thing to do is to keep the back straight when moving reams, not a bad curved profile for the back, to avoid potential complications in the lumbar spine.

The ideal way to burn fat effectively and lose weight is to perform one-hour sessions ; for beginners, this goal can be reached easily and quickly by aiming at the beginning of shorter sessions.

In the gym or solo, the rower is the ideal weight training device for muscle building, very good for the back. By using it regularly 3 or 4 times a week, you will quickly see a clearly visible before-after.

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